Not Rose and Dimitri story, btw :)

My names Rose Hathaway, Rose is short for Rosemarie but I hate that name. I'm 17 and I have dark brown, almost black, waist length hair, my body's very athletic but I have curves. I was told on my 5th birthday that I was a Dhampir, half-human half-vampire. We're trained to fight and kill Strigoi evil Vampires that like to kill Moroi, good vampires, Dhampirs and humans alike. I've been at a human school my whole life but from an early age your supposed to go to an Academy, like a boarding school, where your trained by experienced Guardians. My mum went to St. Vladimir's, an Academy that she says is the best one around. She's a Guardian for a Lord, Lord Szelsky so she couldn't raise me but she sort of 'gave me away' to her best friend, Zoe. Zoe was more than happy to take me under her wing, she couldn't have children and I was like a daughter to her. My mum visits about 2 to 3 times a year, Guardians get these sort of breaks but my mum doesn't like to take to many of them in case something happens to her charge. While she's with us she trains me and gives me pointers and secrets that she uses, I love it. While she's not there though she arranged a personal Dhampir trainer for me, Jose, so I could train before and after school. Jose is one of the best Guardians around but he retired early so he could spend more time with his family. Jose was 26 so he was 9 years older than me. We sorted of dated, it wasn't anything serious but we kissed and said I love you and stuff but I don't think I was actually in love with him. Zoe's a Dhampir but not trained as a Guardian. My mum was an old friend of Zoe's when she dated her brother and they stayed friends all these years and my mum thought I'd be in the safe hands of her oldest and truest friend. My mother finally told me on her last visit that it was time for me to enrol in St. Vladimir's. I already have three Molnija marks, they determine how many Strigoi you've killed, when I told my mother on her visit she started to cry, she never cries. Before my kills I got diagnosed with depression, after my kills it just got worse. A few months past and I spent my days in my room locked away from the world using a razor as my way out of everything but Zoe said that I needed to get my marks. Zoe was with me when it happened, I was only 15 when they tried to kill us and left her with some scars on her arms and neck. I always had a stake with me just in case something like this happened, my mother gave it to me on my 14th birthday. I'm glad she did, but my first kills will always haunt me. I found it surprisingly easy to say goodbye to my friends, I suppose because I was never close to any of them. Saying goodbye to Zoe was the hardest. We cried together for god knows how long the night before I had to leave. I promised I'd call her as often as I could and I left a note explaining how much I love her and how much I'll miss her. So here I am, sitting in a SUV driving to St. Vladimir's with Alberta, head of Guardians at the Academy. It was a long drive from my home in Springfield, Illinois to Montana. I think I drifted off because when I woke up the scenery changed from city life to nature.

''Ah, your awake Rose. We will be at the Academy in 10 minutes.'' Alberta said kindly.

''Already?'' I sleepily said while letting out a yawn. She laughed, more to herself than to me.
''Yes, Rose. You slept the whole way here.''

''Oh, sorry.'' I quietly said. I actually had no excuse to sleep Alberta picked me up at 5pm. On the phone she said something about a nocturnal schedule and how you sleep during the day and you go to school at night, which I didn't get at first but then Alberta explained that Moroi can't have to much sun, it makes them really uncomfortable. For the first time in my life I was worried people wouldn't like me at this school. I was liked by a lot of people at the human school I went to but Moroi and Dhampirs are so different, maybe no one will like me. I suddenly felt extremely sick.

''Rose, were here.'' I realised the car had parked and Alberta was looking at me.

''Nervous?'' She asked. I nodded.

''Just a little.'' I said trying to sound convincing. We both got out and she helped me with my bags and told a Guardian to take them somewhere, to my room I guessed. Walking through the school I could tell they liked a Gothic theme. Having a Gothic theme was to clique for Vampires. We then walked to some double doors and Alberta turned to me.

''Ready?'' I nodded and we walked threw.

Everyone was staring at me, Guardians and students. I felt kind of self conscious but wearing a nee length blood red dress that said 'love it or kiss it' on the bum, a black shoulder bag and 4 inch heels wasn't that revealing. I decided to just walk confidently and maybe they wouldn't guess that I was actually scared shitless. Some were just staring mouths open and others were looking at me a whispering to people next to them. I noticed a slim blonde girl with gorgeous green eyes smiling at me, showing her fangs. I smiled back just as widely, trying not to be creepy. Finally the walk was over. Not the kind of response I was expecting but good I thought. I knew I was pretty and had a curvy body but not stop traffic sexy like they were making out I was. We got to another door and we walked inside and there was an old Moroi at her desk looking at us with her glasses at the brim of her hooked nose.

''Hello, Miss Hathaway. I am Headmistress Kirova, please, take a seat.'' She said motioning to the chair in front of her desk. I sat down and she was looking through papers for the next few minutes. I looked at the clock and saw that it was 9pm, the beginning of the day for them I guessed.

''Right, Rosemarie this is your class schedule which you will be starting immediately.'' She said handing me a piece of paper.

1st Period Advanced Guardian Combat Techniques

2nd Period Bodyguard Theory and Personal Protection 3

3rd Period Weight Training and Conditioning

4th Period Senior Language Arts (Novices)

- Lunch -

5th Period Animal Behavior and Physiology

6th Period Precalculus

7th Period Moroi Culture 4

8th Period Slavic Art

How long do they want their school day? Alberta and the other woman were looking at me as I scanned my schedule. Then then Kirova said something about Novices and Moroi taking separate classes in the first half of the day then we work with them in the second half, I really wasn't listening to her.

''All right then Miss Hathaway, have breakfast then go to your fist class. Alberta will be your personal trainer before and after school and will be monitoring you throughout your classes today. Goodbye.'' Shove me out why don't you, bitch. Putting my schedule in my bag I walked out and mumbled bye. I walked back threw cafeteria with everyone still staring at me. I walked to the lunch line ordered 2 chocolate glazed doughnuts, when the blonde girl from earlier came up to me.

''Hey! I'm Lissa.'' She said smiling widely.

''Hi I'm Rose'' I said returning the grin.

''Wanna come and sit with us and I'll introduce you to some people?'' Lissa said confidently.

''Yeah, sure.'' I grabbed the paper bag from the lunch lady. Walking to the table Lissa and her friends were sitting at was awkward because it was in the middle where everyone could see me and we had to weave ourselves past the staring people. Once we got there everyone was looking at me again. Lissa smiled at me then looked at her friends.

''Everyone, this is Rose.'' A chorus of hello's came out and I smiled and sat down next to Lissa.

''Right, Rose. This is Mia, Eddie, Mason, Dimitri, Tasha, and Adrian.'' She said pointing to all of them. I said Hi to them all and began eating my doughnut until they starting asking questions about me.

''So, Rose what Academy did you go to before?'' Mason asked. I put my doughnut down and looked at him he had ginger hair and blue eyes and was fairly good looking.

''I've never been to one but I've been training my whole life my mother, Janine, has a charge, Lord Szelsky, and she'd train me whenever she came to visit.'' A few gasps came from the table.

''Your mother's Janine Hathaway?'' Eddie almost shouted.

''Yeah, so?'' I said calmly.

''She kicks Strigoi ass!'' I laughed at this although it was true, having someone else talk about your mother like this was funny.

''If you haven't been to an Academy before did you go to a human school? How did you train when your mother wasn't there?'' Dimitri asked. He was hot, very hot. Shoulder length hair, toned body and a slight Russian accent.

''Yeah I've been in a human school all my life. My mum got me a personal trainer for before and after school so I wouldn't miss out on anything.'' I said coolly. He didn't look satisfied with the answer and just kept staring at me.

''Who was your trainer?'' Dimitri asked again.

''Jose Vanderbelt.'' I said again looking at him. His eyes went wide and mouth open staring at me along with everyone else at the table, even the Moroi.

''What?'' I said slightly annoyed.

''You've been training with one of the greatest Guardians in history, you know that right?'' This time it was Lissa who spoke I turned to her and she looked stunned.

''Yeah, I know.'' I said taking a bite of my doughnut.

''How many Molnija marks does he have?'' Lissa said in such a rush I nearly missed what she said.

''83 Molnija marks and 7 battle scars.'' I said. I remembered counting them in practice. Battle scars or the Zvezda mark means that you've killed to many Strigoi to count.

''Fucking hell.'' Adrian said. Adrian had stylishly messy light brown hair and the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen, a very bright and radiant emerald green. He was gorgeous. Everyone else was silent and I was grateful I wanted to eat my doughnuts.

''You have one hell of a history Rose, badass mother and one of the best Guardians in the world trained you. We'll have to see it you fightings up to my standard.'' Dimitri said with a smile on his face. I laughed quietly at his joke and they were all giving me strange looks.

''We'll see if your fightings up to my standard.'' I said serious yet calm.

''What have you already killed or something?'' Tasha said cocky but half laughing. I already didn't like her, she wasn't the prettiest girl but she wasn't ugly either. She had icey blue eyes and a black mane. Bitch.

''Yup'' I said popping the 'p' and eating my 2nd doughnut. They all gasped and stared at me again.

''How many?'' Dimitri said angrily.

''Three.'' I said showing them all my neck for a minute. Dimitri then got up and walked off saying something in Russian.

''What did I do?'' I asked looking around the table, confused.

''Nothing. Everyone thinks he's the badass around here and now your here it makes him look like nothing.'' Adrian answered simply staring at me.

''Has no one else killed then?'' I asked confused.

''No. No one in centuries has killed before having their promise mark.'' Adrian said smiling at me.

''Oh.'' I said lamely.

''Don't worry about it Rose. It's just Dimitri being stubborn. I think it's fantastic that you've all ready got three Molnija marks.'' Lissa said smiling and giving me a hug sensing my worry. The bell went.

''Umm, anyone know where my first class is?'' Mason smiled and walked over to me.

''Sure I'll take you.''

Who's Rose's love interest? Have we met him yet or not?


-Chloe x