Near the end of this chapter it gets a little emotional and crazy BUT I'm happy with how it turned out overall so, yeah.
Touchy subjects but I hope that I did okay with them.
Anyways.. here it is.

I didn't know what to think. I was more insane and weirder than I thought. What more was there to say?
''So what now?'' Lissa asked.
''We go to my dorm, I have loads of books there. Come on.'' My hand still intertwined with Adrian's I done the same with Lissa's hand and we walked threw the empty halls as a trio. Both of them held my hand really tight but didn't seem to notice.
After a long silence we got to my room and I let go of their hands, well, tried. Both of them were holding on so tight that when I tried to let go they held tighter. I smiled at them both of them as they finally let go and touched my door handle for a second before opening it. I walked in and my room was actually pretty clean. It was just my alarm clock that was on the floor but it always was.
''You don't lock your door?'' Lissa asked shocked. I laughed.
''Of course I do, but I wired it with my fingerprint so when I touch it, it automatically opens but whenever anyone else tries to open it it's locked.'' They both looked at me weirdly.
''So, if I try to open it now, it'll be locked?'' Lissa asked looking unbelievably at the door handle.
''Yep, unless you have a key of course. Try it. It won't electrocute you or anything, I haven't had time to do that yet.'' I said with a smile, lazily letting my bag fall off my shoulder. Lissa tried to open the door but it wouldn't budge. I laughed and touched it with my finger. She was still pulling on the door so she fell on her ass. I held in my laughter and helped her up, although she was laughing crazily.
''I love that! Brains and beauty. You're just the whole package aren't you?'' She said jokingly. I smiled and rolled my eyes at her.
''I'm going to get Christian, make yourselves comfortable. Well, as comfortable as you can be in a room half your size.'' I handed Lissa the other note and held onto Christian's. I kissed Adrian's head and walked out the door. Adrian called my name so I stopped and turned to him.
''Why don't I go?'' He suggested. I could tell he wanted me to say yes so I could stay in my room.
''Adrian, I'll be fine. I'm just going to get Christian. I'll be back in like 10 minutes.'' His eyes widened when I said 10 minutes. I walked up to him and gave him a smile.
''Stop worrying, I'll be fine. I love you.'' I kissed him for about 5 seconds then kissed his forehead.
''I love you. Don't be to long.'' He almost pleaded. I kissed his head again and walked away. I felt so bad for putting him in a situation like this. He should have security, not someone who has death threatened to them.
I walked to Christian's class; I guessed it was for his element, fire, but I didn't know for sure. I remembered where the room was not the names of all his classes. I opened the door and poked my head threw it, the class was busy and, like I thought, they were all practising fire. I walked in and closed the door as quietly as possible trying not to cause any distraction. It didn't work though and all their heads shot towards me. The teacher looked towards me and smiled, I walked over to him confidently while everyone was staring. They were whispering but I had more important things on my mind right now, although I wouldn't have said that earlier but in light of things I think people whispering about me is my least concern.
''It's good to meet you Rose.'' The teacher said. He was about 6'4 and about mid 20s. I smiled and held my hand out for him to shake, which he did with shock.
''I'm sorry I didn't get your name.'' I said releasing his hand.
''Jonathan Stevens, but everyone calls Jim.'' He smiled kindly, I smiled back at him.
''Nice to meet you Jim. I have note from Headmistress Kirova excusing Mr. Ozera for the rest of the day.'' I said handing him the note. I looked over in the direction I knew Christian would be and he looked shocked that I was here. I motioned him over.
''You wouldn't mind of I called this over, would you?'' He asked uncertainly. I smiled.
''Of course, go ahead.'' He blushed and left. Christian walked up to me.
''What's going on?''
''Lissa and Adrian will explain, it's really complicated but Kirova said you could help.'' I whispered.
''You're the talk of the school. I find it hilarious that people find you that interesting.'' Christian said holding in a laugh. I slapped him on the back of the head.
''Hey!'' I heard someone shout. I ignored them for a moment, knowing they were talking to me. Then I turned to them.
''Oh, I'm sorry. Were you talking to me? My bad.'' I gave the guy a sarcastic smile. The class started to laugh at him and his face grew red and angry. He had brown hair and green/brown eyes and he was about 5'11. I would've found him a little attractive if he hadn't of talked to me like shit.
''How's the cutting going? I hear you're getting an A+.'' No one said anything in the room and I smiled.
''Stay out of this.'' I whispered to Christian as I stepped toward him.
''It's going great! Thanks for asking, buddy! You know from your attitude and eyes I can release every secret you have. Would you like me to begin?Yes? Okay. You're an only child and mummy and daddy give you everything you want, you're a bully and you threaten most of the lower campus and some of the people here. You punch your troubles away even though you can't initiate a punch properly and judging by your hands I would say you punch things very often and, may I add again, you cannot punch. You have a girlfriend but she's afraid of you because you constantly threaten her, you've never hurt her but you threaten her constantly and she's afraid of leaving you and finally; you're scared of me, so scared in fact you actually thought, and nearly did, run away. You see, you know I could put you flat on your face before you even had time to blink but you want to act all tough and like you're not scared of anyone but, you are and I'm so privileged that's it me. Would you like me to continue or are we done here?'' I was standing close to him with a smug smile on my face and my arms crossed.
I said the last sentences so sarcastically I thought about awarding myself with a medal or something.
His face was tomato red from his anger and embarrassment and said nothing so I turned my back on him and walked away. Suddenly I made an abrupt turn and caught his fireball in my hand, my hand looking like it was alight. There were gasps as the flame danced in my hand, I walked towards him still with a smug look on my face. He looked at me shocked and scared, as did most of them.
''I have fast reflex's for situations exactly like this. Tut tut. You really should know better than this. If you had read your manual when you started this class last year you would have known that by rubbing your hands on the walls, you are immune from being burned. Extra precautions never hurt anyone which is why I read it.'' I was up in his face and I touched him with the fire. It completely left my hand an went on him. He was a fire user he could put out.
I walked away again shaking my head as he screamed. Christian looked shocked and impressed. His teacher, Jim, looked very impressed as well.
''Is it okay for him to go now, Jim?'' I asked.
''Yes, of course.'' He handed the note back to me and grinned. He held the note making me look at him again.
''You really are as impressive as everyone says.'' I laughed.
''Thanks, but I'm just doing what I'm trained for.'' I shrugged.
''It's more than that. You're phenomenal. Oh! Thank you for reading the manual, the kids in here don't realise how important it is, but you did.'' He looked at me with wonder. I laughed and took the note.
''Just doing my job.''
''That's enough flirting, Jim. She's a student.'' Christian reminded him forcefully. He looked at me then looked away embarrassed.
''Hey, if I wasn't completely in love, I'd flirt with you to.'' I winked and walked away but I could feel his massive grin and him checking me out. I walked out of the room with Christian in tow. He closed the door.
''Why did you read the manual? No one ever reads those things.''
''Christian, my job is to protect in any situation. I've read every single manual in this school, I've read all the security plans, I know when the wards are at their weakest and I know when their strongest. I know what time every Guardian goes on and off shift, I know where every class is, I know all the little secret hiding places people go and I can tell what a person is going to do before they do it. That's why I knew when to catch that fire ball, of course he was going to throw it but you need to get the time right to prevent any accidents. If I hadn't of read that manual and I didn't know what to do, I would of burnt because it was too quick for anyone to intervene. I was never in danger but there is always a risk of me and the people in the room getting hurt. I try to prevent that but to succeed I need know know what to do in case of any emergency, such as that.'' I said casually.
''I've known you for 4 years and you kept so much from me. Why?'' He sounded hurt that I had kept so much from him over the years. It wasn't something I was going to dwell over, I done what I thought best.
''To protect you. So you didn't find out to much. I try to keep everyone at a distance in case of getting hurt and I did the same thing with you. I don't regret the things I didn't tell you, the things you still don't know, but it's in everyone's best interest if they didn't know me completely. Whether that be you, Lissa or Adrian.'' I was still walking and I heard him trail behind me then stop. I stopped and turned back wondering why he had stopped and he looked at me angrily.
''Is that what I was to you? Just another person you could never be honest with? Did you even love me?'' He shouted. His outburst didn't shock me, I kind of expected it. I expect it with everyone who finds out something new about me that I didn't tell them or lied about. I walked towards him.
''Of course I did, I still do. You, however, fell in love with the girl you knew but she never existed. Finding out everything else that's happened will change your perspective of me, like it has done with Lissa and Adrian. I'll be lucky if I have a boyfriend by the end of the day. Come on.'' I said breezily. I turned and kept walking. I heard his faint footsteps behind me and we finally got to my room. I took a deep breath and pushed the door that was slightly open and walked in, Christian close behind. He walked up to Lissa and kissed her lips for a moment and taking a seat next to her on my bed. I went into my drawer and got out a tank top and and matching cookie monster shorts I also got some really thick socks. I quickly unzipped my boots and lazily left them there. I took my jacket off and hung it on the chair before walking to the bathroom. I changed quickly but spent about 5 minutes just looking at myself in the mirror. I felt as if I weren't really here, I didn't most of the time. I felt as if all of this was just someone's twisted imagination, I knew that wasn't true of course. I raked my hands across my face and sighed.
''Rose, is everything okay in there?'' Lissa asked concerned, knocking on the door while doing so.

''Yeah, I'll be out in a sec.'' I replied looking at the door as if she were standing there. I splashed some cold water on my face and dried it with a towel. I opened the door and threw my clothes in the wash bin.
''So, books. I need to get them don't I?'' I laughed uneasily and went to my wardrobe where they were all stacked.
''Books? Why do we need books?'' Christian said confused. I turned to them.
''You didn't tell him?'' I asked them and they shook their heads. I sighed and grabbed all the books in my arms. I climbed over the head board and sat cross legged, releasing the books onto the bed.
''Well, it would seem that my former best friend has turned Strigoi and he's now after me with a group of 6 and their numbers are growing rapidly. They killed an entire family along with Guardian's because they were looking for me. I found out I have a forgotten 'power' and now we're researching about it along with all the weird things I have in my aura. Okay?'' I asked, although I really didn't care.
''It's not as simple as that Rose.'' Adrian quietly piped in next to me. I closed the book I was pretending to be interested in with force and looked at him angrily.
''Then tell me Adrian, please enlighten me on how complicated this is because I thought this was about me. I'm choosing to make this simple whether everyone else tries to make it any more difficult is up to them but right now I'm reading threw centuries old books trying to make sense of something I couldn't care less about. I want to be out there killing the bastards that murdered 13 innocents but I'm stuck here fucking reading which has no damn significance what so ever! This could be very simple but no. It's all rules rules and more god damn rules here. Why did I come to this academy? If I would have simply been there all of them would be alive but instead I'm stuck here reading about some supposed power that I may or may not possess. It's all fucking bullshit!'' I angrily launched the book, it made a big dent in the wall and fell on the floor. I got off the bed and stormed out of my room. I guessed it was lunch because students were dotted everywhere. I made my way to the empty lounges on my way to the roof and found a couple making out.
''Hey, Ashford! Stop attacking Camille's face and get the hell to lunch.'' I noticed Mason's red hair so it was obvious who he was with. He stared up at me and gave me his natural lopsided grin. He and Camille laced hands while walking past me but she stopped infront of me, letting Mason's hand go.
''I want to thank you Rose for accepting Mason and I's relationship, you really are the greatest friend. As soon as Mason told me his friends knew I told mine, it just proves what real friends are because my supposed ones ditched me. I want to thank you Rose, so much.'' She threw her arms around me and I hugged her.
''No problem. If Mason's happy, so are we.'' She grinned at me and I smiled. Mason was looking at us.
''Meet me in my room after classes, tell the rest of the guys. I expect to see you too, Camille.'' I winked and walked off from them to a set of stairs. I climbed them and opened up the door leading to the roof. I felt the cold breeze on my legs and arms.
I closed the roof door and walked to the edge and knelt there, the gravel digging in to my knee's. I crossed my arms and set them infront of me on the brick ledge.
I stared out into the blackness of the night and wondered that if I went to them then maybe they wouldn't kill any more people. Alberta and the other Guardian's could take them all out and Jaime and I could fight, it'll get him what he wants. Leave a note for Alberta telling her to get Guardian's, Jamie and I have a fight, one of us dies, then Alberta, Jose, Horatio and other Guardian's could kill the rest. I couldn't just sit here and not do anything while I knew they were coming for me and killing more people as grew nearer and nearer and Kirova making me research this power, what's the purpose? Alberta said it could help me be a better Guardian but I was already a good guardian without this power so why did I suddenly need it now? I didn't. Their wasting my time.
I heard someone open the roof door and I didn't need any kind of power to work out who it was.
''Mason told me you might be up here.'' Adrian said from behind me.
''Usually when someone yells and storms out it means they want to be alone.'' I said plainly. I looked below at the students walking, talking, eating, living without a care.
Oh how I envied them.
''But you don't want to be alone. You never want to be alone, you hate it. You can't help but want feel alone because your depression makes you feel worse about yourself and you tell yourself that you need to be alone all the time but all you've ever wanted was someone to stand by you and always be there. I'm here and I'm never going anywhere. Talk to me my Rose, talk to me.'' He knelt close beside me. I could hear the sincerity in his voice and finally plucked up the courage to look at him.
''I can't just sit here and look threw books for some power that I might not even have. There are Strigoi out there and they want to kill me. They've killed 13 people already because of me, I need to do something.'' He gave me a small smile and knelt closer to me tucking some hair behind my ear and stroked my cheek.
''Oh Little Dhampir. You can't take on the world alone. I know what you've been thinking; you want to go to them and take them on alone, you know as well as I that it's a death wish. Looking threw these books is going to help. If we find anything it could help your Guardian skills. If something happens to your charge you'll know immediately. No one could ask for a better Guardian, I for one would love you as mine. You're being strong Rose but you don't have to be.'' I looked at him and felt my eyes flood with unshed tears. He pulled me onto his lap and hugged me tightly to him.
''Adrian?'' I croaked.
''What is it my Rose?'' He asked lovingly.
''I'm scared.'' I whispered. He kissed my head repeatedly. I wrapped my arms around his torso and lent the side of my face on his chest.
''It's okay. Shh shh. I'm here. It's okay to cry. You're strong, so strong.'' He soothed. I then began to sob, my body shaking. I only cried for 15 minutes, but I had no doubt that even if I was crying for 15 hours that Adrian would be by my side soothing me and telling me everything was going to be okay like he was now.
I wasn't naïve and nor was Adrian, we both knew it was dangerous and I could get hurt which is what upsets him, but he's naïve enough to think that I'll definitely come back and I didn't want to tell him the possibility that I might die. I might eventually but as of now, I have books to read. I left my head from him and looked up at him with a smile.
''I suppose we should get reading, huh?'' I sighed. He gave me a grin.
''Come on.'' He held my hands and we stood up together. I stood there just looking at him and I realised how afraid of loosing him I was. It didn't matter how long you had known someone or what kind of background they had, all that mattered is that you loved each other and whatever happened you stood by them. Adrian's done that in the short amount of time we've been dating and proved himself over and over. I felt myself shiver and without hesitation Adrian took his blazer off and wrapped the jackets warmth around me.
''Now you'll be cold.'' I pointed out. He shook his head and pulled my arms threw it like a baby. Instantly I was warm.
God I love this man.
He looked at me weirdly and took my face in his hands.
''I truly can't express how much I love you.'' I said looking into his eyes. Something gleamed in them then a massive grin spread across his face.
''You can try.'' I didn't need convincing and I crashed my lips to his. Our tongues slid together perfectly, the both of us in perfect sync. My hands were holding fistfuls of his shirt and his hands were now slid into my hair. We must of kissed for about 10 minutes before we finally pulled away and we just stood there for a minute looking at each other, holding hands.
''I love kissing you, no matter how long for. I love that every time we kiss or intimately touch you let out the softest and quietest of moans. I reminds me that you enjoy it as much as I do.'' He whispered, grinning. I blushed, feeling my face go really red. His grin widened and he brushed his hand lightly across my cheek. The tiny moan he was referring to was absentmindedly let out. The grin didn't move from his face.
''That moan makes me go crazy. I don't think I'd be able to handle it if it got any louder.'' He said seriously. I reached up and lightly ran my hand down his cheek.
''That is what I love. Every time I get closer to you or touch you, you stop breathing for half a second and every time we kiss you let out moan, the same as I do.'' He grinned and pulled me to his body, his hands on my waist.
''I didn't hide it very well then?'' He questioned. I shook my head.
''Nope.'' We grinned and kissed for a few seconds. I sighed lightly placing my hands on either side of his chest.
''Time to work.'' I sighed, pulling away and grabbed his hand trying to pull him along but he simply pulled me back to him, his eyebrows ruffled.
''You can't walk on gravel, you have no shoes on. I won't allow it.'' He grinned and picked me up bridal style. I squealed in surprise, wrapping my right arm around his neck and held my right hand with my left tightly. Once I realised he had picked my up I relaxed and let my left hand flop onto my lap.
''What on earth are you doing?'' I asked with a small smile looking up at him. He was holding me tightly and he was looking at me lovingly.
''Damn do I love you.'' He said it casually but with so much love in his words.
''Oh, Adrian. Perfect, naïve Adrian.'' I shook my head smiling.
''What?'' He asked walking. I looked up at him.
''You can't love someone you don't know. When you find her, you'll run.'' I felt him put me down and felt soft carpet under my feet. He looked down at me surprised.
''I do know you. Don't I?'' He sort of questioned himself then looked to me. I smiled and shook my head.

''Not even scratched the surface.'' He held my hips, putting them under the blazer.
''In that case, we have a longer day than you thought.'' He said grinning.
''I don't really feel like being dumped today so we'll do it another time.'' I broke away and took his hand as we both walked down the stairs.
What he nor anyone close to me didn't realise was that there were some things people would be better off not knowing but they think it'll be easy for me telling them things that's just not supposed to be known. I could tell Adrian or Lissa, I knew that, but simply chose not to because that would make me vulnerable to people and risk what I've seen so many times before; the closest people to you revealing your secrets. One minute you trust them completely but as soon as they find something big enough to share to the world, boom you now have an ex best friend and rumours being spread. No, definitely not. There are already to many rumours about me.

I kept walking, holding on to Adrian's hand, when suddenly I felt as if I was attached to a 5 tonne weight. I looked back at him and he looked hurt, really hurt. I ruffled my eyebrows at him.
''What's wrong?'' I asked concerned.
''You don't trust me, do you?'' He asked sadly. I let go of his hand and rubbed my forehead.
''I don't trust a lot of people, what does it matter?'' It was supposed to be a rhetorical question, but I could tell it hurt him.
''It matters because you're supposed to trust me. When you tell me you love me and when we're together, I feel like the other half of me has been found. When we're apart I feel lost and empty. You light up every room you walk into and you have no idea how much I love you because I simply can't tell you or show you enough. Without you I don't now what I'd do. I need you to be honest with me because otherwise I'd fall apart. If we don't have trust, what do we have?'' I saw tears glisten in his eyes and I knew how badly I'd hurt him.
''No. No no no no no no no.'' I said quietly. I sprinted over to him and rapped my arms around his neck, hugging him tightly. He hugged me tighter, burying his head in my neck.
''You. You of all people. You need to trust me. I need someone and it's you, it will always be you. Please trust me. I don't know what I'd do- '' I shhed him and I held his head and slowly ran my fingers through his hair.
''Shh, we'll talk about it later. Okay?'' He nodded his head and I lightly pushed his head away from my shoulder, smiling. I wiped his tears and held his hand, making sure he was walking with me this time, and we walked back to my room in comfortable silence. I was about to push the door open but Adrian held my hand tighter making me stop and look at him. I gave him a smile and turned but he grabbed my waist pressing me to him.
''Rose Hathaway; 17, 5'7, Dhampir, dark brown, almost black, hair, huge brown eyes, curvy figure. Strength; that of one of the strongest people in the world. Looks; would make any man fall at her feet and not realise the lengths people would go for her. Personality; feisty, loving and protective. Background; a mystery even to those closest to her. What are you hiding in the beautiful mind of yours?'' It was a rhetorical question but I felt like answering anyway.
''Once it's unlocked, it can't be put away again. Secrets too dark for even the most well organized mind.'' I said putting my hands in his blazer pockets, not looking at him.
''I'm ready and I'm with you. Forever.'' He whispered truthfully. I looked at him and felt the tears well in my eyes. He looked upset that I was about to cry and held my face. I gave him a smile.
''I love you.'' I tried so hard to stop my chin from quivering but it did anyway.
''I love you too, my Rose.'' That was all it took for sobs to over take my body. He let my head rest on his shoulder and kissed my head and keeping his head on mine.
''I've kept them in for so long, I don't think I can let them out.'' I whispered trying to calm myself down. He pulled my head off of him as I let some tears all down my face. He bent down so he was looking me levelly in the eyes.
''I'll be right here with you, I promise.'' I nodded my head. He smiled and wiped my tears away. We looked at each other for a few seconds before we both kissed, knowing that we both wanted it, after about 10 seconds though we pulled away, smiling. I pushed my door and found Lissa and Christian standing by the door.
''Wow. I can honestly say I have no privacy. I'm disappointed in you Lissa, I didn't expect Christian to so easily lead you a stray like this.'' I fake tutted at her and she laughed.
''How do you know it wasn't her that wanted to spy on you and she lead me a stray?'' Christian said sounding outraged.
''Because it's Lissa, she's not like that. You however, well..'' I shrugged. I heard Adrian laugh and so did Lissa.
''Oh that's it, all gang up on me.'' Christian said sarcastically. I gave him a pat on the head and stood on the bed, sitting where I was before with my legs crossed. Adrian quickly sat to my right, Lissa sitting infront of me with her legs crossed and Christian sitting infront of Adrian, next to Lissa.
''So, we're looking for weird shit, right?'' I asked and Lissa chuckled at me.

''Things regarding your aura and we need to look for stuff about your power.. thing.'' Lissa didn't know what to call it either, at least I wasn't the only one. I sighed a picked up one of the books, it must have been centuries old and had to have something in. I opened it and lent against my headboard opening the first page.
We all sat still reading, occasionally moving to get a little more comfortable. Adrian and I had a habit that we held hands while we were reading and only let go when one of us needed to turn the page. After an hour I had finished the 476 page book and yawned, throwing the book onto the floor. They all looked at me.
''You can't have finished that already.'' Lissa said astounded.
''Lissa, the teacher told Rose do that sort of thing for light homework. Her reading and vocabulary level is that of a genius. The bitch rubbed it in all of our faces frequently on how Rose could say and use all these fancy words and how she wanted Rose to be a scientist because of her ingenious level and views on things, she was good at everything.'' Christian explained and I saw Lissa's mouth open and Adrian look at me.
''What? It's not that bigger deal, and anyway, Christian's over reacting.'' I said getting more comfortable.
''Am not. Name one thing you were bad at.'' I thought for few seconds.
''World History. I was really bad at that.'' I said, smug that I had found something.
''Oh. I'm sorry. I must of missed the fact that you got an A+, the highest mark in the schools history, for your final grade. You're right I apologise.'' He said sarcastically.
''How did Rose get her final grades? Doesn't human school end like ours does, at 18?'' Lissa asked. He opened his mouth.
''Don't.'' I warned but he ignored me.
''She took her final exams when she was 14 but she chose to stay in school to see it she could better herself but she had already gotten all the best grades possible. She could have left at 13, Harvard University and The California Institute of Technology fought one another to try and get her to join, both offering full scholarships, but she turned them both down.'' I loved the way Christian uses the full name of the university's. Dramatic much? I kind of slid down and tried to hide my face with Adrian's blazer. Adrian took the blazer from my face, grinning proudly.
''I can't believe you turned both of them down. There like, the top university's in the world and they both wanted you.'' Lissa was clearly very shocked. I sat up.
''Well, at that age I already decided that I was going to be a Guardian so having a degree would be no use to me at all.'' I shrugged. It funny because I actually would have like to get a degree in science and better my skills. If I was normal, I would have.
''Still, I mean, wow. What were your final grades?'' Lissa asked me.
''She got A+ in 17 subjects. Those she had passed she tried a different class and got the highest mark on those too. She got A+ in every subject the school offered, they ran out of things to set her because she done everything so quickly.'' I slapped my forehead.
''Just shut up.'' I said to Christian.
''Did she tell you how many languages she can speak yet?'' Christian asked.
''Stop.'' I warned him again.
''She can speak 9. Well the last time I knew, anyway.'' He answered ignoring my warning. I threw a book at him and he winced in pain.
''Shut. Up.''
''What languages can you speak?'' Lissa asked curiously.
''Russian, Romanian, Spanish, Mandarin, Albanian, Turkish, Swedish, Italian, Arabic and Navajo. More recently though I've been learning French and I can use English and Russian sign language, I can also read Morse code and Braille.'' I sighed. They looked at me, and looked and looked.
''Why do you need all those?'' Christian asked like it was stupid.
''If she needs to talk interrogate someone and they don't speak English then having a wide, and odd, range of languages is always going to be helpful. Sign language is always good too, though I'm not sure why you learnt Morse code and Braille.'' Adrian smiled looking slightly puzzled.
''I just always wanted to learn them, I learnt them just for my own entertainment.'' Adrian gave me a full grin. I looked over at Lissa and she had a full grin on her face too but Christian arched his eyebrow.
''You learnt those for fun?'' He asked and I just shrugged and picked up another book. I opened it and began reading, ignoring their stares. Soon enough we all got back to reading.
Another 45 minutes past and was about to finish the final 2 pages of the book but I found something.
''Hey! I found something.'' I shouted excitedly.
''It says here that Charlotte Harley was a Guardian to her best friend Iness and that Charlotte reported to know exactly what Iness was doing and able to tell everyone where she was. She was said to be able to 'reach out' to her by concentrating on her and only her, only then would she be able to see into Iness and take her darkness. It also says that Iness never specialized.'' I looked at the book confused and so did the others.
''So when people supposedly don't specialize it's thought that they're Spirit users, right?'' I asked.
''Yeah, that's our theory.'' Lissa replied thoughtfully.
''You said that Spirit users are known to go crazy, right? From using their powers? So my theory is that the darkness could possibly be the 'crazy' and that Charlotte was doing the same for Iness. So if I did it for you and Adrian, you wouldn't need any kind of self medication and you could use Spirit without the crazy part as a consequence.'' It was merely a theory but they all thought for a moment.
''But wouldn't that be dangerous for you? I mean, Lissa and Adrian both saw like 7 'emotions' when they looked at your aura and Spirit users go crazy with 4. Wouldn't it just be worse for you?'' Christian asked, Lissa obviously having filled him in while Adrian and I were gone.
''It would most likely do more harm to you than it would make us better.'' Adrian agreed.
''I agree. If your theory is correct then it would make you worse, it just wouldn't be worth it.'' Lissa piped in.
''Don't know unless I try.'' I shrugged.
''Well, if you're going to do it, do on Lissa because I have a bad feeling about this and Lissa and Christian won't be able to restrain you.'' Adrian said concerned. I kissed his cheek and smiled.
''You okay with this, Liss?'' I asked. She nodded. I closed my eyes and began to concentrate. Lissa just Lissa. Think about Lissa. I said over and over. A minute past when finally I was looking at all of them and myself as if I was standing over them. Cool. Rose? Is that you? Lissa said. Her mouth didn't move so I guessed she said it in her head, she was staring at me though grinning, even though I couldn't see her. Can you hear me? I asked. Yes! This is so cool! She even squealed inside her head, wow. I'm going to try and take it now, okay? I saw her nod her head and massive grin on her face still. I looked at myself and I still looked really concentrated, my eyes still closed. I concentrated on her feelings and in no time I found quite a big build up of darkness at the back of her mind. I concentrated on putting it into me and it was all gone, her mind refreshed. She gasped and I went back to myself, gasping for breath. I opened my eyes and we looked at each other and she squealed.
''That is so cool!'' She shouted.
''What happened?'' Adrian questioned quickly.
''I can talk to her.'' I grinned.
''You can have conversations?'' He asked. I nodded.
''It's gone. The feelings. Their gone.'' Lissa said shocked. She hugged me so tightly I thought I might pop. I patted her back.
''Thank you thank you thank you!'' She squealed. I laughed at her and pulled away.
''No problem Liss. Adrian next!'' I said excitedly, looking at him. He didn't look happy or convinced that I was okay.
''No Rose. You just took Lissa's years of built up crazy. You're not taking mine too.'' He said firmly.
''Adrian, I'm fine. Honestly, come on.'' I didn't give him time to answer. I closed my eyes and concentrated, like I had with Lissa. In 5 seconds I was in the mind of Adrian. In the mind of Adrian, this is weird. I said to myself. Just a little. He replied. Sorry about this, I have a feeling it might hurt. I looked for the darkness and felt him wince. I'm sorry, Adrian. I said sadly. Don't worry, I still love you. I saw him grin and the me who was concentrated grabbed his hand. I didn't know you could do that. Adrian said confused. Neither did I. Finally I found it, he had a lot more than Lissa, not that I cared. I'm going to take it now, I don't know if it'll hurt. You have a lot more than Lissa did and you have a lot more things stored away than she does, which is why it hurt when I was looking. I said concerned. Okay, don't take all of it, I don't know if your body can handle much more. He said matching my concern. I looked at myself and held his hand tighter. I'll be fine. I took all of the darkness, ignoring Adrian's concern, and he and I both cried out in pain. I went back to myself and found myself out of breath.
''Are you okay?'' We both said at the same time. We laughed, both holding hands tighter.
''Did it work?'' I asked.
''Definitely worked. There's no crazy left.''
''Well, I wouldn't say there isn't any left.'' I said mischievously with a grin. He laughed and hugged me, kissing my head.
''Are you okay though?''
''I have a little bit of a headache, actually. But other than that, perfectly fine.'' I smiled. Concern over took him.
''Adrian, you might want to have a look at this.'' Lissa stared at the book she was reading then looked at me then to Adrian, handing him the book.
''Charlotte Harley supposedly reported headaches after taking her Moroi, Iness', darkness. Iness reported that her friend only 'took her darkness' twice and a month later Charlotte was found hung in the apartment she shared with Iness. Iness is said to have not known anything about her friends feelings of suicide and seemed 'her normal happy self' the night before.''
None of us knew what to say. I mean, I'm already supposed to be totally insane, having taken Lissa and Adrian's darkness, will it push me over the edge into finally committing suicide? I didn't think so. I mean, I had a headache, I didn't feel suicidal over this.
Their eyes fell on me, expecting an answer. I tried to think carefully about what information I going to allow them to know but it didn't work.
''What do you want me to say? If you want me to say suicide has never crossed my mind, then I'd be lying. If you want me to tell you I'll be fine, I'd be lying. The truth is, I am suicidal. Do I feel worse having taken the 'darkness'? No. I have a mild headache. I feel suicidal on a daily basis, I've fought the urge to cut and commit suicide millions of times before I don't see why this, if it does come to it, should be any different than those.'' I shrugged and they all stared at me with smiles, even Christian. Some tears fell from Lissa's eyes.
''You.. I just. I'm having trouble finding the words to describe you. You're amazing Rose. You fight with your inner battle day to day and don't bat an eyelash. You don't complain, you're supposed to be mind numbingly insane and yet you stand before us; you're brain at genius level, the best fighting skills in the world, you can speak 11 languages, know English and Russian sign language, can read Morse code and Braille, killed 3 Strigoi's at 15, completed high school at 14, you're an amazing singer, can play 4 instruments and yet you suffer with self harm and depression. I just.. I don't.. you..'' Lissa stopped talking not knowing what else to say. I chuckled.
''You make me sound amazing Liss but I'm not. I grew up fast. I always preferred to be alone so I didn't have any friends, I was the girl who sat in her car at to eat lunch to avoid talking to people, I stayed behind after school to do extra curricular activities, I was the geeky girl who loved math and science and often asked for homework.'' I explained.
''No one wanted to be friends with you?'' Lissa asked sympathetically. Christian laughed.
''Of course they did, everyone wanted to be friends with Rose! Every guy in school wanted to hook up with her and all the popular girls wanted her as their friend but she ignored every single one of them and worked. She worked and worked and worked. The only time she would approach them is if one of them was throwing a party because she wanted to get pissed. She wasn't far off being a drunk, but I guess owning a bar does that to a person.'' I threw another book at him.
''What is with you and sharing my secrets?'' I angrily said.
''You own a bar?'' Lissa asked.
''Yeah. I knew the owners from a young age and Frank's wife, MaryAnne, died and he got really depressed and didn't pay the bills so I put 3 million dollars into an account and told him to pay the debts, buy inventory and take what he wanted.'' I shrugged.
''Do you work hard at making everyone look bad?'' Christian asked. I stuck my middle finger up at him.
''He has a point.'' Lissa, piped in.
''You're taking his side?'' I said shocked. She patted my knee.
''Well, little Miss Good Samaritan, you make even Lissa look selfish and Lissa is, well, Lissa.'' Adrian joined.
''Don't get involved, you're making the situation worse! It wasn't that much of a big deal, I helped one of my best friends. He and MaryAnne helped me all the time, more than any of you can begin to understand. He's set for life and doesn't have to worry about money.'' I shrugged.
''Oh god. Next your going to tell me you saved a helpless animal.'' Lissa put her head on Christian's shoulder and I sunk down hiding my face completely.
''Oh. My. God!'' Lissa groaned.
''His owners threw him out because of the expensive medication he needed, I couldn't let the poor cat be put down!'' I argued, my voice muffled in the blazer.
''Don't animals hate Dhampirs?'' Christian pointed out.
''That cat always loved me.''
''Oh Rose. You're just perfect aren't you?'' Lissa said seriously. If I had a dollar for every time she's said something like that, I'd be a billionaire. I laughed but none of the joined me.
''Of course not, far from it. So far from it you can't even see were the imperfect begins.'' I laughed to myself and sat up.
''What was wrong with the cat?'' Christian asked randomly.
''He only eats cucumber.'' They all looked confused for a moment before laughing. It did sound really strange.
''Seriously?'' Christian said still chuckling.
''Yeah, I have to put specially made vitamins into it before he eats it though so he gets all the vitamins and stuff normal cats do.''
''You know a lot about science, couldn't you make it yourself?'' Lissa pointed out.
''Of course I could, but I don't have a lab and they only give you certified chemicals if you work in a school or university.'' I had tried many times before to convince them to give me chemicals but they wouldn't budge.
I picked up a book signalling I was done with talking and they all followed my lead and carried on reading
After half an hour I felt their eyes on me.
''What?'' I asked. They all grinned at me.
''You seriously don't know what you just did?'' Christian asked.
''No. What?''
''You literally just started singing.'' Lissa replied hiding her laugh. I blushed.
''Sorry.'' I said reading again.
''What were you singing? You said something about a princess and a glow.''
''Oh. That. Yeah, it was just something, from something.'' I mumbled to myself, trying to read the book again
''Come on. Sing it.'' Christian persisted.
''No.'' I said defensively. I felt the atmosphere change like a light switch. It went from easygoing to confusion and awkwardness. Another 15 minutes passed and I threw the book on the floor. They all looked at me.
''Hey, it was only like 350 pages.'' They all began to read again and I slouched and closed my eyes drifting off.
It didn't last long because I felt someone move and my eyes flew open. Christian looked around the room guiltily, hovering above the bed where he had just got up. Lissa and Adrian still sat in their places.
''Relax, you were only asleep for 10 minutes.'' Adrian whispered next to me. I smiled and rested my head on his arm.
''Find anything?'' I asked closing my eyes again. They didn't say anything. I opened my eyes but left my head on Adrian's arm.
''What?'' I sighed.
''The black spots that only Adrian was able to see in your aura-'' Lissa got cut off by Adrian.
''Not now Lissa.'' He said firmly.
''She needs to know.'' Lissa argued. I sighed and took my head off Adrian's shoulder, sitting up properly looking at them both.
''Just tell me.'' I was tired and hungry, I didn't care what it was.
''It's the darkness seeping into your aura, it can bring you closer and closer to insanity if there's too much.'' Lissa said hesitantly. I resisted the urge to laugh.
''Lissa, I'm already supposed to be completely insane. I'm really not worried and you two shouldn't be either. I told you; I'm fine.'' They didn't look convinced.
''Rose, I don't think you understand the severity of what you've just taken from me and Adrian. We've been working on Spirit for years and both used to self medicate to ease away the darkness. You've taken the insanity, which we both knew we had a lot of, when you're in a worse mental state than both of us. You've put our crazy into yourself and there's no way to get rid of it. This could kill you Rose.'' I could see it in both their faces what they wanted to me to do.
''No. I know what both of you are thinking; I'm not taking anti depressants again, it's not happening. They did nothing for me last time, this isn't any different. No.'' I said determinedly.
''Rose please. They could really help you.'' Lissa begged.
''Help me? Last time they dulled my reflexes! I'm not going to risk other peoples lives just because a couple of people are worried about my sanity even though I'm perfectly fine.'' They said nothing, knowing I was right.

''I need food.'' I said bluntly. Both of them burst out laughing when Christian appeared from my bathroom holding a thong between his thumb and index finger, arms length away.
''This was in your bath.'' He said throwing it to me and shivering. I tutted.
''Relax, will you. It's clean.''
''Why was it in the bath?'' Lissa asked chuckling.
''I was going to pack it when we left for court but instead I used it to hide a spider in.'' I looked inside, the spider not in there. All three of them laughed at me.
The red thong was kind of see through but the way I see it is that no one was going to see my underwear. Adrian took it from me and held it up and turning it.
''You should wear this more, just, you know without clothes.'' He grinned at me cheekily. I tried to hide the smile on my face and snatched it from him, pushing him lightly. I climbed over him to try and get off the bed but he grabbed my waist, sitting me on his lap.
''You know how inappropriate this looks right?'' I said whispering to him and hiding my laugh.
''What if I lifted you up and down? Would that be more appropriate?'' He whispered, his lips touching my ear. I shivered and he actually started to do it.
''Adrian!'' I shouted, chuckling. I tried to pull away but he made me sit on his lap again, wrapping his arms tightly around my stomach. His lips again were touching my ear, making me shiver.
''I love you.'' He whispered softly, kissing near my ear then kissing my cheek before he turned me and kissed my lips for a few seconds.
''I love you to.'' I went to his lips and I heard his heart rate quicken.
''But I'm starving.'' I said getting quickly off his lap. Lissa laughed and Christian's looked shocked.
''Even I think that was mean.'' Christian said looking between me and Adrian. I laughed with Lissa.
''You're guys, of course you think it's mean, we think it's hilarious.'' Lissa said and we high fived.
''But he got all exited that you were about to kiss and then you quickly got up, that's a slap in the face. Lissa's done it to me before and I felt so upset afterwards.'' I rolled my eyes at Christian and walked over to Adrian crashing my lips to his. I teased him for a few seconds with my tongue and pulled away walking back to where I was standing next to Lissa with my arms crossed. Adrian's lips were still slightly puckered and his eyes finally opened slowly. I looked to Lissa next to me.
''Want some pyjamas?'' I asked looking at her short dress. She chuckled.
''Yes please.'' I walked over to my draw and got out a black tank top with a big Hello Kitty in the centre and pink Hello Kitty shorts to match, I also got her some thick socks like mine. I handed them to her.
''Thank you.'' She walked off to my bathroom but before I could do anything Adrian pinned me to a wall. He was grinning widely and I couldn't help but grin either.
''You didn't give me time to respond, it wasn't fair.'' He whispered.
''What about now?'' I asked pressing my lips to his slowly. His lips pressed with mine and he slipped his tongue in my mouth and a minute later we both broke apart.
''That, was much better.'' He said, smiling. I laughed.
''What? You thought you were getting away with that?'' The smile disappeared off my face and a flashback took over my vision.
He held me to the wall, his hands so tight on my wrists that I could already feel them bruising.
''What? You thought you were getting away with that?'' He smiled evilly at me. Panic rose in my chest and I stayed still, not wanting to anger him any more than I already had. Anger was clear on his face and he punched me across the face with all his strength and I fell to the floor.
I was thankfully stopped by reliving all of the disturbing flashback because Adrian was staring at me very concerned. I felt wetness on my cheeks and reached up and touched my left cheek feeling the force of the punch and the tears that were on my cheeks. I quickly them away and smiled at Adrian like there was nothing wrong. I walked away but he grabbed my wrist, another flashback crossed my eyes.
''No I don't want to!'' I shouted and walked away. He grabbed my wrist forcefully and I looked at him angrily but when I saw the look on his face, I was instantly scared.
I came out of it, Adrian was holding my face in his hands, tears falling from my eyes again. I pulled away from him wiping my eyes again.
''What's wrong?'' Immense concern lacing his every word. I smiled.
''Nothing.'' I said, acting oblivious to what just happened.
''Don't lie to me Rose. What happened?'' He said raising his voice slightly.
''Do you remember I told you outside that I don't think I'd be able to tell you everything about me because I've kept it hidden so well? It's been hidden for so long, Adrian. I never wanted to relive the memory I just had. It may not seem like it to everyone else but I lie for good reason. You all insist that I don't do anything for myself, well I hide memories and secrets because I don't want people to know. I'm supposedly this strong person but I'm not. I hide how I feel and act tough on a daily basis because it's the only way that I can get people to leave me alone and believe all the lies I tell. It's not just you I can't talk to about this, it's Lissa, Zoe, my mother. Hell, I can't even say the damn word without braking down in tears. It's not about whether or not I trust you Adrian because I do, with my life, but this is something that you of all people it would hurt the most and I can't do that to you again.'' I was distressed and upset, he could easily see that. He grabbed my face in his hands.
''I don't care what it is, I just want you to be okay and you're not. I want you to get better and you keeping all these secrets from me isn't going to help you. You're the strongest person I know, whether you think so or not, and I don't want you to be afraid to tell me anything. My Rose, I love you, unconditionally. Forever.'' I couldn't help but burst into tears. He held my head to his chest a rest his head on and kissing it. I wrapped my arms around him. My eyes were closed as I sobbed so I was a little startled when I felt a small arm wrap around me. I slowly opened my eyes and found Lissa looking at me with a smile and tears down her face.
''I love you Rose.'' I shed a few more tears.
''I love you too Liss.'' I sobbed. She put her arm around my shoulder and hugged me from behind, Adrian and I both refusing to let go.
''I love you Rosie.'' Christian said seriously, standing behind Lissa. He used the nickname from when we were close friends back at school (he also used it while we were dating but let's not think about that) which, right now, was nice.
''I love you too Sparky.'' All three of them had successfully lifted my mood and I pulled away slowly, Lissa getting the hint and moving away with her boyfriend. Adrian held my arms and smiled, looking down at me lovingly.
''And you, you amazing man, I love you more than anything else in the world.'' I smiled. He grinned at me and we kissed for a few seconds. My stomach rumbled very loudly and they all laughed.
''You have all successfully starved me. If I don't get anything to eat in the next 10 minutes I will throw up.'' I said seriously but hid a smile. I finally looked at Lissa properly and even in pjs she looked hot. Bitch. Her long platinum hair was tied back which made her look even more beautiful, if that's possible.
''Looking good Liss.'' I grinned.
''Thank you.''
''Okay, time to go. Now.'' I demanded. I walked out of the door quickly almost sprinting across the quad and into the cafeteria. All the students were back in their classes so it was completely empty but I heard all the cooks still in the kitchen. I ducked under the flap thing and knocked on the open door. The 3 women looked at me and grinned.
''Rose! How are you dear?'' The oldest woman, Alice, asked. She must have been late 50s early 60s.
''I'm good! How are the three of you?'' I grinned. I really liked the cooks, partly because they made amazing food, but they never treated me any differently because of what they'd heard about me. I think they liked me because I was one of the only people to show them any manners and telling them how good their food was.
''You know us dear, always fine. Do you want something to eat?'' Alice asked, already knowing the answer.
''Yeah, please. What do you have today?''
''We've got; roast beef, tuna pasta, spaghetti and meatballs and any sandwich you could wish for.'' Jane, one of the other cooks, offered with a smile. I thought for a moment.
''Can I have spaghetti and meatballs please? Oh! And one of those giant cookies over there.'' I added, pointing to the massive cookie. All three of them laughed at me.
''Of course dear. We'll bring it out to you. Ask your friends if they want anything before you go though.'' I turned to them, the three of them looking at me.
''Do you guys want food?'' I half shouted.
''I'll a raspberry yoghurt please.'' Lissa said.
''I'll have a chocolate pudding.'' Christian said following Lissa's suit.
''I'll have whatever you're having.'' I looked at Adrian raising both my eyebrows.
''Fine, be ready though.'' I grinned. I walked further into the kitchen and Alice was getting my food ready.
''Make that two. Adrian thinks he can eat the same amount as me.'' I laughed.
''I heard that!'' He shouted. I chuckled.
''Can we also have a raspberry yoghurt and a chocolate pudding please?'' I asked.
''Of course dear, we'll bring it all out in a few minutes.'' Alice smiled.
''Thank you.'' I left, opening the flap so they could get out easily and walked over to the three of them.
''You're friends with the cooks now? Actually, that's a stupid question. Of course you are, they make food.'' Christian rolled his eyes. I elbowed him in the side as I walked by to sit down. Lissa took a seat next to me, Adrian infront of me and Christian infront of her.
We sat in comfortable silence for about a minute, until the cooks came out with our food. They put to plates infront of Adrian and I, both piled high with spaghetti and meatballs, along with my knife and Adrian's spoon and forks sitting on a napkin.
They put Christian's chocolate pudding and Lissa's raspberry yoghurt infront of them; both the size off mugs, they set a napkin and spoon beside both of them. Finally they put a glass lemon juice infront of me with a straw and a coke infront of the others. I smiled at Adrian and took the napkin from under my knife and fork, unfolding it and putting it on my lap.
''Thank you.'' I smiled. They followed my lead and thanked them too before the walked away, disappearing into the kitchen.
''Why do you have lemon juice?'' Christian said in distaste.
''Lemon juice helps with hydration as well as cleansing the liver and contributing to healthier digestion and metabolism. It can also help you loose weight, is very high in vitamin C and as a consequence has a whole other range of positive things in which it does to your body. Plus, you know, it tastes good.'' I said taking a sip threw my straw. Adrian grinned at me adoringly.
''Brainiac.'' Christian mumbled. I felt the both of them kick him followed by and 'ouch'. I picked up my knife and fork, all of them looking at me.
''Beauty and brains but no table etiquette.'' Lissa tutted at me and change my fork to my left hand and knife in the other. I looked at the cutlery in disgust.
''People actually eat like this?'' They all chuckled at me.
''Yes Rose, most people eat like it.'' Lissa pointed out. I curled my lip and changed it back. Lissa sighing next to me. I dug into my food and moaned at the taste.
''This is amazing.'' I said my mouth full. Lissa tutted at me again and opened her yoghurt, Christian following her. I looked at Adrian infront of me and finished my mouthful giving him a smile.
''Why do you have a knife?'' He asked.
''Because spoons are pointless when it come to eating real food. You eat cereal with spoons, you eat pudding with spoons, you eat melted chocolate with spoons. You do not use spoons when eating any hot meal.'' I said defensively. I could tell they were taken aback by my seriousness of a supposed 'silly' matter but they all wanted to laugh.
''What about soup?'' Lissa asked. I put my knife and fork down.
''Okay first; soup does not class as real food, they try to pass it off as a meal by putting chicken and vegetables in but no, no. Soup is a waste of time and, aside from engines, the worst man made creation ever. '' I explained.
''Engines are amazing inventions. I can't believe you would say that. You have a range rover and treat it as your baby.''
''Yes but I can't be oblivious to the fact that they are the main cause of global warming which is why in all my cars I change the engine to one I made. It creates less Co2 than a smart car and makes the car faster. It only takes a little bit of common sense to create such an engine and it only took me 9 months to create.''
''So why don't you sell it, you would be a billionaire!'' Christian shouted exaggeratively. I rolled my eyes.
I don't want to be a billionaire, I'd prefer not to be known altogether. I will eventually introduce it but I'll wait a little longer to see if any of the supposed 'genius engineering scientists' can come up with one.'' I carried on eating though ignoring the small conversation they were having.
I finished in about 7 minutes and set the knife and fork to the side of the side of the plate, taking a sip of my lemon juice. I took the napkin off my lap and wiped my mouth with it and screwed it up, putting it on my empty plate. I felt them stare at me and looked around at them. Both Lissa and Christian weren't even half way threw theirs and Adrian had almost finished but seemed to have stopped. I smirked.
''I warned you, but you ignored me.'' I swapped the giant cookies place with my plate and broke off a bit of the chocolate chip cookie, quickly eating it.
I finished the cookie quickly, screwing up the napkin it was on and putting it on the plate like I did with the other. I patted my stomach, now full. Adrian's plate was the same way I saw it when I last looked and his cookie just sat there. Lissa and Christian had eaten a little more but not much before they gave up.
''How you have an appetite like that is beyond me.'' Lissa said shaking her head.
''Anyone can do it. It's pretty easy, you see, if you eat a little more each time you think you're full, your stomach will automatically grow to fill the space. Then every time you eat, you'd need to fill that new space and it goes from there. I don't personally need to do that though, I just enjoy eating.'' I said sighing.
''What if you're anorexic or bulimic and don't eat very much?'' She asked. I gulped.
''Well the same rules apply it's just the opposite. If you eat a little but you're still hungry then your stomach shrinks little by little. It takes a while but your body adjusts to what ever you do to it. For example, if you cut excessively then you no longer feel very much physical pain unless it's the sort of pain you unfamiliar with, like when Tasha burnt me. It hurts like a bitch but when I cut and need stitches it doesn't hurt at all any more.'' I shrugged.
''You need to teach us this sort of thing. We don't know hardly anything about human teachings and science.'' Lissa said, obviously fascinated. I laughed.
''That's because all of you have politics and Guardian shit processed in your brains and nothing else. If they gave Moroi and Dhampirs knowledge on the outside world and what humans are like then they would have a better understanding of how to live, work and rule while in the eyes of humans. All these politics are doing nothing for young Moroi and the Dhampirs supposed to be protecting them if they don't know anything on what's going on or in how to act in certain circumstances. The politics is one of the things that made me doubt coming here because all of it is complete and utter trash.'' I picked up my plate, Adrian's and Lissa and Christian's pots and spoons. I threw all the wasted food away and walked into the kitchen putting the plates and cutlery into the sink, filling it up with hot soapy water. Alice walked up to me.
''We'll do that dear.'' She said motioning me with her hands to move.
''I don't mind, honestly.'' I said grabbing a sponge. She lightly took it from me and smiled.
''I know you don't, dear. But no offence to you but you look shattered. Go to your room and rest up. Headmistress Kirova has informed me that the Queen will be visiting and I have no doubt she's here to see you for something or other. Have a sleep, relax with your friends. It's been very stressful for you since you arrived and I won't have you ill. Go, now. We're fine here dear.'' She patted my cheek. I smiled and hugged her, she hugged me back warmly, after a short while I pulled away and grinned at her.
''Thank you, Alice.'' I walked out and waved to her. I walked over to where the three of them stood, talking in hushed voices.
''We were just saying how you could set up a class where you teach Moroi and Dhampirs the way of humans, how they live and a general knowledge on the outside world. I mean, you've killed so Dhampirs could learn a lot and you clearly know a lot on humans and their behaviour. You could teach how it really is to live on the outside, something other teachers are depriving us of!'' Lissa made it sound so amazing but I ruffled my eyebrows at her.
''Lissa. In the eyes of every student, teacher, Guardian, parents and all Royals; I'm insane. None of them would want to be taught by someone who developed a few human illness' because she was too weak to fight them. Even if they did want to be taught by me, they wouldn't do it in their own time.'' I pointed out.
Her mood deflated and I chuckled walking out of the cafeteria, the others close behind. Adrian quickly fell into step next to me though and laced my hand with his. I held on tightly, as did he.
''I know! We could get Kirova to add it to the curriculum! None of us need Animal Behaviour and Physiology, we could ask her to bump that and put in a class taught by you!'' She grinned excitedly and I rolled my eyes and smiled.
''Yeah, okay then Liss.'' I decided to humour her, she seemed very exited by the idea and I didn't want to crush her happy mood. We soon walked into my room and I stared at the books on the bed.
''I'm tired. I think we should all just sleep.'' I suggested.
''Sure.'' Christian said almost immediately. I picked up the books and shoved them under my bed, near the end of it.
''Adrian and I'll take the floor you two have the bed.'' I smiled at the two of them, walking to my closet and taking out a few blankets for me and Adrian. I lay two big thick ones on the floor, acting as a very poor bed, two bigger ones as a cover and folded another to act as a pillow.
''Can I take my pants off?'' Christian asked.
''As long as you don't get naked or have sex in my bed I don't care.'' He took of his shoes and socks first and Lissa moved over to the wall while Christian took off his pants and shirt under the duvet, hanging them over the head board.
''Thank you Rose.'' Lissa smiled kindly. They snuggled up together, whispering so quietly even I couldn't hear them. I smiled at them and lay down on my makeshift bed. I looked up at Adrian looming over me, grinning. He took off his shoes and socks, followed by his shirt but left his pants on. He wrapped the covers around us and we faced each other.
''Why did you keep your pants on?'' I whispered.
''I don't know, I thought it would be less awkward with Christian and Lissa in the room.'' I shook my head.
''Take them off, I don't like it.'' I said truthfully. A grin covered his face.
''If you want to see me naked Rose, just say so.'' I rolled my eyes. He stayed still, not doing as I asked.
''I mean it Adrian take them off or I will.'' I warned, still whispering. He resisted the urge to laugh by grinning. I shook my head lightly and let my hands wonder to unzipping his pants. He let out a tiny gasp. I allowed my fingers to glide across his perfect snail trail, he lightly moaned and I looked at his face. His eyes were squinted and for a moment looked in paradise before in a matter of half a second his pants were quickly off and thrown somewhere across the room. Adrian looked at me shocked and I repressed the grin from appearing on my face.
He put an arm under my neck and another underneath my arm, enveloping me to his body. My arms went around him like his did to me and we looked at each other then lightly kissed, our lips only just touching. I opened my eyes slowly and grinned, so did Adrian.
''I love you.'' I whispered. He rolled onto his back, taking me with him under the bed with him and moving the blanket back under his head.. He grinned and I moved my hands and lightly ran them across his face. His eyes closed, a small moan escaping his mouth. He held me tighter on top of him and I grinned. Slowly his eyes opened, the grin on his face only seeming to get wider. I moved my right hand to his hair and ran my fingers threw the silkiness and my left hand rested on his chest, lightly bringing my fingers in and out.
''I love you too.'' He whispered tucking a lock of loose hair behind my ear. I grinned and pecked his lips before laying my head down on his chest, using it as a pillow. I moved my arms to around his body like I was hugging him. He lifted me further up his body so my head was below his chin. My legs were in between his and his left leg. He kept kissing my head, and I quickly fell to sleep with a smile on my face.

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