Written for the HPFC 'Ring Around the Boyfriend'

Couple: Hugo/Rose

Prompt: Tempest


Rose was a temptress.

There was really no denying that. With all the boys that practically followed her around and how Scorpius Malfoy always went crawling on his hands and knees back to her.

She was almost like a storm, Hugo mused as he laid lazily on her bed listening to her complain about her break up with the latest boyfriend. He wasn't really listening to her words so he wasn't sure if it was Scorpius or one of the boys in between. That's what she was always doing, it seemed. She'd break up with Malfoy then get with some boy (because she could easily get whoever she wanted) for a few weeks before having a rather public break up (that was Rose for you) and then go crying into Scorpius' arms. It was always the same.

Definitely a tempest Hugo decided (while he silently congratulated himself on the elaborate word, wouldn't his mother be proud!) as he watched his sister with hungry eyes.

See, few knew there was one boy her tempest (that was definitely his word of the day) personality had brought under her spell that wasn't allowed there.

It had taken Hugo awhile before he had finally admitted he had somehow fallen for his sister's charm – and he wasn't allowed to. But he knew he wanted her no matter how much he told himself he shouldn't.

"And that's why me and Malfoy broke up," Rose said with a final nod as she looked at herself in the mirror, jerking Hugo back into the present time.

Ah, yes, that was it. Rose and Scorpius were supposed to get a place together after they graduated – which had been two weeks ago – yet Rose was still living at home, so Hugo had asked what happened. That was an hour ago. He had really just wanted an excuse to talk to her. What did she expect though, prancing around the house in those pyjamas of hers – short shorts and a flimsy tank top?

Rose growled as she lifted her brush and began to roughly brush her long curly red hair, glaring at herself in the mirror. She was a temptress who was like a tempest and Hugo was tempted – Merlin, he was losing it.

"Here, let me do that," Hugo said as he jumped off her bed wearing only his lounging pants (his chest bare) and grabbed the brush from her.

"Thanks," She muttered as she glanced at her brother in the mirror with a frown. He was taller than her, had been for a while. But, when you got to the late teen years age didn't really matter for height, especially between boy and girls. Not that Rose liked that her baby brother towered over her.

Hugo began to gently brush Rose's wild hair and she closed her eyes. After a few seconds of silence Rose raised her hand and rubbed it roughly across her eyes. She wasn't going to cry. She wasn't going to cry! It was only Malfoy for Godric's sake!

As her eyes fluttered open she noticed the left strap of her tank had slipped down. She reached over to pull it back up but another hand beat her to it.

"Forget about him," Hugo whispered to her as he gently pulled her strap up, his hand trailing along her bare skin.

No, a voice whispered in his head as his hand tightened on the hand brush. No, no, no...

Rose suddenly gasped and jumped, hitting her dresser as she felt lips against her bare shoulder. Her eyes widened as she twirled around, shoving her brother away from her.

"Hugo...?" Rose said timidly as she looked up at her brother's beat red face, his hand held tightly on the brush as he stared down at his feet.

Suddenly Hugo looked up determined. As the brush hit the ground with a thud Hugo's lips were pressed against Rose's, one hand around her waist and the other knotted in her hair as he pushed her up against her dresser, causing the mirror to shake violently.

Rose froze in shock before struggling, finally shoving her brother off of her harshly so he fell on her bed.

"Hugo!" Rose said, the shock clearly written across her face as she starred at him. Hugo fidgeted slightly where he sat before sitting up straight with a determined look in his eyes.

"Don't tell me you didn't like it," Hugo said. Rose opened her mouth and closed it, biting her lip as her cheeks burned red. Hugo nodded in satisfaction.

"But it's wrong!" Rose hissed as she glanced at the door as though afraid their parents would walk in at any moment.

"So?" Hugo asked before he was up and kissing her again, hungrily, her back pressed against the dresser. Rose was frozen where she stood at first but slowly she started kissing him back. Hugo's hand roamed her body as the other traveled through her mane of hair in delight, finally getting what he wanted.

And there was no doubt Rose was a tempest, Hugo thought as he lifted her onto the dresser, her legs on either side of him. He loved every part of it.

As Hugo bit her lower lip and Rose moaned her senses finally came back to her. This was her brother! Rose's eyes widened as she pushed him away from her, both gasping for air.

"No, NO!" Rose said, shaking her head as she shoved Hugo out of her room, sliding down the door shakily in shock.

But Hugo had realized that, no matter how much Rose said 'no' he'd feel her lips again. She'd kissed him back – and that told him everything he needed to know.

Just like Hugo had predicted, that wasn't the last time he found his sister in his arms, her warm skin against him, her lips pressed against his. He was always the one that started the secret encounters but each time it took longer than the last for her to stop them, each time she resisted less and less.

Then, a week before Hugo started his sixth year at Hogwarts, she left. Rose had gotten an amazing job opportunity – in America. All Hugo had to do was look at his sister to know that she was leaving because of him – to stay away from him. In her mind this was all wrong, but she couldn't stop.

Rose Weasley – his bloody sister – had been Hugo's first love, and she left him heartbroken like she did every other boy.

And that was the start to his life of messed up relationships.

I'm not sure I used the prompt to it's full extent...it was supposed to suscribe Rose...but there you go, 1/5, the next will come soon!