Name: Jessie Harper

Age: 19

Boyfriend: Drake Stone

Human/sorcerer/sorceress: Sorceress


I was on may way home after work that is if you would call doing street magic work. I'm not just any kind of Criss Angel Magician. In fact I'm the complete opposite I'm better than Criss Angel compared to me he's a fake. I on the other hand am a sorceress but I just do street tricks as a cover up so nobody knows what I really am. My boyfriend Drake Stone was also a sorcerer and did the same thing. He also does street magic as a cover up. I walked up the street Drake was performing on and he winked at me. Everyone slightly turned their attention away from Drakes trick to look at who he winked at. The girls glared at me obviously they had a thing for Drake. I walked over to the group and kissed him on the cheek. "Everyone I would like to introduce a fellow Magician and my girlfriend Jessie Harper care to help me out with a trick love?" he asked. "It would be my pleasure" I said. I helped Drake with an Illusion trick apparently a girl had a request for him to make me disappear. I rolled my eyes and Drake chuckled however he granted the girls request and made me disappear and reappear although in order to do that trick I had to use some of my real magic. I saw a few girls gawking at my necklace also known as my caster without it I'm powerless and won't be able to do any magic at all. "That necklace is beautiful" a woman commented. "Thank you it belonged to my mother she left it for me before she died" I lied. "Oh I'm so sorry" the woman said. "Don't worry about it" I replied. Drake announced that his show was over and the public walked away. "Shame on you Drake you really disappointed those girls" I teased. "Oh love those girls are nice but you know you're the only one that matters" he said. "Just like you" I replied as I kissed him. We walked back to our apartment to relax. Once we got inside we sat down on the sofa and Drake turned on the T.V. I wrapped my arms around him and snuggled up close to him. It had been about two weeks since Morgana was defeated and about a week since Drake came out of his coma from the parasite spell that was cast on him. "Are you alright love?" he asked. "Yes I just missed you so much when you were in the hospital I was afraid that I was gonna lose you" I said. Drake pulled me closer to him and kissed my head. "Everything is alright now love I'm ok and I've got my caster back" he said showing me his skull ring. "I know" I said. "And you know what else?" he asked. "What?" I said. "With your permission I'm going to marry you" he said pulling out a ring box and opening it. "Oh my god" I said covering my mouth. Drake got down on one knee and smiled. "Jessica Marie Harper will you marry me?" he asked. "Yes" I said smiling. Drake opened the box and a small Pegasus that rested in the middle of the ring box came to life and flew over to my hand landing on top of it. It walked over and rested on my middle ring finger and wrapped its wings around my finger.

I jumped into Drakes arms kissing him passionately. When I pulled away the two of us smiled. "I love you" I said. "I love you too Jessie" he said as he kissed me again. "We're also gonna have one powerful sorcerer on our hands soon" I said. Drake pulled away his face showed pure surprise. "Are you telling me you're" he said. "I'm pregnant" I said. Drake smiled and pulled me into a passionate kiss full of lust. "How long?" he asked. "About a month I just found out" I said.