"She is absolutely beautiful," I breathed looking down at the small bundle in my arms.

She was so pink and warm.

"Mama, no," Bennett whined, reaching for me from his father's arms.

"Someone is jealous," Edward chuckled, kissing our son's auburn curls.

"Mama, mine," he pouted, looking at his cousin.

"Can I have my daughter back?" Rose sighed, mimicking my son's actions.

"Fine," I said rolling my eyes, giving back her daughter.

Rosalie looked exhausted, but had a beautiful glow surrounding her. It blew my mind that she went through fourteen hours of labor. Nessa and Bennett combined didn't total fourteen hours.

"She's really tiny, Aunt Rosie," Ness chirped from her side of the bed.

One thing my eight-year old daughter loved was baby girls, and one thing that drove her crazy was her two-year old brother. Since Bennett was born, she'd been asking if she could take him back and get a sister. Edward was strongly opposed to that, seeing that he loved having a son. I believed him when he said he would be happy with whatever we had, but once Bennett was placed in his arms, I could see him trying to figure out things he could teach him to do.

Now that Bennett was older, he takes him to the park and teaches him about little man is going to be a jock because his dad and uncle have shown him what football and soccer are like and he loves them.

"Here, you can hold her," Rose said, adjusting so Ness was close to her side and propped her up against her.

She placed Lily carefully in Ness's arms.

"She's tinier than Bennett was," she giggled.

That was true. Bennett was born at ten pounds five ounces, having to be delivered via c-section. There was no way he was coming out of my little body naturally. Lily weighed in at six pounds three ounces.

"She is," Rosalie laughed.

"Does Uncle Edward want to see his niece?" Rose asked with a smile.

"If you think Bennett was territorial with me, he'll never let his Daddy hold her," I laughed.

Edward nodded from his seat by the window. Bennett's green eyes glared at the baby taking his attention away.

"Do you ladies want me to check on Em?"

"I'm here," Emmett announced, wheeling Esme in with Carlisle following.

"Nana Mae," Bennett yelled, trying to squirm off Edward's lap.

"Let her see the baby, Ben," Edward grunted, trying to wrangle him in.

"Noooooo, Daddy,"

"He needs to chill," Nessa sighed.

"Yeah, chill," Edward told him, rolling his eyes.

He hated words like "chill", "legit", "totes", the list went on and on. Keira had been here about a week with her father and sisters; Ness thought she was the coolest, her vocabulary included.

"Nooo, Nana Mae," Bennett gritted out.

"Oh, let me see Lily," I cooed, acting like I wanted her.

"Mamaaaaa," he cried.

I held out my arms, moving for my baby as Edward lifted him up for me.

"I love you," I said and placed kisses all over his face. "I'm taking him to the cafeteria."

"I'll go with you," Edward stood, wrapping his arm around my shoulders.

As we walked, Bennett snuggled into me, lying his head on my shoulder. I loved this little boy so much.

"So going back to your reunion turned out to be a good thing," Edward pointed out.

"The only good thing about that trip was Em meeting Rose," I said frankly.

It was true. I remember when their relationship finally was discovered. I mean I was the first to find out and not willingly.

"Your mom is worried about him," I sighed into the phone as I waddled into Emmett's building.

"He said he was sick," Edward replied. "Bell, you're six months pregnant, and the last thing you need is to get sick."

Six months pregnant and I felt like I was about to give birth to our son now. I could only imagine how big I'd be in another three months. It was like I attached a very heavy beach ball to my stomach. The doctor couldn't get over how I remained so small with this massive belly.

"I'll be fine," I insisted, brushing off his concern.

"Babe, I know you're fine, but cut me a little slack. I worry about you and our boy," he said softly.

"I'm sorry," I sniffled.

"Please, don't cry Bella," he sighed.

"I can't help it," I blubbered.

"I'll make you a deal. Drop off Em's sick supply and meet me back at the house, and I'll have Jane clear my schedule. We can spend the rest of the afternoon together before Ness comes home from school," he offered before dropping his voice all low and husky. "And by spending the rest of the afternoon together, I mean letting you ride the shit out of me."

"That sounds really hot, Edward," I swallowed, biting my lip.

He had been great through this pregnancy. I had him home almost every night since he started working for Carlisle's practice. He had weekends off and was constantly planning things with Nessa. I didn't realize how much he missed until I had him home more.

"Hurry up, babe," he chuckled.

"I love you," I breathed, hanging up.

I dug my spare key out of my bag, unlocking the door. I carefully set my supplies down next to Em's hallway table. The past few months, Emmett had been distant. Esme worried, I worried. He wasn't coming over to our house like he used to. Edward told me to leave it alone, but Em was my brother just as much as he was Edward's. I owed him so much for just sort of introducing us. I wanted him happy and since he left Rose in Washington, I really hadn't seen much of him to know if he was happy. But him disappearing on us sure as hell didn't scream happy.

I looked around, and for once, his place looked extremely clean. Maybe because he was sick? I heard the groaning coming from down the hall.

"Poor Em," I sighed.

It started to get louder the closer I got to his room. I tapped on the door as I opened it. I was not expecting what I saw.

A woman's bare back and blonde hair flying in the throws of passion, with Em lying under her.

"Fuck," she yelled.

"Oh my God," I shrieked. "Ew, ew, ew, ew."

"Bella?" Emmett said, trying to push the woman away.

He was really naked.

"Ew, ew, ew, ew," I repeated covering my eyes, trying to leave as fast as possible.

"Bella." That was Rosalie's voice.

I didn't care. I kept walking. By the time I reached the couch, I was feeling winded so I sat down. Emmett came running out of his room in plaid pajama pants, throwing a t-shirt on.

"Bells, are you okay?" he asked frantically, trying to touch my face.

"Ew, ew, ew, sex hands," I scowled, batting him away.

"Jesus," he stumbled in a mad rush into the kitchen.

He came back, drying his hands on his t-shirt.

"Lil' Mama, please tell me you're okay. Edward's going to kick my ass. Hell, I'm going to kick my ass," he pleaded as he cupped my face.

"You told your mom you were sick," I grumbled. "I brought you stuff to make you feel better. I can barely get around, and I took my afternoon off to check on you. You are so not sick."

His face frowned, and he looked guilty. I looked to the doorway of his room and saw Rose peeking out, wearing Em's boxers and t-shirt.

"I'm sorry," he whispered, kneeling in front of me.

He let his hands rest on my belly, his thumbs stroked where his nephew was kicking.

"Why lie, Emmett?" I sighed with a glare.

His blue eyes snapped up, and he watched me carefully.

"First, answer my question. Are you alright?" he murmured.

"I'm fine," I snapped. "Explain."

He rubbed his hand along where the baby was kicking, looking anywhere but at me. He took a deep breath and exhaled.

"It's my fault," Rose said, walking out into the living room. "He wanted to say something for awhile now, but I told him not to."


I watched Emmett shift on his knees, still focused on my belly. He was excited to get a nephew. I knew he and Edward had all these plans for my boy, but he hadn't been around for so long. When I was pregnant with Ness, I became dependent on Emmett because Edward was too busy with his residency.

"Because back in Forks this," she waved between herself and Emmett, "could have been a fling, but the big lug flew to Seattle two weeks later to see me… We've been going back and forth for months. I was afraid you would freak out."

"Freak out?" I scoffed.

"Yeah, like what just happened," Em offered looking up at me.

I glared and he dropped his head with a sigh. "I'm sorry that I freaked out seeing naked bodies going at it," I replied sarcastically.

"Bells, I'm really sorry," Em said, giving me the infamous Cullen pout.

After that whole ordeal, Emmett and Rosalie came clean to the family. I still think Rose didn't want their relationship out in the open because she thought it wouldn't last. But here we are almost three years later.

Rose and Emmett continued to do the long distance thing. She didn't want to leave Jasper and his girls so soon after his divorce. Alice was absolutely livid he could only give her the house. Or at least that's all he offered. She tried getting full custody of their daughters out of spite, but the oldest ones spoke up, saying they wanted to live with their father in Seattle. Seeing Alice look devastated by their hatred of her, Jasper offered her a nice lump sum of six figures, to which she gladly signed away her rights.

Emmett didn't want to leave Chicago because he didn't want to be away from Esme. Carlisle told him to chase his heart and that Esme had more than enough support around her. It was this tug of war for a year until Emmett proposed, and Rosalie announced she was pregnant at Thanksgiving. That seemed to light a fire under both their asses.

"I don't know what to do?" Rose whispered as we hid away in Edward's old room after dinner.

I rocked Bennett in my arms, noticing him slowly nod off.

"Well you have a game changer now, so you'll have to decide," I murmured, still looking at my son.

"I have a family in Washington and a family here, I don't know what the fuck I should do," she sighed. "Emmett loves me, and now we're going to have a baby, Bella. I never thought I would have children after what happened with Royce."

"This is where you and Em need to pull your heads out your asses," I pointed out. "I love you both, so much, Rose. And I couldn't be happier for you, but now you have someone else who's going to have to come first."

"They're your world," she stroked Bennett's cheek with her finger.

"Absolutely," I leaned down, kissing my boy. "I'm telling you this is the best thing that will ever happen to you."

Once we had that conversation, Rosalie had my dad, Jasper, and Jake move her to Chicago. When Rose and I were little, we always said we would live down the street from one another and our kids would be bestest friends. As adults, we do live down the street from each other, but our children will be cousins. Leaving Forks, I lost my best friend, returning I gained her as a sister.

"You're zoning out on me again, babe," Edward grinned, pecking my lips.

"I'm feeling nostalgic," I giggled.

"Is it nostalgia or the baby?" he quirked an eyebrow poking my belly.

I glared at him. I'd finally popped as Esme would say, a few days ago. Yes, we were on child number three, and I was convinced it was Edward's plan to keep making babies.

"Oh, not the face," he laughed, tugging at my chin.

"Stop," I whined.

Bennett smacked his father's hand away.

"Ben, no hitting," I warned.

"Mama," he mumbled, hiding his face in my neck.

"You know we are going to have to get him used to Lily because maybe then if he sees us with her, he'll be okay with the new baby," Edward mused.

"I think maybe you need to expect the unexpected from your son," I said dryly.

Bennett marched to the beat of his own drum and was so completely stubborn; I knew there was no way of easing him into the idea of a new baby. He saw my belly. He kept poking at it and laying his head on it.

"Don't underestimate him or me," Edward said cockily, making me roll my eyes.

We grabbed lunch and some ice cream. I was craving it. I probably would have inhaled it too, but Bennett looked up at me with bright green eyes, asking, "Bite, Mama, please, Mama?"

Because I love him and his little face so much, I let him finish my ice cream. When we got back up to Rose's room, we noticed our whole family in the waiting room. I spotted Jasper wiggling Emma above his head. That little girl was without a doubt a daddy's girl. Her blonde curls bounced as she moved. No one questioned how much he loved her, but it had to hurt looking at her. She, out of all his daughters, was an exact clone of Alice – minus the dark hair.

"We got kicked out," Dad said, pulling me in for a hug before stealing my child out of my arms.

"I can see that," I grinned.

"Ganpa," Bennett squealed, hugging Charlie.

"You're getting so big, bub," Dad laughed, squeezing him tight.

Charlie loved having a grandson. This past summer, I had taken Ness and Ben up to Forks; Dad and Jake seemed to have my little boy on a boat the majority of our trip. When we got home, Bennett cried for a week, telling his Daddy he wanted to go on the boat and see fishies. And Edward, not wanting his children to want for anything, took Bennett, Carlisle and Emmett up to the lake house for a guys weekend. When they came back, Bennett started again, so I asked Edward if this was going to be an every weekend thing. Edward learned he was going to have to let him ride it out. Men.

Exhausted, I sat down on one of the couches. Edward picked Ness up, sitting her on his lap, while he spoke with his father on the other side of the room.

"Tired?" Jasper asked, sitting down next to me with Emma in his arms.

"I was in that room the whole time she was in labor," I sighed.

"Oh, I know. Rose believes since you went through it twice you would take control of the situation," he chuckled.

"Well, I'm on my third and I still don't know what to expect."

"Lily is beautiful," he smiled.

Jasper had done that a lot the last few times I'd seen him. Since divorcing, he'd opened his own auto parts store in Seattle and lived in a very posh townhouse with his girls. All of them were enrolled in private school except for his two youngest.

No one speaks of Alice. From time to time, Dad tells me she is like the town bicycle; guys are in and out of her house. She is pregnant again and will have to raise this child on her own due to the fact she doesn't know who the father is. Maybe she can reprise her legacy.

"She is. How does it feel to be an uncle?" I asked.

"Weird," he said honestly. "Did you ever picture Rose being someone's mom?"

"Ask me when we were younger and I would have laughed at you," I giggled. "But seeing her with Lily? She's such a Mom."

"When Keira lived with her, she was Aunt Rose, and she was more her best friend than a mother figure. But I agree with you – Lily has changed her."

"They change us all," I said, poking Emma's stomach.

"That tickles, Bella," she giggled, snuggling closer to Jasper.

As we sat there, I looked around the room in slight awe of all the people in the room. Keira was talking to Esme and Carlisle. The past week I watched her grow closer to them because Esme insisted Jasper and the girls stay at their house. Esme loved spoiling them. Edward was still talking with my Dad and Sue, only now Jake had joined their conversation. Ness was now focused on Claire. Jake, Leah, Dad and Sue were staying with us. Ness had told me this morning when they arrived that Claire was staying in her room. I think Ness loved that Claire looked up to her and hung on her every word. Almost all the people I have loved were all in the same room. This made me immensely happy.

"Jasper," Edward nodded before reaching his hand out to me. "Ready to go home now, beautiful girl."

"Let me go say bye to Rose," I yawned.

"Okay, I'll get the kids ready in the car. Meet you out front?"

"Sounds good," I grinned, planting a smooch on his lips.

I said bye to everyone else before slipping out to Rose's room. I gently knocked on the door. Em stuck his head out, noticing it was me before ushering me in.

"Lil is feeding, I didn't want anyone getting a flash of boob," Emmett explained, hugging me to his side.

"You do realize I'll probably get a flash of boob," I snorted against his arm.

"You have boobs so that's okay."

"Gee, that's so logical."

"Always, lil' mama," he poked my belly.

"You always call me 'lil' mama', but never once did you call Rose that while she was pregnant."

"First of all, my wife would cut my balls off if I called her that. Secondly, you're pocket sized… a little lady that gets this cute tummy and waddles around," he cooed.

"I should cut your balls off," I mumbled, sitting beside Rose.

"After fourteen hours of labor, I give you permission," Rose muttered, scooting closer to me.

I looked down and saw Lily suckling away.

"So you can breastfeed?" I asked.

"The doctor and lactation nurse told me I could and she isn't having any problems," Rose murmured, watching Lily.

"Even with your implants your boobs look ten times bigger," I commented giving her a nudge.

"I think once she starts the bottle, I'm removing the implants," she whispered, peeking over to Emmett who was sitting in the chair.

He nodded giving her his full support.

"They're just boobs," he shrugged, causing me to laugh.

"Hey, can I talk to Bella for a second?" she asked.

"Sure," he said, giving her and Lily both a kiss before leaving.

"Are you done?" Rose asked her little bundle. "I think she's good? Look away so you don't get an eye full."

"Thanks for being so considerate," I laughed.

"Hey, you've whipped out a tit in front of me how many times since Bennett's been born," she poked me. "Here you get the honor of burping her."

Rose laid her burp rag over my shoulder and I started patting my niece.

"Thank you for staying with me," Rose said quietly. She shifted resting her chin on the shoulder that Lily wasn't over.

"You're my sister, so of course I stayed."

"Do you think I'll be good mom like you?"

"You're going to be the best," I encouraged.

"My mom and dad are flying in… I don't think I would ever be able to be anywhere that Lily is not," she mumbled.

"I think in eighteen years you'll be singing a different tune," I teased.

"If we have any problems, we're just going to have to go see Aunt Bella," she told Lily.

"I'll always be there."

"I'm glad Edward dragged you back for the reunion… It changed my life," she whispered, brushing the tears from her eyes. "Fucking hormones," she groaned.

"Mommy?" Ness asked, sticking her head carefully into the room. "Daddy's waiting in the car."

"I thought he was taking you with him?" I asked, not liking the idea of her running around the hospital by herself.

"We're on the fourth floor," she shrugged. "I went straight to the elevator, hit a button and here I am. Mommy, the nurses and doctors know I'm me."

"Smart ass," Rose snickered under her breath.

"I guess I'm leaving," I kissed Lily's head before handing her back to Rose.

"Thank you," Rose said again, kissing my cheek.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah… you're going to return the favor," I grinned, motioning to my stomach.


"Can I give Lily and Aunt Rosie a kiss too?" Ness asked, jumping up on the bed.

"You better," Rose said, giving Nessa a sloppy kiss.

"Bye, I love you," Ness added, kissing Lily's cheek.

"Bye," I waved, grabbing Nessa's hand.

Emmett was leaning against the wall.

"You can have your family back," I informed him as he pulled me in for a bear hug.

"You are the best sister I could ever ask for, and I love you," he whispered, kissing my head.

"I will always be here for you guys," I sniffled, pulling away so Ness could say goodbye.

"You better help me with Lily," he told her.

She giggled and kissed him.

"I help Mommy with Bennett," she nodded. "I can sleep over one night."

"I'm holding you to that, Nessie," he said firmly.

"Let's go, Ben's probably driving Daddy nuts," I swung her hand in mine.

"Mommy?" she asked as we walked.

"Yeah, baby?"

"Can we maybe have a girl's night, like just me and you and no Daddy and Bennett?" she asked softly.

"We can have a girl's night whenever you want," I told her.

I loved how excited she looked. This was my life. My family was what it was all about, and I wouldn't give them up for anything. No regrets.

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