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Serena woke up from her slumber. Like always she woke up before anyone else but instead of going to her drawing room, she went to her closet and took out her running clothes and shoes. Since today she was going to see Darien for the BBQ, she wanted to get her frustrations out before she saw him. She put on her jogging shorts and a tank top, once done she put her short hair in a high pony tail and slip on her shoes and walked out but not before looking up to the drawing of her husband. She placed her finger tips to her lips and then placed them on the corner of the canvas.

She sneaked down the stairs and walked out the door. She breathes in the air and stretches her legs and arms so she won't cramp up while running. She wasn't much of a runner; Seiya was, but since he wasn't here anymore…Serena shook her head and then started to run down the driveway and turned a corner.

Serena was not happy about today, but what can she do? Tell Beryl everything and then have her on her ass, shes got that enough from Darien thank you very much; she doesn't need a craze woman too. Oh yeah, Serena knew that Beryl wasn't…you know, right in the head. Diamond told her that her real mother hated Beryl because she ruined her figure as a model. The woman would shout at her, hit her, do anything to hurt her and make her feel bad. It didn't stop until Diamond's father took her away from her. Beryl was a product of an affair between her mother and Diamond's father when he thought his marriage was over since he couldn't keep it in his pants and the wife couldn't take it anymore. Anyway, it took almost all of her childhood and some of her teenage years to recover from that trauma, but it did leave some side effect.

Like obsessing over Darien.

Serena slowed her pace when she was reaching on the top of the hill. Once on top, the sun was coming out and it made her smile. She remembered when Seiya told her that if he didn't make it then to just look out to the sun; he's always there to greet her. She couldn't help but let a tear slip out; she did miss him and now even more. She did a little wave to the sun.

"Good morning, Seiya" She whispered. She turned and walked back home.


Once she was inside, she saw her little girl in the living room watching cartoon, still in her PJ's.

"Hey there angel, watcha watching?" Serena asked her from behind and put her arms on her baby girl. Rini squealed and giggled.

"SpongeBob, Mama". She responded. Serena smiled.

"I thought you like Sailor Moon, Angel?" She said. Rini giggled.

"Silly Mommy, Sailor Moon isn't on until we had lunch" She said with a 'duh' tone. Serena smiled lovingly at her baby, and rocked her side to side.

"Well this silly Mommy is going to make breakfast, okay? I'll call you once it's done" She kissed her on the top of her head and let her go. Rini giggled and stood up on the couch.

"Okay Mommy" Then sat back down. Serena walked to the kitchen and saw all the girls and her Nana there.

"Good morning, everyone" She walked towards the stove and kissed her Nana on the cheek, who was cooking pancakes. Rini's favorite.

"Where the devil have you been girl, we have to get ready and your grandparents are coming out here, or did you forget?" Asked Luna as she flipped a pancake. Serena went to the fridge and took out eggs and turkey bacon and placed it on the counter. She rolled her eyes and grabbed a bowl.

"No I didn't forget grandpa and grandma; who can anyone forget about them, once you meet them you can never forget them". The girls giggled at that. It was true; once you meet them you can never go back. Raye went to grab the plates.

"Oh yeah, how is the old man? The last time I saw him that man tried to make a pass at me". Raye shook her head in remembrance. For an older man, he still got it. Maybe that's how he got his wife in the first place. Serena started to beat the eggs while keeping an eye on the eggs that was cooking in the stove.

"Well last I talked to him, which wasn't long ago, he's still good. Still a complainer, but the same". Serena placed the beaten eggs in a hot pan and started to scramble them. Luna rolled her eyes and muttered 'when does her ever?' which made her smile. Mina was at the table with Amy, it seems that Mina was on the phone, but she looked kind of pale and then she hung up and looked at her sheepishly.

"Guess who else Beryl invited?" She chuckled nervously. The women in the kitchen narrowed their eyes at her. Lita was the one who spoke up.

"How many and who?" Lita asked with one eyebrow raised. Mina gulped.

"Well four more and they…well…its Darien's manwhore friends". Mina pulled her hair in frustration and hit her head on the table while the girl protested.

"What the fuck was she thinking!?" Serena shouted. Amy and Luna shushed her.

"Serena! Watch that tone of yours, do you want Rini to hear you say those naughty words" Luna scold her. Amy nodded her head in agreement.

"Serena you got to be careful" Amy said softly. She was always a soft spoken person. Serena took a deep breath and let it go.

"Well…there went my peace of mind". She sighed and put her hand on her forehead, "Well what are we going to do about it, if we said no then Beryl will give us hell and I really don't want to deal with that". Raye looked at her in shock.

"So you're going to let woman walk all over you, it that it?" Serena just shook her head.

"Well what else is there to do; she already invited them, I can't just un-invited them". Raye rolled her eyes and sighed.

"Fine. Just don't let that Jadeite guy come near me or he going to end up in a ditch". Raye said his name with such distaste. He really got on her nerves. Mina smile evilly.

"So…you like him" Mina teased. Raye's left eye started to twitch and then growled.

"MINA I'M GOING TO KILL YOU ONCE I GET MY HANDS ON YOU!" Mina yelped and ran out of the room with Raye right behind her tail. Serena, Luna and Amy sighed and Lita slapped her hand on her forehead and then mouth out 'ow'.


"So you excited Darien?" Asked Jadeite, wiggling his eyebrow. He knew that Darien didn't want to go with Beryl, but since he was going to be near Serena and his little girl he was going to sacrifice himself to the devil or in this case she-devil. He didn't want to be alone in this one so he asked Beryl if the guys could come, she didn't want to so he did a lot of begging and a lot of promises he was going to regret later on, the guys were in. Malachite, Nephrite and Zoicite were okay about it but Jadeite was practically bouncing out of his seat. Once the words 'Swim trunk' came out of his mouth, Jadeite knew what that meant.

The girls were going to be in bikinis.

Jadeite likes.

"By excited, do you mean going with going with Beryl; no. Seeing Rini and Serena; yes, I am", Darien said as he loaded his bag in the trunk of his car with Jadeite's bag and closed it. He slips his sunglasses on. "Hopefully Beryl won't get any ideas that I want to be alone with her". He shuddered at the thought. He regretted ever sleeping with that crazy chick, if he only listened to Artemis.

Jadeite laughed at him, "Yeah good luck with that". He laughed out. Darien rolled his eyes at him and walked towards the driver's seat and Jadeite, the passenger side. The other three were already in Malachite's car; they were just waiting for these two clowns. Once inside, the drove to the Williams residence.


The BBQ was going to be held at the Williams private beach. Diamond and Sapphire were going to cook the burgers, the hotdogs, steaks, chicken, and the corn on the cob. The girls including Emerald and Luna were doing the side dishes. Serena told Diamond what Beryl had done so Diamond invited his friends; Andrew, Chad, Greg and Ken. He wanted to even the odds, per say. Beryl won't come until later on when the food is done. Helios and Rini were down by the shore, they couldn't get in the water unless they had an adult with them but since they were all busy so they were building sandcastles in the meantime. Diamond friends were setting up the tables, the chairs, the big umbrellas for shade, and bringing out the ice coolers filled with soda and beer (for the guys).

Back at the house, Serena heard a car pull over and looked out the window and she smiled.

"They're here!" She shouted happily and went to open the door. There stood Jack and Barbara Brentwood smiling happily, they're getting to see their granddaughter after so long of not see each other. Serena opens her arms widely with a huge grin.

"Grandma! Grandpa!" She hugged them as they hugged them back. Barbara was crying while jack was smiling lovingly at his granddaughter. It had been too long for them; Serena pulled away and let them in while pulling their luggage inside. The two Brentwood's were in awe; they never were over at Serena's house. It was the other way around with the Williams family coming over to their house.

"Damn it Serena, are you really that rich!" Jack exclaimed at her. Serena laughed while his wife looked at him in horror.

"Jack, zip it!" She said as she made a movement to 'zip the lip'. The old man rolled his eyes at his wife, that woman never let him have any fun.

"I'm just expressing my mind woman! You even said that I should". Barbara crossed her arms across her chest.

"Hmm, you twist my words for your own selfish reason. I said you should express yourself when you don't have to swear" She exclaimed.

Jack huffed, "You should be glad I didn't say fu-"

"Okay! Why don't you guys go up to your room and I'll call you for the BBQ" She cut in. If she let her grandpa finish that thought, she would have World War III in her hands. Her grandparents went up the stairs after she told them where it was, bickering all the way. She sighed and went to check on the food. All the girls were changed into their swimsuits. Raye had on what look like a two piece but in was attached in the front and the color was red. Lita had on a two piece bikini with white polka dots on them; the bottom part of her bikini had bows on both sides of her hips. Amy had on a blue Tankini; it showed off her curves nicely. Mina's was an orange two piece bikini, the top part looked like a push up bra and it had a bow in the center; the bottom part it had bows on both sides of her hips. Serena had yet to change.

"Serena aren't you going to change" Mina asked as she set the salad on the counter to take outside.

"When Darien is distracted with Beryl and I can change and go swimming with Rini, that way he isn't staring at me all day." Mina nodded at this, Raye growled behind her.

"Then why the fuck am I dressed already!? I don't that jackass staring at me all day too". Mina waved her off.

"Because I think you guys look cute together" Mina giggled and gave her 'V' signature at her. Raye picked up the wooded spoon.

"I SWEAR I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!" Raye all but shouted on the top of her lungs. Mina screamed her girly scream and ran out of the kitchen just as Luna came in. Luna stepped aside to let them run out, she shook her head; when will they ever learn. Serena kissed her Nana.

"My grandparents are here" Luna nodded her head.

"I know I heard" Serena sighed.

"They're still bickering at each other, huh". She asked but Luna shook her head again and Serena frowned, "Then what are they doing?" She asked. Luna just sighed.

"Don't ask" Is all she said. Serena looked confused.

"Then what the hell- oh my god, don't tell me that they-" Luna just nodded her head. Mina and Raye came back just to hear enough; Mina had a look of awe while Raye had a look of horror.

"Oh man, that it so-". Before Raye could finish her thought, Mina cut her.

"So romantic. That Jack; still can make his wife all hot and-". The girls and Luna groaned at her, telling her to stop. Serena put her face in her palms and shook her head.

"Man, this is just great. What else could go wrong?" Just then the sounds of cars sounded outside. Amy looked out the window.

"The others are here". She spoke softly then paused herself, "Hey Serena, have you told your grandparents that Darien was coming over?" Serena stiffens and then groans loudly in her hands.

"I just had to ask" Is all she said.

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