Percy found him self waking up when he crashed out of the sky and into the ocean. He managed to crawl him self up on land and sighed out loud.

"And where the hell is it that Hera has sent me" he muttered low to him self.

Percy slowly made his way up the beach towards the road he could see on the other side. He was half way over the road when a black pick up truck stopped right in front of him, its left side facing him.

Three people jumped down from the platform on the back of the car circling him until he was surrounded from all sides swords pointing at him, a fourth person stood on top of the car pointing an arrow straight at his hearth.

The drivers' door opened and out came a tall and, if he was allowed to say it, hot girl. She was maybe 16-17years old, long dark brown hair flowing freely over an emerald green dress/armor. He couldn't tell what it was. She had a breastplate in shining steel, with matching armored gloves that went all the way up to her elbows. On her lower body the dress was streaming freely. Around her neck she had a necklace which had a brilliant emerald stone, it shone with a green aura that lighted up her elegant face.

Percy stood there drooling over the sight of her.

-Stop it! You got a girlfriend, Annabeth. She's waiting for you to finish this mission and get back to her!

Percy gathered him self and took a closer look at the rest of his enemies.

There were two more girls, the one on the platform had a light form of leather armor with a golden metal glove on her right hand, which were holding the arrow that were currently pointing at him. Golden hair was put tightly together in a pony tail with a gold circlet that went around her head, just under her hairline.

The girl on his right had a spear pointing towards him while shielding her self with a rectangular shield. On her head was a shining steel helm, black hair flowing from under it. Her eyes burned with the fire of battle.

The two guys were pretty similar, they wore the same heavy armor. They were holding a big two handed sword each ready to slash Percy in half with one strike.

"Soooo, you're the welcoming committee?" Percy said before he could thing about it. The two guys scowled, the girl with the spear growled.

Percy was far from afraid, he could take these guys pretty easy. He was not sure about the girl in emerald thou, there was something about her that frightened him. Something powerful, something he had felt before, in the sea of monsters. She was a witch a sorceress, just like Circe. That was the only reason he hesitated.

"That will depend on the matter of welcoming you expect" the emerald girl said as she cut trough his thoughts. "Who are you demigod? Why are you here? Do you have anything to do with Jason disappearing?" she was breathing heavy after that outburst. She was just inches from his face when the girl on top of the car spoke up. "Stop it Reyna, he can't answer your question if you don't give him room for it!"

The emerald girl, or Reyna, blushed as she stepped backwards. "Your right of course Gwen, I just want to find Jason." She sighed, "Well, can you tell me who you are?" her voice was still stern.

Percy smiled sympathetically towards Reyna as a he spoke.

"My name is Percy Jackson, son of Po-"-Neptune Percy, Neptune, His fathers voice spoke in his head. "Son of Neptune. That I think answered your first question. As for your second question, only the gods know that, although I have a few suspicions. And the last one, no I do not know any Jason. I'm sorry I can't help you with more then that." He stood still waiting for them to make the next move.

They just stood there, looking at him. They had lowered there weapons but they were still wary of him.

"A... a son of Neptune? But you must be at least 16 years old, that means Neptune broke the oat as well?" he smiled at her. "How have you survived?"

"That is something I can not answer you at the moment. Now, I got a few questions for you." He chuckled inside as he saw their faces.

"First, who are you demigods? And do you attack every stranded person that washes up on this shore?"

The girl with the golden bow and leather armor spoke first.

"I am Gwen, daughter of Apollo" Why was he not surprised? "The war girl there is Halley, Daughter of Mars (Ares, Percy thought smiling). The two boys there is Dakota and Bobby twin sons of Vulcan (Hephaestus) and this sunshine here is R-"

"I am Reyna, Daughter of Trivia (Hecate) and the current Preator of the Roman legion of Demigods!"

"Impressive, so are you guys just going to stand there like dolls, or are you going to take me to camp?" Percy said it calmly but as always, he probably didn't notice his rude comment.

The Are- Mars girl growled deep. "Enough of your insolence, even if you are a child of the big three, you will show respect to your superiors." She tried to cut him in his shoulder with her spear, but Anaklusmos was there to cut the spear in two faster then the roman eyes could see. Halley stood there shocked now with a sword pointing at her throat.

The others suddenly pointed there weapons back onto Percy, but he didn't move.

"Lower your weapon Mr. Jackson, we won't run you trough if you calm down."

Stupid, Stupid Hera. Why couldn't she just leave me alone? Let me have one good holyday with Annabeth, she must be worried sick. Oh well, I'm here already. I might as well go on with her plan. I must gain there respect and acceptance. Maybe just a little fun...

"Percy!" He snapped out of it, looking over at her. Her hand was raised towards him, her amulet shining even more then before.

"Do not worry, I wont fight your magic sorceress. I'm not in the mood." He capped riptide and put it in his pocket. He smiled, "Let us get back to this Legion of yours. Iv had a rough morning and I want to go back home, although that wont happen any time soon I'm afraid" He sighed when he walked right past the Mars girl and jumped into the shotgun seat of the truck.

The others looked at each other in a silent agreement before jumping up into the car.

Reyna jumped into the drivers seat, looked at him as she fired up the engine. "You, have a lot of explanation to do when we get to Lupa." She turned to the road and drove into the morning light. His last thought was this is going to be one long day.