** Hello, my wonderful readers!

I have some great news for you guys! I have an official date of when I'm going to start posting chapters for the new sequel!
The first chapter will be posted on January 12, 2012 in the afternoon! I know that might be a long time to wait (21 days to be exact, I think...), but I want to make sure I have enough time between now and when it becomes published to write as many chapters as I can right now, so that when I go back to school, updates won't be so slow. The other reason for that specific date is because it'd the one year anniversary of when I published The Harmonica High Bet! I thought it would be cool to do that. :)

ALSO...I am still having trouble thinking of a title for the sequel. I always have trouble thinking of titles. It's a curse... _
I have thought of some, but they sound so lame to me, and I REALLY don't want to just slop some meaningless title I randomly think of in less than 30 seconds. I want it to be somewhat decent.
So, if you guys don't mind, I would like to ask you guys to place a vote on a poll I recently made on my profile. It would DEFINITELY help me decide on a title and see what you guys like. The voting choices are of the best titles I could think of (which weren't very creative, unfortunately).
There's also an "Other" option, which you would PM me a title you would like to suggest. Since you're reading this on this story, if want to just leave suggestions in a review to save time, that's fine too. Whatever way of giving me an idea is fine with me. :)

ALSO...I have updated all of the previous chapters to this story. By that, I mostly mean correct spelling, grammar, typos, etc. Nothing changed to the storyline, or anything like that. I did this because, reading back, I found so many errors, and now that my writing has somewhat improved since then, I'd like to correct it. Hopefully I didn't miss anything I meant to correct.
Besides correcting that stuff, I may have added an update to the Authors' Notes to like 1 or 2 chapters (I know one ,for sure, is when Gill is playing piano for Molly). All I put in it were a few things I forgot to mention when I first posted them. So, it's nothing too important. Just things that would have been nice to know when reading it.

As for the sequel's storyline...I will tell you guys (if you didn't already know) that it starts out when the characters graduate high school. So, the story will take place after high school, when their out in the world being adults. I just thought I'd let you guys have a little sneak peek. If you still have story ideas you'd like to see in the sequel, it's definitely not too late to tell me! Again, you can leave them in a PM or review on this Authors' Note. Either way is fine.
For those that did leave me ideas: thank you! I'm happy to say that I will be using most (if not all! :D) of the story ideas you guys left me. So, thank you! They really helped me think of other ideas for the sequel.

I believe that's all I have to say. Hopefully I didn't forget anything. If you read this entire thing without skimming, you're amazing, and I have the highest level of respect for you because that up there looks really really long and boring to read. xD

Anyways, thanks again for supporting this story. I'll see you in the sequel! :D **