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"Mommy!" a small girl shouts wakes up crying from yet another crazy nightmare

"What are you doing up you little brat!" a woman in a grey nightgown comes into view from the doorway

"Aunt Carrie, where's mama?" the girl asks scared and shocked

"Not here, now go to sleep Anna" Carrie says very tried

"No. where's mama?" Anna says very stubborn

"Anna, Pricilla's dead she was shot 2hours ago" Carrie say's very sad

"Um, Aunt Carrie?" Anna asks very confused


"Who's Pricilla?"

"Why you little brat, your mother" Carrie says very angry

"I didn't (sob) know" Anna starts to cry harder

Aunt Carrie leaves the 5 year old to her sobs thinking she's just morning

But Anna has very strange nightmares, she dreams of people dying

Once when her best friend was very sick and for about 5monthes she dreamed him dying before her saying "it's ok rogue" (his nickname for her) he didn't die.

But this was very weird for the normal nightmares aside from her mother being there when she woke up.(she had the same dream for 3monthes now it's different)

She saw her mother dying before her like the others but then it changed into her kitchen with her Aunt Carrie with a missing poster saying "when I find the ungrateful brat she will wish she was dead" then she saw a weird room with a girl about 16 in a pink top and jeans with a brown ponytail saying "get up, we have to like get to school" then it changes again to her walking to a man she looks at him, he looks like Remy (her best friend) he is in a wedding says "it's time Anna, relax chere its alright"

then she wakes up (this is all happening at once to a 5 year old girl I think she's a little scared)

2 years later

"Oh come on Anna, we need another person who can play soccer and you're the best" a boy about 7 years old with a t-shirt and jeans with sneakers his long brown hair into a low ponytail

"But Aunt Carrie hates it when I do that or any sport for that matter" says are Anna now 7 wereing a party dress with party shoes

"Please if you don't come I can't play, do you know how many times that 4/5 graders ask 2nd grader play with who aren't related, never!" Remy says very mad

"I can't play in this dress" Anna says with a smile

"That's my Rogue. Ok so I have some of your clothes at my house from last time you slept over (hey 7 year olds) and you can use my old shoes to play in. I'll have dad call Miss Carrie and tell her that we are taking you home" Remy say all in one breath

"Wow you've been thinking about this hasn't you?"

"Yup" Remy says with his cheeky grin

"All right Anna, your aunt says you can stay here and we'll take you home on Sunday."

"Huh? Today's Thursday Mr. LeBeou, why Sunday?"

"Your Aunts is taking yet another cruse trip with a friend"

"And daddy?"

"Um he's in los Vegas again"


"Hey cheer up Anna I'm staying this weekend too." a 13 year old (shoulder length blond hair in a French braid)

"Thanks Mercy but you never hang out with us just your boyfriend" Anna says this with a smirk

"Hey someday your gonna have a boyfriend Anna and I will make fun of you!" says Mercy

"Ya but I won't date Henri blah" Anna says with a gross out face

"come Roguey we have to go if we want to play" Remy says

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