The Real World
Real Life
Doesn't have happy endings
In the real world
The good guys don't always win
People die
People mourn and
People cry
Its life
It has It's ups and it definitely has it's downs
But we all have to live with it

- VaraDynamixx3

"Look, Ash, we don't have parents, and we never will. Face it. Even if we did, they would have come to get us by now," Luke, my fraternal twin, older, by only a couple minutes, brother said.
I let the thought run through my head. Any time I would try to remember anything about our parents, I wouldn't be able to recall anything at all. Realizing he was waiting for an answer, I did what I normally do, I shrug; simple as that.
I guess I was so distracted with the thoughts running threw my mind, I didn't realize someone had opened the crate I was in and pulled me out. I looked up to see Luke searching the room. I gazed around the room confused to how he even got out of his own crate.
Five people I've never seen before were running around the room, opening crates and guiding boys and girls out the window. A girl with dark skin and black hair was pulling a little girl, five or six, out of a crate and guided others with her to jump out the window, snapping out her own wings.
The other four followed pursuit. When the sixth winged person was about to jump out after them, I noticed something. She looked exactly like Luke. Blonde hair and brown eyes. She caught me staring and turned about to yell at us, but caught sight of Luke first and her breath hitched in her throat. I didn't know what to do. I was still in shock. The winged teenager turned to six-year-old me.
She gasped.

"Fang! Fang!" she called out. "Get your ass in here!"

A guy, looking around fifteen and looking exactly like me (which is... well, weird since I'm a girl and he's not) came flying in, landing gracefully next to the Luke look alike.

"Holy Crap," he breathed, "Max? What the hell is going on here?"
The girl, Max, sucked in her breath, and said, "Fang! Do you NOT see the girl who looks like you and the boy who looks like me?"
He shrugged. Hey! That's MY thing! I guess I had said it out loud, when Luke, glanced at me warily, and the boy, Fang, said, "Me too, kid. Me too."
Luke sighed and said, "My name is Luke, and this is my sister, Ash. Who're you?"
"Max. The silent one is Fang," the girl explained.
We were all so wrapped up in studying each other that we didn't seem to feel the presence of someone else until I felt some one's hot breathe down my neck. I guess Luke felt it too, because he stiffened, as did I. We could fell each other stiffen because our hands were still locked.
Fang and Max instantly pulled both of us behind their backs, faced the intruder, and got into fighting stances.

"Ari," Max hissed. "What do you want?"
We peeked out behind their backs, and then flinched when we saw it was him. The wolf-man who hurt us the most.
He grinned, showing off his yellow, canines. "Max. Fang. Meet your kids."

Max gasped. "But... But... We never..." she stuttered.
"DNA. We took it six years ago. hen 'Ash' and 'Luke' were born. Freaked out yet?"

"Yeah. Freaked out that our kids were living in this Hell-Hole for six years!" Fang growled.
I couldn't believe Max and Fang were our parents, but Luke let go of my hand and ran up to Max, hugging her leg. She bent down to pick him up and when she came up, tears were streaming down her face. Fang walked over to me, but didn't pick me up. Thank God he didn't.
He bent down, so we could see eye-to-eye, and said, "Hey kid. Guess we'll be around each other for a while."
I nodded, but inside I wished I could just run and give him a great, big hug, but not with Ari watching. Max put down Luke and he came up to me, pulling me over to where Max was standing. She picked me up against my protests and gave me a hug. No one could give me hugs, not even Luke. Max put me down, while I glared at her, and she sighed.

"Fang. She has your glare, looks, and same personality." He nodded and Max continued, "Come on. Let's blow this Popsicle stand."
Ari watched as the whole thing went on, but didn't protest when max said that.
He just said, "Sure, sis. Get outta here."
Our wings weren't grown enough to let us fly higher than one foot above the ground. Max grabbed Luke and Fang grabbed me, but surprisingly, I felt comfortable in his tight but nice grip. I snuggled into his chest, my head on his shoulder and he held onto me as if his life depended on it. They hopped out of the opened window, and spread their wings. Max had Tan-ish ones like Luke and I had Black ones, almost purple in the sun, like Fang.
I heard Ari call from behind us, "But you better be ready when I find you again."
His raspy, bark of a laugh traveled to us and I shivered. Fang, my father, tightened his grip on me.

"Where are we going?" Luke asked as if he didn't trust Max or Fang, but then again, he probably didn't.
Max didn't answer immediately, but after five minutes of flying, she told us.

"North of Lake Mead. In a cave we found a while ago."
We just nodded, having no clue what a "Lake" was. And what was "North" was.

'Where were were the other people we saw in the School? Are they okay?'

My thoughts got cut short as we landed. The girl from the other cage in the school was there, along with a tall guy with blonde and red hair, a girl with blonde hair, and another boy, with faded blonde hair and blue eyes.

"Guys, this is Luke and Ash. They're Fang and my kids."
All of the kids in the cave came forward and started talking at the same time.

" What?"


" Awww... They're sooooo cute!"

" But when did you guys..."

"Hey!" Max bellowed, "Guys! Shut up! Listen. The school created them with DNA. Not clones, but kids. Now," she said turning to us, " This is Uncle Iggy, Aunt Nudge, Uncle Gazzy, and Aunt Angel."
Fang was still holding me, so Iggy walked up, took me out out of Fang's arms, and held me up to the light as if he was examining me. Nudge yelled at him to put me down when she saw my struggling. I was put down and I ran to Fang. On the way I tripped and fell, tumbling down head over heals. I grunted, trying to stop myself with no success. I stopped flipping and rolling at Fangs feet and he picked me up. I didn't kick or scream like I did when Iggy picked me up, but instead I hugged him.

"Somebody is a daddy," I heard Nudge sing under her breath.
I turned to glare at Iggy, but it was useless. Nudge muttered something about me glaring to Iggy.

"You are Fang's kid."
Fang chuckled and smiled. Right before I fell asleep in Fang's arms, Angel whispered something to Max that I couldn't quite hear and she started to scream at Angel.