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After a couple hours of sleep I woke up only to find my father to be the only one awake. My mother was snuggled up by Luke. I guess my dad felt someone was awake, because he whispered, "Hello? Ash, Luke, is that you?"
I stepped into the moonlight, shivering as my light cotton cloth dress caught in the breeze. He sighed.
I asked, "What are you doing?"
All I got for my answer was, "Taking watch."
I walked up to him. I think he noticed my shivering because one second I was standing on the cave floor and the next I was scooped into his arms. All I remember before falling asleep again was Fang telling me Ari would never be able to get to us with Iggy, Nudge, Gazzy, Angel, Max and himself to protect us.

In the morning or what I'm guessing to be the morning because of the sunlight, we (Luke and I) were high above the earth's surface, flying along with the rest of the flock. Luke was in the arms of Fang and I looked around to see who didn't have anyone to hold. The only one missing was Max and I turned to see the person who was holding me in their grip and found it to be Max. I scowled and struggled in her grip. She dropped me by accident and the flock turned and gasped as Angel screamed. I fell down about ten feet and spread my tightly closed wings and was able to fly up a few more feet while everyone else came down. Fang handed Luke to Max and picked me up. I was weeping softly as he stroked my black wavy hair.
"Maybe we should stop for a while. Get food and new clothes for the kids. Maybe stop at your moms house Max..." Nudge said.
Max nodded, looking deep in thought. After a while of flying, I calmed down and we landed somewhere hot, shady, and with a HUGE house. A lady was turned around trying to do something to the door. We all landed and Max started walking to her when Luke screamed at her to stop. She didn't even turn around but kept walking towards her. The woman turned around. Seeing Max, she embraced her into a big hug.
Everyone walked towards them. She hugged everyone in turn when we got there but when she saw me and Luke, she bent down and asked us our names in that annoying way adults talk to kids; in that sweet voice that makes us want to vomit. She looked up at Max and Fang and started asking questions about us. I couldn't take it anymore, so Luke stood up straighter and replied, "I'm Luke. That's Ash. We're Max and Fang's kids."
She gasped, standing up to look Max in the eyes, but failing because she went up to Max's jawline. "What did you do? And how old are they?"
Luke looked at me and rolled his eyes. "We CAN talk, you know. We're six. But I'm older by seven and a half minutes." He grinned proudly and it was my turn to roll my eyes.
The lady introduced herself as Val Martinez when she led us in a living room. But to us, it was Grandma Val. A girl who looked somewhat like Max and a whole lot like Grandma Val, ran down the stairs and into Max's arms.
"Ella! How are you?"
The girl, Ella smiled and gave hugs to everyone except, guess who, Luke and myself. We had to go through the whole introduction thing again. Apparently, I was the only one who didn't talk to everyone in their boring reunion. They were talking about child care and Luke was upset when someone mentioned the doctor. Hoping no one noticed, I slipped out of the room in my silent way. After about five minutes, someone noticed I was missing. Guess who? The one, the only, Max.
I was trying to walk back inside, but to only see my Black hair had caught onto something... No someone. I gasped, but slowly start recovering from my shock. From the fighting skills I was taught, (Well, not really taught, but Luke and I picked up on it back at the school) I started kicking and punching the guy. The man picked me up, and walked inside the house with his hands on the back of my neck. Max ran out into the hallway, the flock fallowing closely behind.
"Jeb," was the one word I could hear Max growl.
"Jeb" put me on the ground. I ran admittedly to hide behind Fang.