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The next morning, Rogue allows herself the rare luxury of a lingering stretch. Danger Room sessions were called off, due to system upgrades being implemented.

She sighs blissfully, recalling last night, when she and Remy had finally begun discussing their wedding. After agreeing on a date, they talked about who they wanted in their wedding party. Coming home after a romantic drive, they'd watched (well, mostly ;)) a movie before parting for the night.

Rogue gets out of bed to shower and get dressed, then heads downstairs, smiling at the Le Beaus as she passes them to get to the coffeepot. As she reaches for her mug, two arms snake around her from behind.

"Bon matin, ma Cherie," Remy purrs into her ear, causing an involuntary shiver to slide down her spine.

"Ya do know your family's watchin' us, don'tcha sugah?" Rogue looks at him pointedly, glancing over at them, slightly self-conscious.

"Don' mind dem, amour. Dey know how I feel 'bout y'," he winks and presses a quick kiss to her lips.

"Well, petite frère, y' did make dat quite obvious, what wit' de way y'd keep goin' on 'bout de femme," Henri teases.

"Hush now, Henri," Tante scolds. "Chile, don' y' pay no attention t' him. We t'ink it's fantastique dat Remy's finally found himself a bon fille," she smiles at Rogue.

"Y' mean he found a fille dat's willin' t' put up wit' him," Mercy puts in with a playful glint in her eyes as Rogue laughs.

"That's about the size of it," Rogue jests, aiming a smirk at Remy.

"I can just feel de love in dis room," Remy mutters as he shoots Rogue a mock glare.

"Fils, y' know dere'd be somet'in' wrong if we didn' pick on y'," Jean-Luc says from his place at the head of the table.

Remy chuckles "D' accord, Pere." He wraps an arm around Rogue's waist and gives her a mischievous grin. "I'll be dealin' wit' y' later, Cherie," he mildly threatens.

"Ah'm so scared," Rogue shoots back, crossing her arms and staring him down with a grin to match his.

"Y' should be." His grin turns decidedly wicked at his statement.

"Mhmm, right Swamp Rat. Can't ya see meh runnin' away, Ah'm just that afraid?"

He tosses his head back and laughs. "Y' see who I'm marryin'? Can' even t'reaten de femme properly!"

"Get used t' it, frère. Y' know as well as I do how fiery dese Sout'ern Belles get; t'ough I gotta say dat it seems like y' picked une o' de most…passionate…unes," Henri tells him humorously.

"Wouldn' have it any ot'er way, mon frère. Dat passion, as y' say, just adds t' her beauty." Remy takes her hand in the one that isn't already around her and kisses her fingers, just as Kitty enters the kitchen.

"Aww, that is like, so romantic!" she exclaims as Rogue rolls her eyes and Remy chuckles lightly. "Soooo…how was your date last night?" Kitty questions slyly.

"Good mornin' ta you too, Kit. An' just what exactly are ya fishin' for by askin' us that?" Rogue queries suspiciously.

"Oh nothing, I was like, just wondering how your night went," she replies with an all-too-innocent look.

Logan walks in, still in uniform after running a few individual outdoor sessions with the New Mutants.

"Just spit it out, Half-Pint. You've been buggin' everyone with yer questions all night. Just ask 'em an' get it over with!" he demands in exasperation.

"Okay Logan, like geez!" She throws her hands up dramatically. "All I wanted to know is if you like, discussed-"

"Weddin' plans?" Rogue inquires with an arched brow. She turns to Remy, "Did we discuss any weddin' plans last night, sugah?" she asks him.

"Hmm…don' rightly remember, chere. We talked 'bout so much last night, that is, when we were talkin'," he throws in for Logan's 'benefit' with a wink aimed at Rogue, the feral mutant growling in response.

Rogue elbows him, "Remy!" she reprimands, but her face is conspicuously rosy.

Kitty giggles and grabs Rogue's arm. "Well, you're like, coming with Wanda and me! We've made you an appointment at one of the finest boutiques in the city and we don't want to hear any arguments from you, like, got it?" she orders as she practically drags Rogue out of the room, so taken off-guard by Kitty's sudden actions, she doesn't have time to react.

Before they get too far, however, Remy strides up to them and presses a credit card into Rogue's hand. "Chaton, make sure dat Roguey buys de most belle gown dere. Don' let her settle for somet'in', just cuz it be less money." He lays a finger on Rogue's lips as she's about to protest. "Non chere, What good is money if y' can' have fun in spendin' it? Money isn' somet'in' ma famille is lackin' in so stop worryin' 'bout it. Go have fun wit' y'r amies, but hold on a sec. 'Ey Mercy! Why don' y' go wit' an' de four o' y' can look at de ot'er dresses t'?" he suggests.

"Y' don' mind, do y' Rogue? I don' wanna get-" Mercy is cut-off.

"No Mercy, Ah was gonna ask ya ta be mah matron of honor. You should come so we can get everyone fitted an' ordered today, since we've decided ta get married on New Year's Eve," Rogue announces as Kitty squeals.

"That's like, so sweet, bringing in the New Year- Ooh, ooh, you've gotta like, kiss at midnight!"

Rogue and Mercy shake their heads and give each other a look as Kitty babbles animatedly. As she goes to grab her purse, Mercy recalls what Rogue said earlier and her eyes widen.

"Y' sure y' want moi as y'r matron-of-honor? I mean, y'r probably closer t' Kitty or Wanda."

"No Mercy, Ah want you, because you're gonna be mah sister-in-law an' from what Ah already know of ya, Ah think we're gonna become pretty close ta each other; well, as close as we can be, what with you bein' down there and us up here. Besides, there's no way Ah could choose between Kit an' Wands. Wouldn' even wanna try," Rogue says with a trace of humor as the three girls make their way to the garage, leaving to pick up Wanda on the way.

Meanwhile, in an undisclosed location, Mystique angrily confronts her two associates, looking on in worry.

"Well, this certainly changes things. I was not aware that she maintains the abilities of the person she touches long after-the-fact. How else could Xavier and Logan have known that I was anywhere on the premises, let alone in her room, if not for her using telepathy to alert them?" she fumes, picking up a vase and smashing it against the wall. "And you two were absolutely worthless! I told you that despite whatever happened, you were to dispose of that lousy Cajun. He will only get in the way of my plans, especially with this new development." Mystique pauses thoughtfully, her eyes narrowing as a wicked grin forms. "Yes, I was going to allow her to return to them after I get what I want, but now….now I can think of infinite uses for her. The girl will stay with me. The two of us would be virtually unstoppable!" her eyes gleam maliciously. "This time I will take a different approach, one that will guarantee her alliance with me. You two idiots are fired! I will require more reliable assistance for this plan."

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