My Only Love From My Only Hate.

Summery: In a feud between two schools, two people manage to find love through the hate and attempt to make it, despite the trials that will fight them on the way.

Disclaimer: I do not own Total drama, or Romeo and Juliet for that matter.

Hello again guys! Right, time to explain myself first, this was originally going to be another chapter of my 'Ipod Shuffle Challenge' (I'll explain later when I do it properly) however half way through writing it, I realized that it was too good and too long to be apart of a challenge, so I thought 'why not make it into a one shot?' So I did!

I was going to start this new challenge which asks you to write one shots about a song instead of trying to write a drabble in a time limit, the song that I got was 'Kissing You' by Des'ree, and this was soon born.

Anyway, this is a gorgeous song, anyone that has never listened to it you better because you are missing out! It is from one of my all time favourite movies, Romeo + Juliet (With Leonardo DiCaprio in it!) It's a modern take of Romeo and Juliet (Well obviously!) And the song is featured when Romeo first sets eyes on Juliet through a fish tank!

I haven't seen that movie in ages, but I remembered it when my friend from college (Who has a beautiful voice) started to sing it because she was going to use it for a potential audition, and I fell in love with the song all over again.

For those of you that didn't know this, whenever I started a story I always have one song that is my basis to help me through the chapter that I listen on repeat until my work is done, and this isn't the first time that I have used this song as my basis, during 'Predator and Prey' chapter 7 when I wrote about Bridgette and Geoff's kiss after their break up.

This is also a nice break because I think I'm getting sick again and this is keeping me from going to sleep…I'm a very sickly girl! I have a horrible cough and I know for a fact that I'm getting sick because whenever I drink water it tastes like watery expired milk (Does that happen to anyone else when you're sick? I'm curious!)

I am in a lot of pain too, I think I have whiplash after going to a party Saturday Night and Whipping my Hair back and forth one too many times, so to speak, then my throat hurts because yesterday while I was bored I downloaded the Glee Smule application for my Ipod and deciding it was a good idea to sing some songs there…I regret it now but I have to admit, my version of 'Science Fiction, Double Feature' is pretty good! (On a random note, Glee season 2 started the other day in the UK! Even though I've already seen all ten season 2 episodes online, I'm pretty excited!)

I'll stop rambling now and carry on, so, enjoy the one shot!

Chapter 1: Knight in Shining Armour

Is it strange to be so in love with someone that the slightest sign of separation can trigger off a flurry of emotions that would instantly tantalize the ones responsible for coming in between that love?

Well, for some people it isn't strange, it's the best thing in the world. Because once a relationship is at the point where both partners cannot bear to be two miles apart without having to see the other, is the point where it is best for them both.

Romeo and Juliet had that struggle, they were star crossed lovers, they were in love despite a family feud, however things did not end so nicely for them as Juliet pretended to die after realizing that she was arranged to be married to someone else, Romeo saw her, what he thought was, dead body and took a poison to kill himself, a few hours later, Juliet woke up and saw Romeo dead in front of her, so she took Romeo's dagger and stabbed herself with it. They both died because they loved each other too much, and clearly this world was not going to let them be with each other.

Their love however was too strong, so strong that they couldn't bear to be apart, hence their death.

This was happening for two people in this time of year, two people loved each other so much that the thought of being apart made them both sick.

These two people came from separate ends of the spectrum; one went to a refined school that cost her parents a lot of money, while the other went to a usual run of the mill high school.

The girl, Bridgette, went to the refined school; her parents had met there when they were younger and thought it was fitting for their daughter to go there too, she was in her final year at school and was neither terrible at her studies, however she wasn't the best of her class, she could be but Bridgette seemed to have more important things on her mind, like surfing.

She was an avid surfer and lived for the water, her parents loved the fact that she had a hobby and a talent but at the same time they wished to see her come home from school one day with a book in her hand, rather than her surfboard.

Meanwhile, the boy, Geoff, went to a different school to her, it was very fittingly called Mon Tague Academy, this was the first struggle they had to overcome as a couple, Geoff's high school and Bridgette's were in a constant rivalry. It started about twenty years ago when both the high school football teams went head to head in a game, the match was fierce and resulted in several of the players getting injured; however at the end of the match the game ended in a draw, however, they weren't happy. The game was just a friendly one where no one would win anything, yet both teams ended up in an angry fist fight.

Ever since that day, both Capa High and Mon Tague Academy were enthralled in this fight, and it carried on twenty years after that. Which is where we are now.

Neither Bridgette or Geoff guessed that they would have fallen for each other, then again, neither of them expected to be involved so badly with their school's fight. That all started for them when Capa High held their annual Spring Prom, there was something very different about this though, instead of spending ages primping and finding the perfect dress or tux to wear, it was a costume party, and you had to find the best costume for this day.

It was tradition for Capa High, however unfortunately for them; it was also tradition for Mon Tague Academy to attempt to ruin that day for them.

So, while everyone was having a good time, several cars pulled out in front of the school, out stepped several boys and a few girls all dressed in costumes, they were all from Mon Tague and ready to cause havoc on the prestigious day.

Geoff was dressed as a knight and ready to celebrate their tradition with his fellow classmates, they were all dressed up too and everyone looked like they could have gone to Capa High, they had each managed to get hold of several tickets to the dance so that they could fool the bouncer and sneak in.

Soon, their plan went under way, and they had snuck in. Geoff had to admit for a dance they really knew how to go all out, people were dressed in the finest costumes and the auditorium had been decorated so finely it was hardly recognizable, it all seemed to astound Geoff a little and a part of him died when it hit him that he didn't think he could destroy something that looked so beautiful.

He could see that his other friends were thinking the same, but one by one they all slowly seemed to snap back into reality.

"Don't get fazed" Geoff's friend, Duncan, who was dressed as a prison cell mate, told him while placing a hand on his shoulder, Duncan was Geoff's best friend and the two stayed by each others side for as long as they had both attended Mon Tague Academy, Duncan was a little scary as was feared by most people in his area, so it was only fitting that he was in charge of this raid, he ruffled his green Mohawk slightly and turned to the group, "Right, we start as soon as possible and leave before anyone catches us, we need to cover every toilet in this place, I've got the one by the pool, Geoff, get the one by the lockers and grab as many toilet paper as you can carry, then meet us outside by the Courtyard, things are going to get messy".

Geoff nodded and the group soon split, Geoff managed to weave his way through the dancing crowd and was nearing the bathroom, he had to admit that Capa High did know how to throw one heck of a party, they played all the music he liked, and everyone there looked like they were having a good time, however he had to hold it to his parents for not sending him to Capa High, most guys there were incredibly arrogant and snooty, while the girls were vain and egotistic, he could never imagine himself going there, no one there could ever be as laid back as he is.

Geoff went straight to the bathroom, he had to admit that they were pretty fancy, this he didn't mind so much about the Academy, he opened up a nearby storage cabinet and smiled, inside were several rolls of toilet paper, he bent down and grabbed them all out and set them on the side, then he barricaded the door, he was going to get a head start and destroy the bathrooms while he had the chance, it would only cost him one or two rolls so it wasn't too much.

He grabbed the first roll, ready to start his raid when he paused, on the wall there was some gorgeous mosaic window of some sort, it was coated with brightly coloured translucent tiles, with a few clear ones, so clear that you could see through to the next room, which incidentally was the girl's bathroom.

Geoff approached the window with a slight grin, if he was lucky he might get to see something good, like a girl changing or something, he leaned in and looked through the clear panels of glass and waited.

He looked down and spotted another clear panel, he leant down and peered through it and got the biggest shock of all.

An Olive coloured eye was staring back at him.

He jumped up immediately and froze as the eyes jumped up too, revealing to be attached to the most beautiful blonde haired girl he had ever seen in his life, Geoff leant in a little closer to get a better look at the girl and she shyly looked away.

It took her w while but soon the girl looked back over at Geoff, she looked slightly puzzled which was hinted with anger, of course she was angry, Geoff was happily peering in to the girls bathroom, this girl could have been doing anything, still Geoff couldn't shake the feeling that she looked at Geoff with wonder.

Geoff moved away to the right, to the next clear panel, and to his amazement the girl followed and they both met eye to eye again, it was like a little game they had going on, wherever one went the other would obediently follow.

They were both hooked from the word 'go'.

Geoff followed the girl to another clear panel and then pressed his nose up against the glass, causing the blonde to laugh. As Geoff pressed his nose against the cold glass he could get a better view of the girl, she had white wings coming out from he back and a short white dress on, her blonde hair was tied up in an elegant bun behind her head with a white ribbon holding it in place.

She was dressed as an angel, very fitting in Geoff's opinion.

'She must be a Capa' Geoff thought to himself since he was pretty sure they didn't bring her along with them to trash the school, she was to precious to be involved with something like this.

Still, this had to of been the first Capa girl that looked like she didn't care, she didn't scream for help when she saw Geoff looking at her, and she was watching Geoff's every movement with a smile at that, maybe she was different? That or she used to go to Mon Tague Academy and was transferred here?

On the other side of the glass, Bridgette had gone to cool off after dancing with his friends, she had gone alone to the bathroom, and had sat down for a bit on a nearby chair when she saw a bright blue eye staring at her through the mosaic window design.

She jumped up immediately and sighed, she always knew these windows were a big mistake, yet as she jumped up the boy on the other side jumped up too, he looked mesmerized by her and a little embarrassed too.

Bridgette looked away and around the toilet in case anyone else was watching, or to make sure that the boy was actually looking at her. Sure enough she was alone, and the boy's bright blue orbs were on her and her alone.

She looked back at the panel and locked onto his eyes again, she had never seen this boy before, never around the school or in her classes, she just assumed that she had been oblivious to him; it didn't even cross her mind that he was from Mon Tague Academy.

Then the boy moved to the left slightly, Bridgette frowned and followed his movements, she could see his shadows from behind the coloured panels moving to another clear one and stop there, she met him there and the corners of his lips fluttered slightly, as if he was trying to smile.

From what Bridgette could see he was dressed as a knight, a handsome one at that, he had fairly long blonde hair that looked a lot like the hair style that she normally saw when she went surfing, so that seemed to get her hooked even more.

Then Bridgette thought that she would try, she moved from one panel to another and the boy followed too, then suddenly he pressed his nose up to the panel, this surprised Bridgette and she laughed to herself, seeing that he had made her laugh the boy smiled too.

Still, Geoff and the girl carried on their little game for a good few minutes, so much he had forgotten all about their plan to trash the school.

Their moment was short lived, as suddenly Bridgette's friend Courtney came rushing into the bathroom, "There you are!" She cried out and grabbed Bridgette by the hand.

"I just heard that apparently Alejandro Burromuerto wants to dance with you" She explained excitedly, "What are you waiting for, come on!"

"But I-." Bridgette tried to speak but it was too late, Courtney was dragging her out of the bathroom, but not before she got the chance to flash another smile at the mysterious boy on the other side of the glass.

Geoff watched as the brown haired girl raced in the toilet and mumbled something to her, and then proceeded to drag her out of the toilet, he didn't want to let her go, so he unblocked the door and bolted outside, leaving the several rolls of toilet paper behind.

He raced outside and saw the angel being led away by her friend, who was dressed as a Princess, and into the crowd of students who were all dancing to a slow song.

He got his first full look at her, she was beautiful, long legs, a cute butt and pretty nice in the breast department too. Of course Geoff didn't care all about looks, he cared about the fact that he just had a very magical moment with a girl that he could potentially care about.

Geoff's heart then skipped a beat when he saw her turned around very briefly and locked eyes on his again, she smiled slightly before disappearing into the crowd with her friend.

Bridgette tried looking for the boy again, but next thing she knew she had her arms around a boy, Alejandro, who was dressed up as a bull fighter, was the most popular boy at Capa High, all the girls were after him. Well, all except for Bridgette, she just thought that he wasn't all that big of a deal, and she knew there were better men out there, Alejandro was rumoured to be a bit of a womanizer.

"Senorita" Alejandro purred in an incredibly sexy voice, "I have been waiting for this moment all night long, please let me dance with you for a song or two?"

Bridgette hated saying no, plus she was already in his arms so she nodded in defeat, Alejandro grinned and elegantly led her around the floor, however all the while Bridgette couldn't help but try to look out for the blonde knight.

Geoff had pushed his way through the crowd when he caught sight of the angel; however she was dancing with another man. But she didn't look happy.

"Look at Bridgette" He heard a dark girl dressed as a cat next to him cry out, "She looks so pretty".

"And Alejandro looks handsome too" Another girl, who was dressed as a cat and just like the girl who had just spoken, however she was a little chubbier, "They make the perfect couple".

'Her name's Bridgette' Geoff thought happily, a small smile spread across his face; at least he knew her name now.

After what felt like an hour or so the slow song stopped, Alejandro let go of Bridgette and kissed her hand before letting her go, Bridgette smiled and back away from him, as suddenly Alejandro was swarmed with several girls who was cooing over him.

Bridgette stepped back slightly and sighed, she didn't like Alejandro, yet Courtney, most of the girls from Capa High and Alejandro himself all agreed that they would be the perfect couple.

She then felt a hand skim across her shoulder and she jumped slightly, she spun around and saw the mysterious knight from the bathroom looking at her, "Enjoy your dance?" He asked with a gentle smile.

Bridgette sighed, "Not really, he's not my type".

Geoff smirked, "Oh really? Then, what is your type?"

Bridgette smiled, she knew exactly where this was going, and she liked it, "Oh, I don't know…maybe tall, handsome…someone who looks like they're ready to save me from a tower guarded by a dragon?"

Geoff laughed and smiled at her, "Oh really? Well it looks like I'm fitting for that then".

Bridgette also laughed and turned to face him, however before another move was made she was being dragged away by Courtney again; she led her away from Geoff and towards the drinks table.

Geoff frowned and watched as the brown haired girl glared at him and dragged the angel away, he was really starting to not like that girl. Once at the table Courtney grabbed Bridgette by the shoulders and shook her gently yet firmly.

"What do you think you're doing?" Courtney growled at her, "That's Geoff, he's from Mon Tague, don't you know that?"

Bridgette's eyes widened in fear, she was flirting with a Mon Tague student.

Geoff's eyes were also wide with fear, as he saw the mocha skinned girl whispering in Bridgette's ear and pointing at him, Bridgette was being told about him, and now things were probably never going to happen for them.

"My only love's sprung from my only hate" Bridgette whispered to herself.

"I'm sorry, what?" Courtney asked.

"Never mind" Bridgette mumbled, "I…I think I need some fresh air".

Geoff had gone back outside to meet with his fellow classmates, "Dude!" Duncan cried out, "Where were you? We couldn't wait and we've already TP'd the bathrooms and got the cafeteria too".

"Way ahead of you" Geoff lied to make his classmates feel better, "I snuck up to the classrooms and did some damage there".

Duncan smirked, "Nice one man, I think our work here is down, we better go before someone finds out and busts us".

The group all left by sneaking over the fence and running towards the cars that were close by, however Geoff knew that he wasn't going to let this be, as the group piled over the fence he froze, and turned on his heel and ran back to the auditorium.

He could hear the angry calls of his friends as he left to go back into the school, he really didn't care, all that was on hi mind right now was making things good with his angel.

He skimmed through the bushes and towards the auditorium when he heard a few boys talking, he hid behind a nearby bush when he heard what they were talking about.

"I can't believe those Mon Tague scum got us again!" Cried out one of the boys, after leaning in closer, Geoff could see that it was the Bull Fighter, Alejandro talking, "I've just seem the cafeteria, they think they're so effing smart".

"Should we tell the others?" Another boy who was dressed as a Strongman asked, he was very good looking and looked a lot like Alejandro, however he wasn't as charming as him.

"No" Alejandro replied, "Let's leave it for now; I'm sure if we look hard enough we will be able to find a scumbag and show them the true power of Capa High".

Geoff rolled his eyes, this did not scare him one bit, all Capa boys were all talk and no action, he heard them all leaving to search the Courtyard and this gave him his chance to escape, he bolted out of the Courtyard and towards what looked like their pool.

Geoff paused as he arrived, there were a few lights on around the pool, but so much that it would catch him out, he wandered around the sides of it for a few minutes before turning his attention back to the glistening blue waters of the pool.

It wasn't until he heard the sound of heels clicking against the hard ground Geoff sprung back to life, he hide behind a nearby tree and held his breath so that the person didn't see him.

He heard the sound of the heels stop; Geoff slowly peered out behind the tree and saw none other than the angel, Bridgette.

Bridgette walked out towards the pool and paused by the blue waters, "He's a Mon Tague, he's then enemy" she whispered to herself, "You shouldn't be even thinking about him…even though he is handsome…No! Stop it, Bridgette!" She scolded herself and then let out a gentle sigh, "Jeez…if he came from any other school in the world then things would have been different, it just sucks he's from Mon Tague Academy, still, he just so damn cute!"

All through out Bridgette's talk with herself, Geoff slowly crept out from behind the tree and towards Bridgette, she didn't notice him behind her and carried on mumbling to herself, Geoff smiled, her voice was so cute and pure, just like her appearance, he was going to make this work even if it killed him.

Bridgette sighed again and wrapped her arms around her chest, "Why is life so damn difficult? What happened to a time where people could date whoever they wanted instead of having worry about who they'd hurt in the process? Things could be different if there wasn't that stupid rivalry between our schools…I want to see him again".

"I'm right here, baby" Geoff finally spoke up, causing Bridgette to scream out in fear and stumble backwards causing her to trip and fall backwards into the swimming pool, taking Geoff with her in the process.

Bridgette quickly submerged from the water taking deep breaths and pushing several strand of wet blonde hair out of her eyes, she was sure she had just heard something and fell, yet she remembered as she fell into the pool she had dragged something or someone in with her too.

As she rubbed the chlorine out of her eyes she looked in front of her, and saw none other than the knight from the bathroom, however looking a lot soggier than before, yet he was smiling gently at her, just like before.

"You!" Bridgette cried out, pointing at Geoff, "You're a Mon Tague!"

"And you're a Capa" Geoff mumbled back, "Does it look like I care?"

"Well…no, but don't you see? If anyone catches you here they'll skin you alive…how did you get in here anyway? I heard there was security on the doors to stop all Mon Tague Academy students from getting in" Bridgette explained as she floated next to Geoff in the pool.

"I have my ways" Geoff said slyly, "Those men on the doors let anyone in with a costume".

"Still" Bridgette mumbled looking at the blue waters, "This is wrong, we shouldn't even be talking, our schools would kill us both if they found out".

"So? I wanted to see you again, I wanted to actually talk to you properly, is that a crime?" Geoff asked.

Bridgette fell silent, "No…but breaking and entering is!"

Just as Bridgette said this she heard several footsteps running towards the pool, she gasped slightly and pushed Geoff's head under the water, "Get down!" She cried out as Geoff was pushed back underneath the water.

Geoff managed to grab a deep breath before going under again and hiding beside Bridgette's body. However they weren't in the clear yet as Alejandro came running towards the pool with two boys with him.

"Bridgette, what are you doing in the pool?" He asked her while slowly bending down to get a closer expectation, Bridgette's heart was beating with fear all the way, as was Geoff's. He could feel Bridgette nudging him slightly, as if she was telling him to move and Geoff carefully swam to the edge and hid under the waters there so that he wasn't seen.

"I was-."

"Isn't it obvious what happened?" The Strong Man said, "A Mon Tague Academy tool must have pushed her in?"

"Do you think that's true, Justin?" Alejandro asked him, he then turned to Bridgette, "Is that what happened?"

Bridgette thought about this for a split second and then nodded, "Yeah, I was getting fresh air and they pushed me in, I think they ran of that way" Bridgette said pointing towards the school grounds.

Alejandro stood back up, "Alright then, don't you worry, Senorita, we will find them" He said as they ran off again.

Once they were out of sight Bridgette let out a sigh of relief and waded through the waters to the edge of the pool and climbed out, she perched on the edge and let her feet dangle in the pool, then with her leg she felt around in the waters for Geoff's body and gave it a swift kick when she felt it.

Geoff immediately came back up gasping for air, "No need to kick!" He exclaimed, a little hurt.

"Sorry, I didn't know how else to call you back up".

Geoff smirked and lifted himself out of the pool next to Bridgette, the two sat in an comfortable silence for the next few minutes, every now and then they would look at each other and smile before turning their attention back to the shimmering waters, Bridgette kicked her legs around in the waters for a bit, and winced slightly when Geoff nudged her leg with his own.

"You know they'll come back in a minute, you better get out of here" Bridgette mumbled.

Geoff shrugged his shoulders, "I'll take my chances".

Bridgette fell silent again, this boy really was gutless, she had always been told from people here that boys from Mon Tague were cocky and thought they could handle everything, this boy was everything they made out to be, yet he seemed gentle and kind at the same time.

"You're name's…Geoff, right?" Bridgette asked looking at Geoff again.

"Yeah…and you're Bridgette?"

Bridgette nodded, "Right, well at least we know each others names, right?"

"Yeah…but I want to know more than that".

"Like what?"

"Oh, I don't know, you, your life, things like that, I want to get to know you" Geoff said as he sidled closer to her.

Bridgette gulped slightly, "But…" She was going to mention about the schools again, yet something stopped her, maybe it was the thrill of doing something bad and that most people here would frown upon, or maybe it was the fact that this boy was so incredibly cute he could of said 'go drown yourself' and she would be up for doing it, still she found herself slowly leaning in towards his face.

Geoff smiled slightly as he felt Bridgette's innocent angelic breath tickling his lips, he leaned in a little closer so that their foreheads were now touching, it was heated, it was romantic and incredibly daring. It soon led both blondes to let their begging lips meet and their first kiss came into play.

It was a mere brushing of the lips, but after that first little touch, they were hooked. And leaned in for more, and more. Geoff's wet arm slowly moved towards Bridgette's soaked waist and wrapped around it, gently squeezing her and forcing her to move closer to him, which she didn't mind one bit. She in fact reached up and wrapped her arms around Geoff's neck and let her fingers become tangled in his tousled blonde hair.

Bridgette; arched her neck slightly and Geoff moved down and planted soft kisses along her neck line, Bridgette looked up towards the sky and sighed deeply as he did this, all the stars in the night sky seemed to be out for them tonight, they shined brightly and bore light upon the love that was blooming between the two.

"This…is all too much" Bridgette finally mumbled as Geoff pulled away with a little smirk.

"You Capa Girls aren't all stuck up at all…you know that?" Geoff told her.

Bridgette shook her head, "No, we're stuck up alright…I'm just different".

Geoff smiled, "There is nothing wrong with that".

Bridgette nodded, "I know, but your not what I excepted at all either, I thought Mon Tague boys were meant to all be meat heads that used girls".

Geoff snorted, "No way! I'd never do something like that. When I have a girl I show her nothing but respect".

Bridgette smiled, "Well…that's good to hear".

"And I'd like to show you that".

Bridgette looked back at him, "You want to take me out on a date?"

"In so many words".

Bridgette bit her lip and slowly stood up from the edge of the pool, "I don't know, if anyone here found out then I would be slaughtered, needless to say the boys here would go crazy if they found out I dated a boy like you, you saw Alejandro in there? He'd kill you!"

"Do yo think I care?" Geoff said, also jumping up and rushing to Bridgette's side, "I wouldn't be asking if I didn't think that we had a shot like this but…when we were in the bathroom, so much clicked and it was like…amazing. I don't want to let that go without a fight".

Bridgette sighed, "I think you're going to have to fight a little harder than that".

"Fine!" Geoff said, "Then…I'll come back! I'll sneak into the school tomorrow and then day after that until you say yes".

"Are you cracked?"

"Probably" Geoff replied, "But I'll do it if that means seeing you again".

"Alright!" Bridgette cried out, "If I say yes will you promise not to come here again?"

Geoff nodded and Bridgette dropped her shoulders slightly and the corners of her lips spread up into a tiny smile, "Alright then…I'll accept".

Geoff smirked and grabbed hold of her hands, Bridgette was a little alarmed but Geoff pulled her towards him and gave her a tight hug before letting her go and placing his arms on her shoulders.

He was about to speak again when he heard several voices coming from the trees, "Where's Bridgette? What happened to her?"

Geoff frowned and turned back to Bridgette, she looked just as worried as she did, still he pulled her closer once more and whispered a few words into her ear.

"Meet me tomorrow by the Town Hall, not many people go there, I will show you a great time, and if you like it then we'll see what happens next" Geoff explained.

"And if I don't like it?" Bridgette asked.

Geoff frowned, "Trust me, that won't happen".

Bridgette laughed gently as Geoff planted another kiss on her lips and ran towards the bushes where he managed to escape in a few moments earlier.

Bridgette watched as her knight dashed away and she smiled, this was one of the most hectic nights of her life, but yet somehow it managed to be one of the best. She walked towards a small holder that had several towels and wrapped one around her soaked body and sighed, that knight sure had a way with words.

This was just the start of their great and magical road to love…but there were still people ready to strike them down at any second…

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