Percy and Annabeth sat on the beach of Camp Half-Blood holding each other tight, thinking back on the times they have shared in the years of the second titan war.

"Can you believe all the things we've been trough?" Annabeth nearly whispered as she looked out on the ocean, the kingdom of Percy's father.

"Yea I believe it"

Annabeths frown made him laugh. She always made this special face whenever she couldn't figure out what he meant or if she was stuck on a problem. Fortunately for Annabeth she didn't use that face too often.

"Stop Laughing, what are u thinking about?" She cut in right trough his chain of thoughts.

"I was just thinking about how cute that frown of yours is, and how I can believe everything that happened, because I have you. And you are the most real thing in my whole short life. And I want nothing else then to spend the rest of my life with you." Percy smiled and kissed her as while he felt her tears of joy run down her cheeks and onto his.

As they sat there silently Percy heard someone whispering his name, he stood up and looked around suddenly in defense, he wasn't scared. He has after all been in quite a few tight spots before and got out whole again, no. It was Annabeths safety he was scared for.

"What's wrong" Annabeth said suddenly wary and her hand on her knife.

They stood there silently, neither one of them moved scanning the waves and the shore for any kind of trouble. Nothing happened, it was like time stood still. The leafs of the trees seemed to move in slow motion.

Then snap a horn sounded across the camp signaling the curfew was due in half an hour.

Percy relaxed a little bit, taking his hand out of his pocket where it had held Riptide tight ready to be drawn.

Annabeth put her knife back and walked over to Percy.

"Come, it was probably nothing. Lets go to bed" she said kissing him lightly on the cheek from behind.

"Your right" he said, although his face still seemed troubled but he got a smile on his face when he looked down on Annabeth. "Let's head to bed... shorty" he laughed before running towards the camp.

Annabeth ran after him giggling while she ran, when she finally caught up with him outside of the Poseidon cabin she punched him hard in the shoulder, but ended up getting tears in her eyes because her hand hurt like Hades it self.

Percy took her hand in his. "You really have to stop doing that, you know it will hurt every time, do you want me to fetch one of the Apollo kids?" He asked concerned of her hand but a mischievous look on his face.

"Oh shut up, I'll be fine. You just get a goodnight sleep and I will finish u with my other hand tomorrow!" she smiled and leaned in closer and kissed him lightly on the lips. "Goodnight Seaweed Brain." She pulled back and walked for the Athena cabin.

"Goodnight Wise Girl" he whispered back to her.

He turned towards his cabin, thinking for him self.

- Sorry Annabeth, I want to tell you but the gods have forbidden it.

As he walked inside he saw someone waiting for him, he fell to his knee and bowed.

"Rise Perseus I'm here to give you a gift, and after what you did last summer you shouldn't need to bow to me or any other god for that matter. Don't tell Zeus I said that thou!"

"Of course not dad" Percy said a smile playing over his face but soon came to rest once again as a sad frown. "I know what will happen, Hera will come take me away wont she?"

"Yes she will, and Olympus will close any minute and Zeus has ordered me to stay in my palace. There's not much I can do about that. But before that I got a little something for you."

He reached into his pocket and gave Percy a shining bronze watch.

"How is this possible? It was left behind in Alcatraz was it not?" Percy had an astonished face which made Poseidon chuckle a little.

"It was but I asked Tyson to retrieve it and repair it to even greater power."

Percy pressed the button on the side and a big bronze shield circled itself out like a snake coiling up. It was just as he remembered, all the engravings from the sea of monsters were there. Grover, Tyson, Annabeth and him self doing different feats. He looked more closely and he saw that Tyson had engraved things from earlier events, there was Percy bathing in the river Styx. On the right side was a picture of Percy defeating the titan Hyperion. There was even a picture from the throne room of Olympus where he saw himself declining the offer to be made a god. And in the middle, just where the shield spike usually is placed was a trident engraved in sea green and it was shining with an aura which felt familiar.

"Whenever you need it, the power of the ocean will always be with you. Just touch the trident and you will feel that u can take the energy of the water inside and use it. But do remember it will not last forever, be sure to refill it by dipping it in water."

"I do not know what to say dad, thank you" Percy said his eyes becoming wet.

"Now I must go, Zeus is soon going to find out where I am. Oh Percy one last thing, Take a picture with you, it will help u keep warm." Poseidon smiled warmly to Percy as he was gone in a flash of blue light.

When Percy looked up he was gone. "Thank you father, I will remember."

He withdrew his shield to the watch again before going to his bed.

He had a bunch of photos there, he wondered which one he should take with him. He smiled when his eyes fell on a picture of him self with Annabeth and Grover. Taken the day before as they arrived at camp.

He folded it, made sure he slept with his cloths on and everything he needed in his pocket, and fell into a dreamless sleep, except for one sentence in a woman's voice, Hera's voice.

"An exchange of leadership is necessary for peace. For us all."