Shadow looked into the Mylene eyes Mylene looked into the Shadows she hade not thought of him more as a laughing freak.

But the day she was sucked into the dimions portal she hade been surprised when he jumped into the portal and grab her just to be suck in to.

She hadde said to him it was realy stupid thing to do. And he answer What can I say, I thought it would be way more fun to travel to the ends of the demention with my new best friend. (do hes tongue thing)

She felt like she was gona blush. They hadde been in dimions portal in days, weeks, perhaps months she was not sure. But before she knew it, they was absent from dimions portal.

They hadde fallen into some sort of forest. What planet or diminsion she dident know. They hadde been here for two weeks now. And during these weeks she felt more and more attracted to Shadow.

And that thought bothered her Shadows is a freak, she thought. But he has a hot ass. Wait hot ass what I thinking? I'm not some kind of horny schoolgirl. Shadow hadde come back with what could find that was edible.

He call at her. Hi Mylene look what I found. While he laughed like a hyena and licking his lips. She interrupted her thoughts and said it is good. He started bragging about what he found. While Mylene started baking back to her thoughts. And his tongue, I wonder how it would feel to have his tongue in my? Hey do you even listen to what I say. Mylene said lost in thought yes. Ever since we came out, she has behaved so weird.

Shadow thought we were not talking so much when we were in that diminsion thing. She look at me best to say something. He started laughing with his tongue outside his mouth and said should we eat?

After the meal, they prepare for bed. Which would be sleeping on the ground.

Mylene dream

Mylene bathed naked in the lake. She washed by itself it was a good feeling. But then came Shadow nude and she began to blush.

He came up to her and started kissing her, it felt so good They battle with their tongues and she enjoyed it.

Shadow dream

Brawl brawl brawl brawl and laughing hyenas. Mylene what's your doing her. What do you think your hyena now let's Brawl. Ok works for me! he said as he licking at his gauntlet Hhe Mylene what did you go?

You lose replied Mylene now kiss me she said. She began to take off his top. (do not know what it's called)

End of dreams

Both were sweaty of the wet dream both spoke so low that they could not hear each other. Just a dream. Shadow are you awake asked Mylene. Yes said Shadow.

Best we leave then Shadow. Shadow noded. They hadde walk in 4 hours so they decided to rest they were tired and hungry. Shadow hadde offered to look for food again. So Mylene was alone so she checked on around

she found a lake. And suddenly she felt for swimming in the lake she started to strip naked. But she hadde a nagging feeling that this felt familiar but she decided to ignore it.

End of chapter 1