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The remaining months fly by and all too soon, it is the Christmas season. Remy's family has returned to partake of all the festivities happening as the wedding looms only days away. On Christmas night, everyone who is there sits in the living room in front of the fireplace; Rogue snuggled against Remy with a look of complete contentment on her face.

"So dis Mystique femme kidnapped y' an' tried t' make y' her puppet?" Henri questions.

"Yeah, but that's nothin' new. She's been tryin' ta get meh ta join with her since she found an' adopted meh. Didn' know til Ah absorbed her at a concert, when she was posin' as mah friend, Risty," she looks away, slight hurt still marring her features. Remy kisses the top of her head and pulls her closer.

"She still hasn' completely gotten over dat yet, but I don' blame her. What sick kind o' person would do dat t' deir own child, hein? But dat's Mystique in a nutshell. Out for herself an' no one better get in her way."

"I agree, fils an' desole je suis fr' all dat I put y' t'rough; usin' y' for y'r powers an' dat whole mess wit' Bella. Took Le Bon Dieu's help for me t' see what I was doin' t' y' an' y'r frère."

Remy gazes at his father and sees a changed man. That mess at Blood Moon Bayou had opened his eyes and allowed him to see the consequences of his actions toward his sons. From that day forward, he started making changes. The most momentous one being when he took Marius, Bella and Remy into his office and announced the marriage contract null and void. Both Marius and Bella strongly objected to that move, and vocalized their intent to start a guild war, but Jean-Luc wasn't going to see his son in an unhappy marriage to a deranged woman.

Remy, of course, was thrilled and made immediate arrangements to go to New York to more actively pursue his 'chere'. The rest is, as they say, history.

Rogue smirks to herself, which is noticed by most of the room's occupants.

"What's dat all about, cherie?" Remy questions, his eyes alight with mischief.

"Mystique might've tried ta make meh her puppet, but she's the one that really got it in the end," Rogue tells them.

Remy laughs heartily. "Chere, I t'ought t' myself dat y' never looked as gorgeous as y' did dat day, when y' found out what she did t' y' an' what she made y' believe. Oh, it was a belle sight t' behold, dat's for sure!"

Rogue elbows him in the ribs as the LeBeaus wait for the story. "Shush, Rems!" she murmurs with a slight blush grazing her cheeks.

He only chuckles in response and shares a glance with Logan, both of them having been there when it all went down.

"When Ah finally woke up as mahself again an' they told meh what all she did, Ah totally lost it."

She recounts the memory of that day to them.

She woke up in the med-bay, feeling groggy. Looking around the sterile room, she muttered "Not again." which brought Hank running into the room. After asking her a myriad of questions about who she was, where she lived and what she remembered, he finally left the room, only to return a few minutes later with Remy and Logan. Kurt was still in classes, so he would see her later. Remy wasted no time in striding over to her and sweeping her up into his arms, murmuring in French about how much he missed her and was so worried. Logan rolled his eyes and shook his head at the Cajun's effusive outpouring of affection, but when it was his turn, he hugged her briefly and asked, "How ya doin', Stripes?"

"Ah'd be better if Ah was in mah own bed," she groused, bringing chuckles from the two men. Remy

came over and sat at the head of the bed, pulling her back against him. "Dis better, mon amour?" he questioned, overjoyed at the feelings of contentment and love coming from her.

She snuggled up against him and smiled, enjoying his warmth and the feel of his arms around her. "So tell meh, what happened?" she inquired. Rogue did not miss the look that passed between them. Taking a deep breath, Logan launched into the story of her kidnap, mind altering and the absorption of Carol Danvers.

She sat in complete silence over a beat of several moments, then asked in a deadly calm voice, the one that makes people run away….fast, "Where is she? Ah want her."

Remy grinned wickedly as Logan smirked, "We've been holdin' her for ya, darlin'," Logan informed her.

Rogue began to pull the coverings off of her. Beast came rushing out, trying to prevent her from leaving.

"Better let her go, Hank. I have a feelin' that this will help her recovery more than anythin'," Logan informed him. He then turned to Rogue. "Go suit up, kid. I'm givin' ya a Danger Room session since ya've missed a few. Don't worry; you'll enjoy this one, just as I'll enjoy watchin' it." With that, he left the room to go prepare. Remy helped her up out of bed, "C'mon Roguey, I'll walk wit' y't' de Danger Room." He gave her his smexy smirk as he purred in her ear, "I'll even help y' change if y' want."

She laughed softly as she smacked him in the chest. "Not today, sugah."

Rogue changed quickly, meeting Remy at the entrance. She punched in her code, gaining entrance as he walked up to the observation deck. He was not going to miss this; not on Mystique's life!

Rogue waited for Mystique to be brought in, performing a few warm-up exercises to stretch her muscles; she planned on letting the woman have it for all the pain and suffering she'd been through at her hands.

A few moments later, Logan showed up with Mystique in tow, the older woman smiling as she saw Rogue. "Hello, dear. Please tell them that we do not belong here. I will take you somewhere safe-"

"Shut up, Mystique! Ah've had enough of your lies an' manipulations ta get meh ta join ya. This ends here an' now!" With that, Rogue stalked up to her and attempted to deck her. Mystique ducked and continued trying to 'reason' with her. "You can't possibly take their word over mine! I'm your mother; I've always tried to do what is best for you," she backed away and feintied another attack from Rogue.

"What's best for meh? Ya call usin' meh for your own gain, best?" This time, Rogue didn't just lash out. She stopped and recalled one of the many lessons Logan tried to instill into the students: Think before you act. She considered her options carefully as Mystique shapeshifted into a lion and began to stalk toward her. Rogue jumped up….but didn't come down! She looked at herself hovering in the air, then grinned wickedly at Mystique. She's just had a new weapon added to her arsenal. ~Wonder what else Ah can do~ she thought to herself as she flew behind Mystique, grabbed her by the tail and swung her around. She finally let go, which resulted in Mystique being slammed against a wall. Rogue ran up and executed a perfect spin-kick combo, stunning the woman as she sat against the wall.

"If this is how you want things, then fine," Mystique rose slowly, morphed into a hawk and flew at Rogue, viciously attacking her. Rogue flew up as well, meeting her in the air. As Mystique pecked and clawed at her mercilessly, Rogue eventually grabbed her and threw her into the floor, hard.

Professor entered the observation deck to see Logan and Remy watching the show in complete astonishment. "Most impressive, this is the best way for Rogue to learn how to master her new abilities and it would seem that she is learning that first-hand."

"Oui…tres belle…" Remy murmured, his eyes never leaving her as she continued to dodge attacks and answered back with battle tactics of her own.

"I'm gonna have ta re-work her trainin'. With these new powers of hers, she's a force ta be reckoned with," Logan informs Professor, who nods sagely.

The battle royale soon ended, Rogue having had enough of Mystique's antics. As Mystique tried to get up again, Rogue flew at her quickly and knocked her backward, sending her flying across the Danger Room.

"That's the last time you'll be usin' meh. I've had it up ta here with ya buttin' into mah life an' tryin' ta make meh into somethin' Ah have no desire ta be! We're done; I'm through with ya. Ah'm livin' mah life the way Ah want, with the X-Men an' as Remy's wife. From now on, stay outta mah life!"

At that, Rogue stomped out of the Danger Room, closing the door on her past. She ran up to the observation deck and kissed Remy soundly, much to his delight. Professor cleared his throat, after it continued for more than several seconds while Logan went down to take Mystique away, grumbling about kids who couldn't keep their hands to themselves. They broke apart, albeit reluctantly, as a blush began to graze Rogue's cheeks. Professor smiled gently at the two of them. "I remember what it feels like to be in love. It wasn't so long ago that I was myself." he told them as he waited for them to exit before leaving.

Dat's quite a story y' tell dere, p'tite," Jean-Luc whistles.

"It's all true. Ah do have those abilities now, just ask anyone here," Rogue grins. The adjustment took a while, naturally, but she has learned to control the new aspects of her abilities admirably.

"So what happened t' Mystique?" Mercy speaks up from Henri's side. "Has she tried comin' back?"

"Roguey t'inks she saw her a couple o' times here an' dere, but she hasn' been around here," Remy answers.

"An' why didn't anyone tell me this?" Logan growls. "I thought I dropped her somewhere where she couldn't get away so easily."

"Where was that?" Kitty asks, speaking up from her position where she is curled up beside Piotr.

"Chuck here, did some checkin' an' found out that she's got several warrants out on her, so I dropped her off at Angola." At this, Logan smirks as Remy snickers.

"Perfect place for her," Remy agrees as Rogue laughs, "But can't she use her powers an' get out?"

"Thought I'd stopped that from happenin' by givin' 'em one of our collars as a goodwill gift, but I guess she found a way around it." Logan shakes his head disgustedly.

"Well, if y' wan', I could send for some o' my guild t' come an' guard de place for de weddin', dat way y'all can fully enjoy de day wit'out worry," Jean-Luc offers.

"Durin' tourist season? Y' sure y' wan't' do dat?" Remy is amazed and touched by his father's offer.

"Oui, I'm sure! Wouldn' offer if I wasn'."

"T'anks, Pere," Remy says softly.

New Year's Eve arrives, and with it, the wedding. The mansion is in a flurry of preparation, with Jean, Jubilee and Amara directing the flow of traffic, making certain that everything is just as Rogue instructed them it should be. The ceremony will take place in the formal dining room, with the reception to be held in the ballroom.

Kitty, Wanda, Mercy, Amanda and Tante Mattie, along with Storm are all up in Rogue's room, helping a nervous Rogue get ready.

"….Ah mean, what if he doesn't show up, what if Mystique tries somethin', what if-"

"Honey chile, now hush. Remy's waitin' fo' y', dat much I know. I saw him just a bit ago, lookin' as handsome as ever. He's ready for dis, I tell y'! As fo' Mystique, if she shows her face, dose guys we got posted 'round here will take care o' her. Now relax, chere an' let us finish gettin' y' ready o' y' gonna fin' dis brush crackin' yo' skull! Ororo chile, go ahead an' finish wit' her hair. I'm gonna get her gown out. She gonna be one belle bride when we're done, fo' sho'.

A while later, Rogue is ready. She waits just outside the doors, out of sight.

Kurt 'ports into the entryway. "You look beautiful, mein schwester," he murmurs, hugging her.

"Thanks, Kurt," Rogue grins. "Ya look great, too."

"Vhat can I say, chicks dig the fuzzy dude!" he exclaims, making Rogue laugh.

"Yeah, they sure do." She kisses his cheek and he 'ports back to report that she's ready.

"Ya look great, darlin'," Logan takes in the sight of her in her strapless white satin gown with crystal detailing. He can hardly believe that this woman before him was the frightened young girl they took in a few years ago, when they went on a rescue mission to save Scott.

"Thanks, Logan. So do you. Ya know, ya look good in a tux, Happy New Year." Rogue smirks and reaches over, pecking his cheek.

They watch as Mercy makes her way down the aisle, then it is their turn. The music changes and Rogue takes Logan's arm, smiling all the way to the altar.

~Tante Mattie was right, he looks amazin'~ Rogue thinks as she and Remy join hands and face each other. Professor had found them a 'mutant friendly' pastor to perform the ceremony. As he opens the small book and begins to recite the words that have been spoken at many a wedding ceremony, Remy and Rogue gaze at each other lovingly, waiting for their cues.

At the exchange of the rings, sniffles are heard throughout the room. Rogue tries not to cry herself as Remy tenderly slips the ring onto her finger, kissing her knuckle when he is finished. She hears Kitty utter a small "Oh…" and it is nearly her undoing. After she slides Remy's ring onto his finger, she places her other hand over his and smiles brilliantly, blinking back tears.

"It gives me great pleasure to pronounce them man and wife before God and before the laws of this state. Remy, you may kiss your wife!" The pastor announces jubilantly as the occupants of the room erupt into applause and cheering, Remy taking Rogue into his arms and kissing her most enthusiastically.

As they part, the pastor announces, "I introduce to you for the first time, Mr. and Mrs. Remy LeBeau!"

The gathering stands as they make their way back up the aisle. As soon as Remy and Rogue are outside the room, he sweeps her up into his arms and kisses her again. "Anna, ma belle ange, mon coeur," he murmurs affectionately, "I've never seen y' look so incroyable. Y' take my breath away, mon precieux." He presses a kiss to the top of her head as the rest of the wedding party joins them.

"That was, like, so beautiful," Kitty says tearfully, pressing herself into Piotr's side, Piotr patting her back solicitously. Katya's right. Your wedding was most beautiful."

"T'ank y', mon ami. Glad dat y' could be a part o' it." Remy gives him a brotherly pat on the shoulder as John and Wanda, then Kurt and Amanda emerge.

"Alright y'all, let's show 'em all how we ring in de New Year!" Remy declares joyously, taking Rogue's hand and waiting for the two of them to be announced at the reception.

It's 11:30 when their first dance is announced. Remy takes her out onto the floor as "My Love" begins to play.

"So chere, it makes dis Cajun wonder what inspired y' t' choose red, black an' silver as yo' weddin' colors. Care t' enlighten moi?" he questions cheekily as they dance.

"Ah think ya already know, Swamp Rat," Rogue smirks.

"Ah, so I see I'm gonna have t' get it out o' y'," he smirks himself as he dips her and holds her in that position.

"Lemme up, Remy LeBeau! Ah'm warnin' ya," Rogue threatens, but it has very little clout behind it, since she is laughing.

"Not til y' tell moi," Remy grins naughtily, nuzzling her ear. Rogue shivers with delight.

"Okay, okay! If ya let meh up, I'll tell ya."

He pretends to consider it for a moment, then kisses her briefly, letting her back up. He waits expectantly for her answer.

"Ah will admit that a…certain feature of yours did inspire meh in mah choice of color scheme," Rogue says softly, brushing back some unruly strands of his hair to look deeply into his eyes.

"Knew it," he replies, barely above a whisper, gazing at her intently until Bobby calls out that the countdown to the New Year is starting.

Everyone gathers around the jumbo television monitor to watch the ball drop in Times Square. Remy and Rogue stand at the front of the crowd, beginning their own countdown together. "…5..4…3…2…1" They smile at each other as Remy takes her into his arms and passionately kisses her as others around them do the same.

When they finally come up for breath, Remy lays his forehead against hers. "Here's t' de New Year an' a new beginnin' wit' y'. I love y', Anna."

"Ah love ya too, Remy. Why don't we let the rest of 'em party an' we can start our own…elsewhere?" she suggests coyly, beckoning him to follow.

"Chere, y' bad fille. Y' know y' don' have t' ask me twice," he winks, takes her arm and leads her up to what is now their room.

Downstairs, John is the first to notice that that bride and groom have disappeared. "Hey Wands, where'd they go?" he asks. "Think we should go find them?"

As he begins to walk away, Wanda grabs his arm. "No! I mean….I think they'd rather be alone now," she informs him.

"Well that seems rude! Here everyone plans this great party for them an' they don't even stay through it? I'm going to go find them," he says decisively.

Before he can move, Wanda grabs him and lays a passionate kiss on him. He comes up from it dazed and surprised.

"What was that for, sheila?" he queries, wide-eyed with a silly grin.

"Um…well, I…" she stammers, trying to formulate some kind of an answer. This time, he embraces her and kisses her softly.

"Wow…." She breathes as the kiss ends.

"Feels like I'm on fire, luv," he murmurs, holding her close and swaying to the music.

Kitty and Piotr dance, oblivious to everyone else in the room. She's never been happier than she's been with him and lays her head against him, closing her eyes blissfully.

Professor and Beast watch the proceedings. "I daresay, Hank, I believe that Gambit and Rogue are only the beginning here. It would seem that we may be busy with weddings in the not too distant future."

"I believe you are correct in that assumption, Charles," Beast replies, looking over at Scott and Jean with their newborn daughter, Rachel. "A refreshing change, to be certain. I believe our Southern couple had a hand in bringing that particular foursome together," he indicates John, Wanda, Kitty and Piotr.

Professor chuckles, "I believe you are right, dear friend. It is wonderful to see."

"That it is, Charles, that it is," Beast smiles, taking a sip of his champagne.


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