I do not own "Snuff out the Light" which this song is based on. Most of all this song really fits the character of Gothel because she resembles Yzma when the Emperor's New Groove was the more traditional Disney movie Kingdom of the Sun. They both wanted to be young forever and the sun had something to do with it. Gothel stayed young because of the sun's power and Yzma wanted to get rid of the sun to preserve her beauty. I just find it perfect. And forgive me for some of the lyrics because I made them up on the spot.

When a woman acquires a certain age
And the men who adored you no longer swoon
It pays to avoid the world that day
And live by the light of the kindly tower
But the tower grows old
Just like us all
And her beautiful years are done
So now she prays through endless days
To absorb the power of the sun

When I was a hag with my mortal side
Me, the weary woman was
Revealed to see in secret signs
The power of the flower

And I was no dummy
did outrageous things to protect it

And often hid it so that I would survive
Never telling a soul so I could continue to be alive

I protect it well I learnt to keep my cover
I thought my flower would never fade
But I found that substitute to me .To give eternal youth to me

It was always my ambition
To use my tuition
And gain some small remission
From the vagaries of time

Every little glow of sunshine gives me back my youth
Who to rely on?
Who the one?
Who to bless?
You know the only on to thank would be my beloved the Sun

Shut in the light
Claim your right
to a world of seclusion. Shut in the light
Of a world of seclusion
Rapunzel baby turn me on
Every wrinkle soon be gone
I could squeeze myself with glee
The promises you made to me

I've really stopped at nothing
Murder, treachery, and lying
Whatever it takes to keep my looks
You really can't blame a girl for trying

Shut in the light
Claim your right
To a world of seclusion Shut in the light
Of a world of seclusion
Shut in the light
Claim your right
To a world of seclusion
Shut in the light
Here tonight

Apparitions of eternal seclusion
Spiraling in circles through the years

Stuck in the tower for all eternity
never stepping out of to see the lights
Exaggeration and abuse and coiled harsh remarks
Critical parenting and emotional manipulation

Swirling in the growing isolation
Pressuring her as my eternal youthful feast

Spouting put downs and demeaning her worth shady
mother two dog-faced woman
Grins and watch as she hordes away the healing light.