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Chapter 1

"I can't believe they would give minors a freakin' house!" Molly jumped up and down as her twin sister, Angela, giggled at her sister's enthusiasm. They were in their new home, unpacking their belongings.

"Let alone a farm!" Angela marveled along with Molly. "I wonder if the people here are just as friendly as the mayor was?"

Molly snorted. "Friendly? More like creepy! He wouldn't stop talking about his son and how 'handsome' and 'adorable' he is. I bet his son is as creepy and weird looking as him!"

Angela sighed.

Molly put her hands up in defense mode. "Sorry, but it's kinda hard to express my opinions here when you hate name-calling!"

Angela smiled and shook her head. She never did understand how she and her sister got along while being so different.

Even though Molly and Angela were, in fact, fraternal twins, they still looked close to identical. The only huge difference in their appearances was their hairstyle. Angela liked her brown hair cut to the tip of her shoulders with bangs just long enough to cover her forehead, every strand straight as a nail. Molly liked to keep her brown hair just a little longer with longer bangs that could easily be pushed to the side of her face. Though she liked the feel of her hair straightened, she styled it so that her hair would have much more volume.

"Just try not to judge," Angela said as she started to hang her clothes neatly in her new closet. "Besides, you've never even met Hamilton's son."

Molly started putting her clothes away also, but not quite how her twin did. She grabbed a hand full of clothes and shoved said handful in her wooden dresser. Once she stuffed all of her clothes in the dresser, she pushed as hard as she could to try close it. She soon closed it and did a silent victory dance.

"Don't have to! Like father like son," Molly laughed and went on to apply posters onto her side of their bedroom. She groaned at the thought of having to share a room, but then tried to look on the bright side, as she usually did with everything.

"At least I get to hang out with Angela a little more now," Molly thought optimistically.

The girls unpacked all of their belongings, and after a slow hour, they finished. They both felt a feeling of accomplishment.

"Hey, do you want to take a look at the barn now?" Molly asked Angela, knowing what the answer would be.

Angela's eyes lit up and she nodded.

They walked outside and into the barn, which was only about ten yards away from their front door. Molly pinched her nose because of the horrible smell, but Angela looked at every inch of the barn with excitement.

Angela had always loved animals. She had wanted a pet ever since she was a little girl, but their parents wouldn't allow it. She wasn't even given a reason to why she couldn't have one, which made her even more sad, but now that she didn't live with her parents anymore, she could literally have a barn full of animals; plus, she could have a fresh start here. Angela and Molly were still seventeen years old, so they would have to finish high school at Harmonica High School. Both were extremely excited to met everyone and make new friends.

Both of the sisters did however miss their parents. They only moved to Castanet Island because their parents thought it would be good for them. Molly thought they were being so selfless, but Angela didn't buy it. Though she wish she didn't believe it, she was convinced that the only reason why their parents sent them away to Castanet to finish high school was because they didn't want them. Angela might not have believed this if their parents moved to Castanet Island with them. But they didn't. Angela had talked to Molly about this, but Molly denied the idea that their parents abandoned them and tried her best to push it out of Angela's head, but the idea would still linger after each of Molly's attempts.

"It smells bad in here!" Molly whined.

Angela laughed and looked out a small window. "It's getting dark. Want to get ready for bed? We have to get up early in the morning anyway to sign in."


They did just that and once they were in their fuzzy pajamas, they laid down in their beds and talked until they fell asleep.

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