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Summary: Vakama is a new student at Mata Nui College in the city of Metru Nui. It turns out he's destined to lead a band of elemental heroes, or 'Toa,' in a quest to save the heart of the city from darkness. Who knew?
Warnings: AU (duh), slight OOC sometimes, human!Bionicle, some swearing, fluff, and maybe (very very very very very) mild slash later on. Not sure yet. Also, I'm trying something new with this story that I got from Derek Landy (author of the Skulduggery Pleasant series): writing whatever scene I feel like writing whenever I feel like writing it. (E.g. today I wrote the scene where Sidorak meets a Visorak for the first time.) Hopefully, this will keep me interested in the story without it going crazy.
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Chapter 1: Meet

Vakama Pyre stuck his key card into the slot to open the door. The red light flashed once, and he frowned. He tried again, and the door remained locked. "Come on," he muttered, swiping it through a third time. Finally, it flashed green, and he swung the door open to see his dorm room.

After a week of orientation, he was finally starting to get used to his campus. He was taking a General Arts certificate program at Mata Nui College in the city of Metru Nui, and he now knew how to get to all of his classes, plus the library, the cafeteria, the residence, and a few other places. In fact, he was really starting to get used to living there.

But he was still totally unprepared to see a young black man sitting at the kitchen table, reading a thick looking book and eating a banana.

The redhead stared at him. He'd never seen him before. Finally, he found his voice. "H-hey, what are you doing here? How did you get in?"

The other looked up. "Oh, hi there. You must be Vakama. I'm Whenua, Whenua Quake. I guess we're roomies!" Whenua's voice was deep and booming, but friendly enough. He stood up and pumped Vakama's arm. "Good to meet you!"

When he finally let go of Vakama's (now slightly crushed) hand, Vakama said, "Um, likewise. If you don't mind my asking, why didn't you do the orientation week?"

He laughed. "I'm a 'mature student,'" he explained. "This is all old hat to me. Plus my dad works here at the library, so I'm fairly used to the campus."

"Oh," Vakama replied quietly. "I see." He inspected his roommate. Whenua was taller than him, but then a lot of people were. He had his straight black hair in a short ponytail at the nape of his neck, bright green eyes, and lots and lots of muscles.

"Something wrong?"

"Uh, n-no," he stammered. "I was just thinking it would be nice to actually know someone here, that's all." It was true. He missed his home in Ta-Metru, the section of Metru Nui he'd been born and raised in. The college was too...cold. Its proximity to Ko-Metru, a renowned skiing area, was probably the cause.

Suddenly he thought of something. "What's your program?" Vakama asked. The college had never sent him the information on his roommate, mostly because they'd changed his room at the last minute, so he knew nothing about Whenua.

The answer surprised him. "Library and Information Technician," he declared proudly.

Vakama couldn't help but stare. "You're kidding."

"Nope. I want to be a librarian, probably in an elementary school. You look surprised."

"Sorry, it's just...you don't look like the type who'd go for that kind of thing. I mean, you're so big and buff and all...I thought you'd be doing something like basketball or something."

"You kidding? I hate organized sports! Chess and bodybuilding are more my speed. Besides, I don't think 'basketball' is an actual college course."

Vakama shifted and pushed his rectangular glasses up the bridge of his nose. He avoided making eye contact and said, "So now what?"

"I dunno...hey, I hear they have free pizza downstairs! Let's go get some!" Whenua practically dragged the shorter one out of the room and to the elevators. Vakama had honestly planned on spending his night the same way he'd spent the last five in dorm: surfing the internet, watching junk TV, and eating cinnamon hearts. By himself. He was probably the least social person he knew. A couple of people had asked him to hang out during orientation, but he'd politely refused, saying he was busy. Well, he was busy. Sort of. If doing nothing was considered 'busy.'

Whenua didn't talk much on the way down. Vakama decided he liked that about him.

Their room was on the top floor, so they picked up a few people on the way. One was a chatty boy who looked about Vakama's age, with brown hair that was streaked green. He got on with a quiet but annoyed-looking blonde with startling blue eyes that gave everyone an icy glare. A few floors later, another young man got on. He seemed to be somewhere between Whenua and Vakama in terms of age, and he was tanned with brown hair and eyes. He didn't talk much except for a brief greeting. Finally, on the seventh floor, a girl got on. She was very pretty, with light brown hair tied in a ponytail with a blue scrunchie. She smiled at Vakama when she got on, and he blushed. "Hi," she said.

When he finally got his tongue unstuck from the roof of his mouth, he smiled back. "H-hello," he mumbled.

"Hey, cutie," the chatty guy said happily. "What's your name?"

"Nokama. Yours?" Nokama. It had to be the prettiest name Vakama had ever heard.

"I'm Matau! Chuckles here is my roommate, Nuju." Nuju nodded once at them, and that was all the indication he gave that they existed.

"Onewa," said the tanned man. "I'm just here for the pizza."

Whenua grinned. "I'm Whenua. This here is my roomie, Vakama." Vakama had lost his voice again. He got shy around so many people, but he did manage a small wave and a "Nice to meet you all."

By this time, they'd reached the lobby. It was completely empty. "Okay, this is weird," Matau said, looking around. "Where is everyone?"

A passing RezLife official overheard him. "Sorry, guys. The pizza's all gone." As he walked off, he muttered, "Never underestimate the power of a horde of hungry college students..."

"Well that's just great," Onewa grumbled. "Now where am I going to get free food?"

Matau stuck out his tongue. "Stingy!"

"Why, you...!"

"Oh, knock it off," said Nokama, stepping between the two. "There's a Pizza Hut next door. Why don't we go there?"

Vakama paled. "W-we?"

"Sure! We can all go together!"

One by one, everyone agreed. When everyone looked at Vakama expectantly, he hesitated. Then Whenua slung an arm around his shoulders and proclaimed that "Vak would love to come!"

Vakama stared at him in shock. So I get no say in the matter? And since when do you call me Vak?

"Remember what you said earlier?" Whenua whispered in his ear. "About having people you know here? This is your chance, Vakama. Take it, and run with it. Don't be shy."

Eventually, despite the fact that Whenua's advice sounded oddly like something Obi-Wan Kenobi would say, Vakama agreed shyly. He sort of did want to get to know everyone better, especially Nokama. And for some reason, even though they'd just met, he felt like he already knew them. He felt almost...comfortable around them, despite his initial shyness.

Who knew, maybe his little brother Tahu was right. Maybe it was good to get out of your room every now and then.

Two pairs of eyes were watching on the security cameras as the group left. An old man turned to his younger assistant. "The six are together, Lhikan. You know what to do."

Lhikan nodded and grabbed his bag. "Right. See you soon, Dume."

They weren't the only ones watching. A pair of glowing red eyes watched in a mirror as they left. He turned to his minion. "The six are together. You know what to do."

The shadow being bowed. "Yes, right away, Master."