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Chapter Three: 80's

Have you ever had that horrible feeling when you don't want to do something, and you just want to turn on your heel and run as far away as possible until your back in your own bed, curled up and safe?

Right now Bridgette was going through that, from the dark rims of her sunglasses she could see Geoff's face, his smile beaming at her, obviously happy that she had decided to come, his blue eyes staring right back into hers.

A thousand ideas ran through Bridgette's mind as she tried to rack her brains for an idea to get away, a death of a family member, a forgotten dentist appointment, anything! But the thought of the kiss that she and Geoff had shared the previous night was now the only thing she could think of.

"You know I'm so glad you came".

Geoff's voice rang out into her ears, causing Bridgette to look up at him, he was happy, happy that she was there…She couldn't leave now, despite possibly being exiled by all of her classmates and parents, Geoff was a Mon Tague student, the enemy, the forbidden fruit. Yet having something that wasn't allowed just made Bridgette want to rebel a little more.

"Hey, why are you wearing that scarf?"

Bridgette squeaked as Geoff started unraveling the scarf on her head, she reached up and jammed it back on her head, breathing heavily.

"It's like 100 degrees out here, you'll overheat" Geoff chuckled.

"I don't want anyone recognizing me" Bridgette mumbled as she tried to arrange the scarf back on her head.

Geoff started howling, "Aww, Bridge, come on, let's forget about our schools for one day, I am! I don't care who sees me".

Bridgette scowled, "You wouldn't care if your friends saw us together?"

Geoff shook his head, "I could play you off as a cousin or something, you wouldn't be able to do that though, let's face it, I'm famous around Capa".

Bridgette raised an eyebrow, "Famous for all the wrong reasons! You spat gum in my friend's hair in elementary school!"

Geoff frowned, "Well I don't remember doing that, who said that?"

"Courtney Durham, D'you know her?"

Geoff paused for a second, then threw his head back in a roaring laugh, "Oh my God! Princess Courtney? You're friends with her? She's the biggest snob I have ever met, well good things she's a Capa girl then! I bet she fits right in, I remember that day now, she flipped out, it was great!"

Bridgette was horrified, "That's a horrible thing to do! And yeah so what if Courtney's my friend, she's actually a very good friend I'll have you know! I knew this was going to be a mistake".

She turned on her heel, ready to storm off but Geoff grabbed her arm and pulled her back, stopping her from moving.

"I'm sorry" He said quickly, "I'm really sorry, look all that stuff is in the past, I was a jerk back then, but I want to prove to you that I'm a great guy, I'd never hurt anyone like that now, promise" and he crossed his heart to make that clear.

Bridgette frowned for a moment, but then signed and took the scarf off her head, "Fine, but any funny business, and I'm gone".

Geoff smiled, "Ok, and you can take off those sunglasses too, no one will be here, trust me, we're safe".

Bridgette sighed and reluctantly took her sunglasses off and placed then in her bag along with the scarf.

"Right!" Geoff said clapping his hands together, "It's such a beautiful day! The sun is shining, I thought we could maybe head to the river and see if we can take a boat out or something?"

Before Bridgette could speak, Geoff had grabbed her hand and dragged her towards the river as fast as he could. Bridgette didn't have the time to acknowledge where she was going; Geoff had her hand in a tight grip and had broken out in a full blown sprint until they reached the glorious river side, the crystal clears waters were sparkling beneath them and waterfowl were gliding along the water.

"Geoff this place is beautiful, where did you find this? I've been here all my life and I never knew this existed!" Bridgette said as she stared mesmerized at the water.

Geoff grinned and wrapped an arm around Bridgette's shoulder, "Stick with me, kid. You're going to see some real wonders today, just the hidden gems of town".

"Well I look forward to what else you have to show me".

"All in good time" Geoff said as his hand skimmed down back into Bridgette's hand, "first, the boats!"

He led her over to a small boat house and disappeared inside, leaving Bridgette outside to get a feel of her surroundings, this place truly was beautiful and the weather made it even better, she looked behind her at the boathouse and sighed.

If her parents knew what she was doing right now they would be so disappointed in her, no, they would disown her for sure. They had such a strong disliking for Mon Tague Academy and hearing that their daughter had been talking let alone on a date with a student there would ensure that Bridgette would either have to come home dead, or not at all.

Then there was Courtney, her best friend would surely have something to say about the matter, after all, she was the one that told her all the information about Geoff's ruthless doings when he was younger, sure people do grow out of it…but the only reason Bridgette met him was because he was going in to ruin their school dance.

Then surely there had to be Geoff's friends, what would they think if he presented her to them, it would be like a beast for sacrifice to a pack of lions, they'd tear her to shreds! Metaphorically of course, they'd probably tear her apart with their words.

"Bridge? Hello! Earth to Bridgette?"

Bridgette jumped upon hearing Geoff's voice again, she spun around to see him smiling at her, "come on, we've got our boat, we have an hour before it has to be back at the dock".

Geoff helped her into the small row boat, and then clambered in himself making the boat rock slightly, he positioned himself on the middle seat while Bridgette sat towards the end, he grabbed the oars and started to row them out of the dock.

"You ever been in a row boat before?"

Bridgette looked at him, "Not that I can remember, maybe when I was younger, but not recently".

Geoff smiled, "It's great just the feeling of being out in the water, when the waves aren't too strong, and the current isn't dragging you to who knows where..." A dreamy expression took over his face.

"Waves? This is a river, there wouldn't be any waves here" Bridgette noted.

Geoff nodded, "You're right; I was talking about any boat on any water".

"Do you do this often?"

Geoff nodded again, "Yep, my Dad takes me and my brothers out all the time to go fishing, sometimes here, although there aren't that many fish, sometimes we go to the sea front and get motorboats, they're great! He lets me drive them sometimes; we go out just far enough so that we're not in danger of being dragged to China! But nothing really beats the feel of rowing along".

"How many brothers do you have?"

"4, I'm the oldest, then you have the second eldest, Dylan, he's 14. Third, Kyle, 12, fourth we have Ethan who is 9 and then we have little Mikey who is only 5, the little tyke" Geoff explained.

Bridgette smiled, it was so clear that Geoff loved his family, he seemed to talk for ages about them, about how he and his brother Dylan were very close, and how his parents are so in love and go for date nights every month on the 18th to celebrate the day they first met and how Geoff always looks after his brother and orders pizza for them, he seemed like he was the cool older brother that many young people wish they had.

It wasn't just his brothers that he had a clear bond with, he also talked about his parents and how they are your typical all American family, love football, Mother's a great cook, family meals are almost sacred there, it made Bridgette a little jealous, although she loved her family, sometimes work got the better of the whole family and she found herself often eating alone, waiting for her parents to come back from work. She was used to it now, but when she was younger she always had a nagging feeling that her parents won the lottery, or came into a lot of money so they could quit their jobs and stay at home forever.

"I think that's enough about me, what about you, any little bros?" Geoff asked as he carried on rowing.

"Nope, I'm an only child" Bridgette said.

"Seriously? Wow, that's got to be so lonely!"

"It's ok, I got used to it" Bridgette explained, "My parents have busy jobs so they are often out of the house during the week, I sometimes have to cook for myself if they come back late, which kind of sucks but my parents can't do anything about it, they try and come back as early as they can, sometimes it gets to 9 at night and I still haven't eaten, so I just start to rely on myself" Bridgette explained.

"No way, that's not good" Geoff said sadly, "What do your parents do?"

"My mom's a secretary for a big law firm, so if she has things to do then she stays for as long as she can, my dad's an accountant, so I can't really expect them to dumb their jobs and leave for me, I'm old enough to look after myself and I don't want to be the burden that ruins their careers" Bridgette said as she played with her hands in her lap.

"Aww, Bridge! Don't think of it like that! I bet your parents are so wicked proud of you for what you do at home" Geoff said, trying to lighten the mood.

'Yeah they'd be really proud of me if they knew what I was doing right now' Bridgette thought.

"I suppose we have the weekends" Bridgette said, "They don't really go out unless it's necessary, so we have those where we can be a family without work bothering them".

"Do they mind that you're out now?"

"No…" Bridgette mumbled, "They might not know that I'm with you…"

Geoff frowned for a moment and then smirked and let out a loud laugh, "Oh, I see, they don't know you're on a date with a Mon Tague boy".

Bridgette squirmed uncomfortably, she could almost see Geoff's younger side rearing its ugly head and pushing Bridgette into the river.

"Well did you tell your parents?"


"What that you were on a date or that you were on a date with a Capa girl?"


"Both?" Bridgette gasped, "Well surely they know about the rivalries between the schools?"

"Yep" Geoff smiled, "They think it's funny, look, they don't have any problems with Capa High, the reason why I was sent to Mon Tague was because it was closer than Capa, there is no hatred for Capa in my family, only the one that has been taught upon me by the school, and even then I don't hate it that much".

"Really?" Bridgette said, a little surprised by all this, "I mean I don't really hate Mon Tague either…I just don't like all the practical jokes".

"That's fair enough" Geoff said, "So what's the deal with your family? Why didn't you tell them?"

Bridgette sighed; this was going to be a long story.

"Every family member has been to Capa High, it's been traced back that my grandmother's grandmother's grandmother was a student there, we can trace it back for generations, so they feud is famous in my family, all of them hate Mon Tague sorry to say".

"I bet if I met them I could change their minds" Geoff smirked.

"You could try! But we are on a first date!"

"True! What about your friends, do they know?" Geoff asked.

"Nope, Courtney sort of had a hunch…and she told me to stay away from you" Bridgette sighed.

"Ah…good ol' princess!"

"What about you?" Bridgette asked.

"My best friend knows" Geoff explained, "But he doesn't go to Mon Tague, his family shipped him off to Verona High".

Bridgette scowled, and then remembered, Verona High was an incredibly tough place to get into, there was a hefty tuition fee to pay, despite it being a high school.

"How did he get into there?" She asked.

Geoff thought about it for a moment, "It's kind of the same story as yours, his family had been going there for years, his family are kind of rich too so they can afford the tuition".

"Do you see him often?"

"As much as I can" Geoff said, "He's a great guy, I've known him since before I can remember, his family are good friends with me, they did contemplate sending him to Mon Tague, but their grandparents would have had heart attacks if they found that out".

Bridgette laughed, this was actually going pretty well, Geoff and Bridgette carried on their talk on the boat until their hour was up, and Geoff took the boat back to the dock to continue their date.

The pair were strolling back in the town and walking past shops and cafes, the date was going so well, both were hand in hand and it was getting to the point where Bridgette had stopped scanning every street corner in case someone she knew came around the corner.

"Hey are you hungry?" Geoff asked, "its way past lunch".

"Kind of" Bridgette said, "I guess I could eat something".

"Great! Let's find somewhere nice".

They carried on walking until Bridgette heard a familiar voice; one that made her stop still in her tracks and gasp.

"Si Mama, I'll be back soon".

Bridgette spun around quickly to see Alejandro Burromuerto walking out of a store across the road, Bridgette's eyes widened and she let go of Geoff's hand and scanned around trying to find somewhere to hide.

"Bridgette what are you doing?"

"We need to move, now!"


Before Bridgette could explain, Geoff had gone on almost a predatory instinct, he grabbed Bridgette's arm and spun her around, before pushing her into a nearby café, Bridgette didn't even have the time to react as Geoff asked for a table for two and were sat on a cosy table, fairly close to the window, once sat down Geoff grabbed the two menus and propped them up, blocking the view from the window.

"Is this ok?" Geoff asked.

Bridgette nodded, "Sorry… I-."

Geoff held up a hand prompting her to fall silent, "It's cool! You saw someone you knew didn't you?"

Bridgette nodded, "Who was it?" Geoff asked.

No longer had these words had left his lips he peered up and saw Alejandro walking past the window, Geoff thought for a moment and then it clicked.

"Oh…I recognize him, he was at that party last night…what was his name again?"

"Alejandro Burromuerto" Bridgette said, "He goes to Capa…Apparently he has a thing for me but I'm really not interested, he can charm pretty much any girl at school, but I just see someone who is trying too hard, I'm flattered and all but I don't think it would ever work out".

"Well that's good" Geoff said as he leant into his chair, "I was starting to think I had some serious competition".

"What you think you'd be able to take him?"

"I could" Geoff said, "It looks like I might have to if things between us go well".

"Whoa! Slow down! Bridgette gasped, "This is only our first date, we only met yesterday".

"So?" Geoff questioned, "There's nothing wrong with that? Why fight something that's working?"

"You think this could work out?"

"I know".

Bridgette felt her cheeks flushing red, to cover it up she swapped the conversation for something that had been lost earlier, something that she liked hearing about.

"Well maybe we should get to know each other a little more" Bridgette asked, "See if we're really compatible"

"Sure" Geoff said, "What do you want to know?"

"Hmm…favourite era of music?"

Geoff paused for a long time, "I like any kind of music, anything I can move to is great for me, but I really like some classic 80s stuff, you know, just that raw guitar stuff, not hard core rock but relaxing chilled stuff y'know".

Bridgette nodded, "Yeah, I love that kind of stuff".

"You ever heard of Dire Straits?"

Bridgette nodded, "Of course, they're a great band, real classic".

"You know they have a song about Romeo and Juliet right?" Geoff said with a little smirk.

Bridgette scoffed, "Yeah, and it's about Juliet leaving Romeo for money".

"I don't care, it's a sign Bridge" Geoff said happily, "The greatest love story ever told and we just so happen to like a song with the same title".

Bridgette laughed, "You're crazy!"

"Am I?" Geoff said as he leant closer to Bridgette, "Like I said, don't fight it".

The day went on and as the sun started to set Geoff walked Bridgette back to the point in town where he met her, he had insisted to walk her back home but Bridgette refused, knowing that if her parents caught her they'd either want to interrogate Geoff for going out with their daughter and find out about his school history, or only just embarrass her.

"Are you sure you don't want me to walk you home? It's getting dark" Geoff asked for the umpteenth time.

"I'm sure" Bridgette said nicely, "Thanks for the offer though".

"I really enjoyed today" Geoff said, his mouth breaking out into a soft, warm smile, "I'm really glad you said you wanted to go out with me, it was kind of a long shot considering you're so beautiful and have a handful of guys wanting you".

"I never said a handful!"

"You know what I mean" Geoff carried on, "You could have any guy with the click of your fingers, and you've settled for someone like me, someone from the other end of the spectrum, y'know?"

"Why would I want anyone else, when I could have you?" Bridgette said, her words getting breathless.

That as the last word said before Geoff placed his hands around Bridgette and pulled her in for a long kiss, which Bridgette happily accepted, it was just like last night, where the passion and warmth of the kiss took them both in to a place where they hadn't been before, the feelings and general ecstasy were too powerful for them to handle, causing them to deepen the kiss further.

The two soon ran out of air and Geoff broke the kiss first, and lowered his head to rest on Bridgette's shoulder and whispered something so low she could just about make it out.

"I want to see you again; I don't want to go a day without not seeing you".

Bridgette listened to his words and replayed them over and over in her head; she sighed deeply and pushed her mouth to Geoff's ear.

"I want to…but what about-."

"Family?" Geoff replied, "I'll make it work, I want to, I really like you Bridge, I'm not going to mess anything up".

Bridgette pursed her lips, so many things were running through her head, from Geoff's heartfelt words, to her family, friends, her Capa upbringing, what would they all say? What would happen with her family? Would they fight to get Geoff out of her life? Would they accept him?

Then, other word was whispered into Bridgette's ear, that made her flurry of thoughts disappear.

"Don't be afraid".

The next day came, after the date Geoff left Bridgette after deciding that they were going to try and see each other a lot more, he had given Bridgette his number and told her to call him soon, and now the day was Monday, so Bridgette was just waiting for the time when the final bell chimed and she could leave to call him, hoping that she could get to see his face again.

However, during Bridgette's final class of the day there was an announcement that all students were to go to the auditorium for a mandatory assembly summoned by their principle.

So when the final bell rung, instead of running out and going home, the students filed into the auditorium, wondering why there was going to be a sudden meeting, Bridgette knew it must be pretty big to hold every student back for at least half an hour.

Teachers and students gathered in the hall to see their Principle, Miss Blaineley Stacey Andrews O'Halloran already in place waiting to give her speech, there was something strange about her that Bridgette didn't quite like, it could be that she looked far to glamorous to be a principle or the fact that she didn't like the way how she favored some students more than others.

Principle O'Halloran rose from her chair once all students had sat down and held her hands up and quiet fell in the auditorium.

"Students, welcome back from Saturday's Spring Fling Ball, I hope you all had a wonderful time, in case you were wondering how my night was, it was awful, I was here yesterday morning while most of you were sleeping of your hangovers, getting this place cleaned up from head to toe, thanks to the students of Mon Tague Academy for their efforts of destroying the school" Principle O'Halloran said through gritted teeth.

Bridgette froze, she knew that if Blaineley was pissed about the ball then there would be an issue with Mon Tague and she was a short jump from one of the culprits that night.

"So, I know my students here are honest, loving, kind people, so if I find out that any of you have been fraternizing with that school then I will have you personally removed, got it?" Principle O'Halloran sneered at the crowd.

"Now, I want to know if any of you have seen or heard of anything involving that school on Saturday night, come forward now and speak".

It took a while but a few people started to stand, telling of their tales of the night, Alejandro was the first to go, telling of his braveries to go and find out who the culprits were with Tyler and Justin, however didn't manage to catch any faces, the next was a dim witted girl called Lindsay who was adamant she danced with a guy from Mon Tague all night, only to find out that it was actually Tyler, two girls who had their uniforms almost identical to each other called Katie and Sadie started babbling about how they saw someone dressed as a prison cell mate urinating in the school fountain but didn't catch a face. All in all, no one could really name any people.

It was almost over and Blaineley looked almost disappointed with her haul, until Bridgette felt someone next to her shift.

"This is ridiculous" Courtney, who was sitting next to Bridgette hissed, "I saw someone that night; I could end the whole thing right now".

Bridgette paused, she knew exactly who Courtney was talking about, she saw Geoff after Bridgette spoke to him during the party. She was going to rat Geoff out!

Courtney placed her hands on her thighs, ready to stand up, "Right I'll do it, I'll get Geoff expelled!"

"Court, don't!" Bridgette cried, nearly pouncing on top of Courtney.

"What are you doing?" Courtney snapped at her.

"You can't, you can't rat Geoff out!"


"Because I like him!"

There was a pause between the squabble, Courtney looked horrified at Bridgette's sudden confession, but before she could respond there was a shriek from the front.

"Miss Durham? Is there any reason you're disrupting my assembly?"

Courtney swallowed hard and slowly raised from her seat, she hated getting told off, "No Principle O'Halloran".

Blaineley scowled at Courtney, "That's what I thought, now, do you have anything you would like to say about Saturday?"

The pressure was now on, Courtney could easily say what she knew, but she felt a small tug at her arm, she looked down into the eyes of a pleading Bridgette, begging her not to tell.

Uh oh! Do you think Courtney will tell or not? You'll find out next time and I promise you it won't take so long to update! Thank you so much for reading!