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"You of all people should know that the Contract says that once Damion Shields passed away William Corp. and Shield Tech. will no longer be partner." Said a woman sitting at a long table with a man in front of her and at sides sat two women each. The woman who spoke first stood up as the rest follow. "I don't care what your President says, the answer is no. I will not renew the contract with Shield Tech, not with that stupid man running the Company to the ground. If you don't get the hell out of here in the next five second, I'll show you what my heels can do. Now get the fuck out of my Company!" She yelled out and the man grabbed his suitcase and ran out of there. The woman in the red dress walked up to her and patted her back.

"You okay?" She asked. The woman nodded her head. The woman in a green dress stood up and pounded the table with her fist.

"The nerve of the Shield, thats the third time this week he sent his goons here in hope to renew the Contract. When will he take the the hint?" She growled out. A woman in a blue pant suit walked up to the woman in green and gently laid her ands on her shoulder as a sign to calm down.

"Please settle down, this won't do you good" She said sweetly. A woman in a orange dress growled and walked to her boss who was dressed all in black.

"What are you going to do? This man won't leave you alone until he get's what he wants." She said angerly. The other three turned to their boss. Their friend. Their sister. The woman dress in black, broke away from them and walked towards the window that faced all of New York City. The city she's been living for almost six years. She watched as the sun setted and the lights of the city flickered on. The twinkling lights remined her of stars, she smiled gently as she remembered her disappointment when she couldn't see the stars in the city.

But her husband, the love of her life, showed her a different way to see the lights. So one day they stayed behind at the office to see the sun set down and saw the 'stars' twinkle on. She thought it was the most beautiful sight she'd ever seen that it inspired her and she drew the stars of the city and on that every same they made love under the stars. Her gentle smile turned into a sad one. Her husband had passed on to a better life, she had lost him to cancer a year ago on Christmas eve. She'll never forget that day as they grieved for the lost of a great man, a man who found her grieving for her broken heart. A broken heart that he healed with his love, a love that she once gave to a man that he stomped on and laughed.

Her sad smile turned to a angery glare. Yeah that very man who she 'dated' for three months and gave herself on her birthday when she turned eighteen, that every same man that once he was finish with her; he insulted her, threw a couple hundred dollar bills at her face and walked out. She was heart broken as she slowly got dress and on barefoot she walked to her nana Luna's house, the home she was living in with her nana ever since her parents died in a car crash when they were on their way to her concert choir at her elementary school. Her last words to them as she went out the door were 'byb momma, byb daddy, I'll see you later guys later'.

As she got home, Luna scolded her, telling her that it was almost six a clock in the moring and where had she spent the night. Her four friends were there and they all saw the look on her face, she's been hurt. They could see it in her eyes. Luna kept scolding at her then she stopped and looked at her in the eye then at her body and three words came out of her mouth that made her crumble to her knees.

"You had sex"

She cried and sobbed at her nana's lap and babbling saying that she was right about him, that she should have listen to her. She told them what happen and they all said that if they ever see that man again they will so many things that they might be sent for jail for life. It made her fell safe with them. After three weeks she felt so horrible that on the third week she woke up with upset stomach and ran to the bathroom and she threw up in the toilet. Luna ran to her aid rubbed her back soothingly, she had all the symptoms of a pregnant woman. It was time for her to face the truth.

"Honey, when you and him had sex, did you both use protection?" Then she heard her gasp. Luna had gotten her answer.

She and Luna were at the clinic waiting for the doctor to call them in. Once they were in the doctor asked them what was wrong and she told the doctor that she might be pregnant. The doctor drew out blood and told her to pee in the cup that she handed to her and she did. The doctor told her to come back in three days. The three days felt like three years to her. On the third day they went back and the doctor had the paper in her hands, the results were in.

"Are you ready ?" The doctor asked. She looked to her nana and she nodded. The doctor open the folded paper and told her.

"You are three weeks pregnant. Congratulation" The doctor told her with a smile. The only then that she knew what she had to do.

She'll raise her child.


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