Pairing: Hugo/Original Female Character

Prompt: Genuine

The One

It was an accident.

Well, he should probably start at the beginning.

When Hugo got home from Hogwarts, as he looked for his family on the train station he saw a flash of red. He saw her.

There Rose stood, beside their mom – and Hugo panicked. He hadn't seen her since the day she left, and all the things that had happened since – all he'd done.

He left. Hugo couldn't face it – with a loud crack, he left. As he appeared in Diagon Alley he shrunk his trunk to fit in his pocket, got some money from his family's vault, and left the country.

That was how he ended up in Sun's End – a small wizarding village in Australia. And that brings us back to the beginning.

For Hugo had been in Australia for almost a week, staying in a cheap apartment he had rented, when one day, as he stood on the sidewalk, a girl ran into him.

"Oh, I'm so sorry," The girl who had fallen said in her Australian accent as Hugo helped her up. She brushed her light brown hair out of her face as she turned to look at him with curious light green eyes.

Hugo's eyes met hers for a second before he looked a way, dazed, having to blink a few times as he shook his head. No...

"That's OK," Hugo said with a shrug as he let go of her hand quickly.

"You're new around here, aren't you?" She asked, her head tilting to the side slightly.

"How'd you guess?" Hugo asked with raised eyebrows. The girl laughed.

"Besides the accent and pale skin? It's a pretty small town here – I mean, it might be one of the few all wizarding towns around Australia, but it's the smallest. We don't get many newcomers or visitors except for the few nearby – and we know them by face since they're practically part of the town too."

"Blimey, that is small," Hugo said, blinking a few more times.

"I'm Haya by the way – Haya Young," She said with a blinding smile that made Hugo have to shake his head a few more times.

"Hugo Weasley," He mumbled still blinking his eyes. Who the hell was this girl and what the hell was she doing to him?

"Hey, since you're new, I could show you around town, you know, introduce you to a few people, if you want," Haya said with a slight shrug. And Hugo found he couldn't say no.

It was a perfect accident that they met but it changed so much. Sure, they probably would have met anyways – if Hugo had stayed there, but he had been planning on leaving. Haya changed that.

After Haya's little tour Hugo came to a conclusion – all people of Australia were extremely friendly. Any probably would have offered the same tour as she did. But he was glad it was Haya.

Hugo quickly became very close friends with Haya and her friends that she introduced him to. Friends and only friends – and if it was up to him, no matter what he felt, they would have stayed that way. But it wasn't all his choice.

Haya smacked the table with her hand and all sitting in the booth at the pub turned to look at her, but her eyes rested on only one person.

"When are you going to ask me out?" Haya asked Hugo annoyed as she crossed her arms, glaring at him. All eyes turned to him, whose eyes had widened.

"Wh...what?" Hugo asked in surprised, and squirmed slightly with the attention on him.

"When are you going to ask me out? I'm not blind, Hugo. I saw the way you looked at me when we met – you wouldn't believe my surprise when you didn't ask me out then. Then I figured you were the type of guy who did friends first, and I was like, alright – but it's been six months. When – are – you – going – to – ask – me – out?" Haya said as though spelling it out for him and he had to do everything he could to stop his jaw from dropping. He hadn't realized it was that obvious how he felt, nor had he realized she had similar feelings. He looked over at the others to see what they thought.

"Personally, when she first introduced you to us, I thought she was introducing you as her boyfriend," Macey, Haya's older sister, said while the others nodded in agreement.

"I was surprised when she said you weren't after you left," Eric said with a shrug getting more nods of agreement.

Hugo just stared at them before looking back at Haya. He wasn't sure what to do; he'd wanted to stay as far away from this subject as possible. Looking at his past relationships – well, he hadn't really any – and the ones you could sort of sum up into one, well, that sentence explains it all.

"Tomorrow night, pick me up at seven," Haya said, raising her eyebrows slightly as she stood up. And Hugo had never been able to say no to her.

Really, he guessed he was bound to happen. But during the whole night – during the whole beginning of the relationship – he was cautious. Maybe more cautious then need be, but Hugo didn't want to screw anything up, he wanted to have one genuine relationship, one that wasn't totally fucked up – even if it did end in total disaster. Plus, it was Haya, and she was different than the others (besides the fact they weren't related). There was something...special about her.

It wasn't until they shared their first kiss as they watched fireworks (after two months of dating, true – Haya had to have figured something was messed up in his past by then, added with the fact he wouldn't talk anything of it or his family) that Hugo realized something. His and Haya's relationship- it was genuine, but more than that – it was the real deal.

Hugo was in love – and it wasn't like Rose, nothing like it. Rose was...complicated, to say the least, and he would probably never fully understand what he felt for his sister. Delia had been nothing – a replacement. Dominique had just been a spur of the moment thing – anger and hurt mixed with lust never led to good things, as shown on that day. As for James – well that was probably the most complicated. It had just been a crush, a small crush that he wasn't even sure where it came from, that had somehow escalated into something more he wasn't sure he even wanted to understand. But Haya...he loved her, he truly did and there was nothing complicated or confusing about it.

Of course, after that Hugo explained to Haya about his past as much as he could with as little disturbing details as possible. She took it rather well – it only took her a few minutes after his explanation-turned-rant for her to accept it, and she ended up comforting him. But she accepted it with good grace and never changed her mind about him at all, which just made him love her more.

Hugo had had one messed up love life – if it could even be called that – and Haya had been like an angel in disguise showing him that he could still move on after his mistakes. She was genuine and she was his – for the time being, and Hugo didn't know how long that would last, or if it would ever end, or if he would ever see his family again. All he knew was, for the first time in a long time, he was happy.

There you go, that's it! I thought we should leave him off on a happy note - I made him messed up enough, I don't want any Hugo lovers coming and murdering me in the night -prays that no Hugo lovers read this- How'd you like Haya (I love that name, found it when I was looking up Australian names for another's just so different, I've never heard it before)?