Pairing: Hugo/James Sirius Potter

Prompt: Exercise


Hugo needed to exercise some bloody restraint!

He laid on his bed with his pillow held over his head, the snow floating gently against his window.

What did he have for his family? Dominique and...Rose...were one thing – but James?

Hugo groaned as he pressed the pillow harder down on his head.

Ever since he had come home for Christmas break, whenever Hugo had seen James in passing he would find himself watching him. Just like today, as the Potter's were at his house. That was when he realized exactly what was going on.

Since when did he go that way anyways? Did he go both ways or was it just his relatives (after all, he had never really liked Goyle)?

Hugo heard his door open and he let out another groan as he pulled the pillow even harder over his head and let out a muffled "Go away!"

"If you say so," was the reply which made Hugo sit up so fast his pillow went flying across the room. Standing beside his bed, arms crossed, head tilted to the side with a curious expression on his face was James, watching him the whole time.

In a second Hugo was across the room, pressed against the wall. He had to try and exercise some restraint; he couldn't, not again...

"Go away," Hugo repeated.

James watched him with interest before slowly lowering his arms as he said "I just wanted to know why you've been looking at me so oddly. But, if you want me too..." He slowly turned and made his way to the closed bedroom door, making to leave. Just as his hand landed on the doorknob, another landed on top of his.

James slowly followed the hand up to meet Hugo's eyes (who was a few inches taller than him). Hugo looked back at him tentatively as his hand held his in place, the silence deafening.

Exercise some restraint, exercise some restraint, restraint, restraint, Hugo chanted in his head as his hand tightened over James. Oh, screw restraint.

Then Hugo was kissing James, pushing him up against the door as he grabbed his wrists and held them above his head. James stood still in shock for a few seconds before he was kissing him back.

Soon Hugo was pushing James towards the bed, and then they were laying on it, Hugo on top of James as he continued to hold James hands above his head, him obviously in control.


James pushed Hugo so hard he landed on the floor with a bang. The door opened and Hugo's mum entered, seeing nothing but James sitting on the bed.

"Hey, where's..." Hermione started when Hugo popped up from the side of the bed holding his wand.

"Found it! Oh, hey mum," Hugo said as he pushed his hair out of his face, a lopsided grin on his face. His mom just rolled her eyes.

"Your family's leaving James," Was all she said before she left, James immediately following her, not even sending a glance back at Hugo.

It wasn't until hours later as Hugo lied on his bed, starring at his ceiling as he went over what had happened again and again in his head, that he realized something.

James had practically thrown him off the bed when the door had opened. Yet, he hadn't resisted at all when Hugo had started to kiss him like his other relatives, Rose and Dominique. Hell, even Goyle had resisted at first. He had a feeling that wouldn't be the last time he'd see his cousin.

Hugo was right, that wasn't the last time he had a meeting with his trouble making cousin. They were always...'accidental' meetings, but it always felt like James would seek him out since they were always alone whenever they came directly face to face again.

And Hugo couldn't control himself. That idea about trying to exercise some restraint was thrown right out the window, especially since the other person was so willing.

As the days passed and Christmas break began to come to an end, Hugo couldn't help but wonder what was happening between him and his cousin. No words were ever passed in these meetings, so he was never exactly quite sure what was happening.

As the day came for Hugo to return to Hogwarts, they stopped at the Potter's to pick up Lily and Hugo once more ran into James (even though he no longer lived at the manor.) It was brief and, as always, silent.

As Hugo left that day, he had no idea what type of relationship there was between him and James. Nor did he realize that that would be the last time he would see him for a very. Long. Time.

Here you go. Oh, and if you haven't noticed, I'm basing the chapter titles off of what the other person was in the relationship to Hugo. Rose was a temptress (I'm sure you got that), Delia was her replacement (that too), Dominique was his first - she 'deflowered' him as he her (I'm sure I made that pretty clear too), while James was the different relationship because he was the first guy he'd ever been with - not only that, but he didn't resist and it was like he wanted it too, so Hugo didn't understand it, because it was like James was controlling it, where as he had the others (mostly). So more to go - and it will explain the last line. Should be up today XD