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"Ness, walk please," I called as my five-year-old ran up the brick walkway that led to our house.

"Sorry Mommy, but I have work," she said turning around with her hand on the knob of the door.

I watched her bronze curls bounce as she waited eagerly for me to unlock the door. Her brown eyes danced with excitement. I remembered when I was little and I was excited about learning. That was part of the reason I became a teacher. I loved seeing my eager second grader's faces when I taught them about geography or history some of them even loved math.

I grabbed the mail from the box next to the door that read Cullens. Sometimes I had that pinch me moment. I wasn't that pudgy Belly Swan that left Forks ten years ago. I was Bella Cullen, wife of Edward, mother of Nessa and second grade teacher at Hawthorne Academy in Chicago.

The day after I graduated high school I left for Florida to spend the summer with my mom and step-dad before starting at Northwestern. My mom was excited to have me living with her and kept me busy. She went to the gym and yoga class religiously. By the time Charlie came and got me for school, I had lost twenty pounds.

"Are you sure you don't want to go to school in Seattle, Bells?" My dad asked as we carried my bags to my dorm room.

"It will be fine," I sighed.

Ever since Charlie saw the new me he all but begged me to come back home. I couldn't because of my torturing adolescent experience in Forks. There was no way I could ever go back especially after prom.

We started to unpack when this bulky football player came waltzing into my room. "You must be my roommate Bella," he said with a big dimpled smile.

I blushed and Charlie started yelling.

"I was just joking geez, I'm your RA," he tried again cautiously.

That was the first time I met Emmett Cullen and that one moment led to so many other changes in my life.

I laid my bag next to Ness's in the foyer and set the mail on the kitchen table. Ness took off up the stairs to her room to change out of her school uniform. I slipped my heels off as soon as I entered our room.

Edward was sprawled out on top of comforter passed out. He was called in at three this morning for an emergency surgery. Even though his residency had been over for the last three years, he still wasn't quite on a normal schedule just yet.

I kneeled beside him on our bed giving him a quick peck on the lips. I rested my hand on his chest over his heart. Edward would forever be my one.

"Hmm," he murmured.

"Sleep," I whispered. "I just wanted a kiss."

"Did you two just get home?" he asked peeking one eye open.

"We did, when did you get home?" I asked playing with the collar of his pale blue scrubs.

"Around lunch?" he said not so sure.

"Sleep," I laughed giving him another kiss.

I slipped out of my skirt and threw on my sweats pulling my hair up into a messy ponytail. When I hit the landing on the stairs, I noticed my bag open.

I walked into the living room where Ness was laying on her belly on the floor with one of my workbooks in front of her.

"What are you doing, baby?" I asked lying down beside her.

"Work," she said with a small shrug.

I watched her as she would look at a math problem and then count on her fingers. Some of her answers were right and some were wrong. I was a little blown away that my little kindergartener was doing this.

"Ness?" I asked brushing her hair back with my fingers.

"Yeah Mommy?" she asked still focused on her work

"Did you learn this at school?"

"No Daddy teached me," she said.

"He did?" I smiled.

"Yep," she nodded.

"You're doing good sweetie," I said kissing her head before sitting up. "I'm going to make dinner. Daddy's upstairs sleeping so let's try our best to be quiet."

"Okay," she whispered with a small giggled.

I started to boil the noodles for the fettuccini alfredo I wanted to make. The plus to being a former fat kid was that I knew how to cook. Really cook too. I made everything from scratch it was rare that we ordered out. I'd made the alfredo sauce last night after Ness went to sleep so all I had to do was heat it up.

I sat at the table sorting through the mail when a familiar school letterhead caught my eye. I froze immediately trying to add everything up. It couldn't be?

I slowly opened the letter.

Dear Forks High Alumni,

As you probably already know, it is the Class of 2001's ten-year reunion. In Fork's High tradition during homecoming week also known as alumni week, we hold a celebration for our reunion. We are looking forward to seeing you for the festivities during the week of October fifteenth through the twenty-first.


Principal Angela Cheney

"Ehhhh," I whined letting my head hit the table.

I had the timer on the food so I could sit here and wallow. How did they even find me? Who would want to find me? Most of my graduating class hated me.

I felt Edward's arms wrap around me pulling me from my seat so I was on his lap. He was now wearing a t-shirt and sweat pants. He didn't smell like the hospital now, his hair was damp and all over the place signaling he had a shower.

"What's wrong, babe?" he asked kissing the side of my neck.

I silently handed him the letter. He skimmed it over placing it back on the table when he was done.

"Bella, why are you acting like this is a death wish?" he asked nudging me.

"Why would they send me this?" I asked quietly.

He turned my head so I was looking into his bright green eyes. That was the first thing I noticed about Edward when I met him was his eyes.

Once Charlie left and was convinced Emmett was harmless, Emmett kind of took me under his wing. He told me that he and his twin brother Edward were seniors here at Northwestern. They grew up in Chicago, Emmett the local football star and Edward track and baseball star. Emmett was awarded scholarships to Notre Dame, University of Pittsburgh and Texas A&M he turned them all down so he could go to Northwestern with his brother.

My roommate was plain and simple, a bitch. I didn't talk to her because I wasn't sure where her mood swings were going. About two months into school, I was tired of feeling isolated in my room, so I went to visit Em. To my surprise, he was at class and Edward answered the door, bright green eyes dancing.

"Hello," he grinned crookedly.

I didn't know what it was that made my stomach flip. I knew my verbal vomit came out.

"You're Emmett's twin?" I asked in mild awe.

Emmett had brown short curly hair where Edward had auburn messy curls. Emmett had blue eyes and Edward's were green. Emmett was bulky, Edward was lanky.

"We're fraternal twins," he explained scratching the back of his neck.


"Yeah… uh… we were two separate eggs fertilized by two separate…swimmers?" he said closing one eye looking uncertain. "I'm a med student wanna be."

"It's okay, I asked," I smiled hoping I didn't look like an idiot.

"You know what? I'm Edward," he said thrusting his hand out.


His smile widened and all I could think about was how perfect his teeth were. What would it be like to kiss you?

"Fucking amazing," he beamed capturing my lips with his.

That was the day Edward and I began.

He was being patient with me. Letting me set the pace of this conversation. The nine and a half years we'd been together I had never taken him home to Forks. Charlie always came to see me. That first year away my dad said he noticed a huge difference in me he said I looked…happy. Being around Edward and Emmett I learned I couldn't be shy and quiet if I wanted to keep up.

Emmett was only an RA that first year. Mom asked me if I was coming to Florida again the summer after my freshman year and I asked if it was okay if I moved in with Edward. She absolutely went crazy with giggles and cheers. Charlie drove down to interrogate my boyfriend; I guess he wasn't too scared because he was still with me.

Since then we survived living together, med school, first years of marriage and a newborn growing into the young lady she was now.

"So you don't want to go?" he asked slowly.

"No," I exclaimed.

He tipped my chin down so my lips could meet his. "You liked going to mine and Em's reunion a couple of years ago."

"That was different," I said quickly.

"How so?" he asked resting his forehead against mine.

"Because you were popular and people liked you. I mean you were captain of the track and baseball team. Class president and valedictorian," I emphasized closing my eyes.

"Okay I can see you're going to be stubborn about this," he said cocking an eyebrow in challenge. "Think about Charlie."

I glanced at him. "What does Charlie have to do with a reunion?"

"Your father who loves you more than anything has not had you home in ten years, sweets. We fly him here or out to Renee's for holidays just so he can see us. I know when your parents divorced it was hard on you, but Bella he raised you…You were with him the first eighteen years of your life and then all the sudden you're in a completely different state, city, what have you," Edward paused letting his eyes settle on me.

He had my attention.

"If that was Ness, and someday it might be, my heart would feel torn. I would still have you, but she is my baby. Am I making sense?" I nodded.

"Think about Nessa she would love to see where her Mommy grew up. I sure know her Daddy would," he said giving me a cheesy little grin.

"I hate you," I grumbled hating that he was right.

"You love me."

I heard Ness's feet pattering and saw her in the doorway. "Uh-oh," she said her brown eyes widening.

Edward and I looked in the direction she was. The pot was boiling over.

"Shit," Edward said gently lifting me off his lap. "Ness go see Mommy."

She listened watching Edward clean the mess. "Mommy did you do that?"

"I did."

"You never make messes, you clean them," she pointed out.

"Pizza tonight?" Edward asked grabbing for the phone.

"Yeah!" Ness squealed.

"Veggie pizza," I corrected.

"Ew," she pouted.

"Fine veggie pizza," he sighed making a face.

After dinner, I gave Ness her bath and wrangled her into bed. She read me Where the Wild Things Are drifting off midway through. When I got downstairs, Edward was strewn out on the couch one arm behind his head and his other hand held the remote that was on his stomach as he watched Sports Center. I plopped down on the chair next to the couch, my husband wasn't having that though.

"You're too far away," he whined playfully reaching his arm out.

I puffed out a breath dragging myself over to snuggle into his side. I twisted his wedding band as he did the same with my engagement ring and band set.

"Since you are probably still trying to avoid the reunion decision I decided for you," he announced.

"What is you decision?"

"We go for two weeks," he said simply.

"Hold on, two weeks?" I asked incredulously. "We have jobs and Ness has school."

"I have vacation days and I know you can get time off. You never even use your sick days."

"Ness just started school Edward."

"It's kindergarten," he shrugged.

"Says the man teaching her second grade math."

"She brought that book to me asking how to do it," he defended.

"You really want to go to Forks?"

"I do," he grinned.

I sighed laying my head on his chest. I was too tired to argue with him and he was too damn persistent. His lips brushed my hair twice.

"What happened to you in high school?" he asked quietly rubbing my back.

"I was a fat kid that tripped over everything and anything. I breathed and I was being harassed. Being smart was a punishment. I had girls putting gum in my hair and everyone called me Belly. It was even worse when I had braces. Prom…I just don't want to see those people…"

"Bell you were not a fat kid," he soothed. "Your mom has a million pictures covering her living room of you growing up. All that was, was baby fat."

"Would you have dated me in high school?" I asked seriously.

"Yes," he answered without hesitation.

"Liar," I accused even though his face said he was being honest.

He squinted at me lightly tapping my behind.

"You're lucky I love you so much," he sighed taking my bottom lip between his.

"So lucky," I breathed.

"If it makes you feel any better we can go the week before the reunion so we can spend some time with your dad and then if you decide you are really against the reunion idea we'll come home," Edward suggested.


"I promise. Do I need to throw in a pinky swear too?" he teased extending his pinky.

"I think you can do better than a pinky," I purred.

"Is that right Mrs. Cullen?"

I nodded as I giggled. He had me in his arms and we were in our room in a flash. Edward had a way of making everything right even when it felt all wrong. I only hoped he could make this trip to Forks right.

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