I'm back people and have a story for you to read

Disclaimer: don't have anything x men (but the comic's but their mine)

_7 years ago _

"Don't worry chéri, you will be safe. Now the train goes to Mississippi, you can stay there or hop on a new train got it?" says a little boy about 11 years old in a long trench coat (guess who)

"You sure this will this will work Rems?" the little girl about 10 with short brown and white hair says about to cry.

"Sure, I wouldn't send you on a train somewhere if I wasn't sure this was the best thing for you k?"

"Ok Rems but I still don't like it. What if someone knows you helped then you would get in trouble!"

"I know Anna but it has to be done. Look the trains here now you have everything?"

"I think so (looks In a small purple purse) here's moms diary the money you got for me wait a minute how much money is this?"

"Um 3,000 dollars"

"What! Where did you get that?"

"Your aunt Carrie"

"Oh (looks in the purse) what this?"

"A picture of us on your birthday"

"I remember that" the girl looks down at the picture of the two smiling and covered in mud

"Well I guess this is good bye then"

"Ya, promises that you will stay out of trouble?"




"Cause I said so, got it?" evil face

"Ok, I'll try" (we know Remy he wouldn't)

"Good bye Rems"

"Bye Anna…..wait can I kiss you?"(aw Remy's first kiss)

"Um sure"

They start to kiss but get shocked

"What was that Anna?"

"I don't know Rems"

"I bet you're a mutant"

"What's that?"

"Someone with powers"

"Oh I don't think I have powers"

"You do and so do I. I can blow stuff up"

"Is that why you have so many broken plates at your house?"




"Yup and we can try again if you want"


They kiss nothing happens

"Bye Remy I will never forget you!"

"Bye Anna I wouldn't tell anyone"



That was the last time the best friends saw the other again.

So how did you like it?


And I'm sorry it's short, next time it will be better