Reunion Troyella Story

Edited: Changed the storyline

Had it really been fifteen years since we graduated? Had it been ten since I last saw Troy? Everything changed like I knew it would.

"yes Taylor I just got off the plane" I said into my cellphone, talking to my best friend.

"we're waiting at the luggage claim" Taylor said

"yes mom I'll meet you there" I said giggling

"very funny" she said giggling to.

I walked through the airport, I had missed Albuquerque, it seemed the same. I got the luggage claim and saw three familiar faces. I smiled.

"Gabby" Taylor yelled as she ran and hugged me

"Tay you saw me a few months ago" I said returning her hug.

"you know if you two are gonna make a scene I can take Maddie and wait in the car" Chad said smiling but his tone was serious

"same old Chad, you think marriage and fatherhood would change that" I said smirking

"Gabriella" Maddie the five year old said letting go of her fathers hand and ran towards me.

"oh maddie have you grown?" I asking as I picked her up

"no" maddie said shaking her head along with the curls she inherited from her father.

"well I have a present for you since I missed your birthday" I said

"where is it?" maddie asked as I put her down

"in my suitcase, you get it when we get to your house" I said smiling.

"ok" maddie replied as she walked back to her dad

"so do I get a hug now or is there someone else you wanna hug first" Chad asked

"no your the only other person left to hug" I said hugging Chad.

"best for last" he said

I laughed. Chad was still the same. It was glad nothing changed to much. I grabbed my luggage as it came around the carousel. I heard my phone go off as I walked to the car rental place with Chad and Taylor.

"hey Kelsey" I said answering

"hey ryan and I get in tomorrow in the afternoon so I was thinking we could meet up for dinner that night" Kelsey said as soon as I said hello.

"yeah thats fine I'll call and make reservations somewhere and I'll call you back" I said signing the form infront of me as I got the keys to my rental car.

"perfect, tell Taylor to stop calling me about our flight she knows we get in tomorrow" she said, I could hear a piano in the background.

"will do see you kels" I said

"bye Gabs" she said hanging up

"Taylor Kelsey said stop calling her about their flight" I said giggling and wheeling my luggage out to my car.

"like that will happen" Chad said loud enough for us to hear.

"be nice to your wife Chad" Taylor said hitting him on the back of the head.

"daddy in trouble" maddie giggled

"oh really now maddie" he said chasing after her.

I laughed he was such a dad now. I unlocked the trunk and put my bags in.

"I'll meet you guys at your house" I said closing the trunk and opening the door.

"you sure" Taylor asked me

"yeah I just wanna go by the school for a minute" I said sliding in

"see you Gabs" Chad said putting maddie over his shoulder.

I laughed and drove off. I drove the familiar roads as I reached East High. I smiled red and white. The school hadn't changed. I got out and locked the car, I walked in and went down the hall to the classroom I was so used to. I saw Mrs. Darbus sitting in her chair placed in the front of the room. I knocked and she looked up from her clipboard.

"Ms. Montez what a wonderful surprise" she said smiling

"I thought I would come by and say hello" I said

"well tell me how is the world of law" she said putting her clipboard aside.

"something new every week" I said sitting onto a desk in the front row.

"well you're living your dream" she said

"I am, is it ok if I look around the room?" I asked standing up.

"of course, I was looking over the list for musicale auditions" Mrs. Darbus said smiling at me as I made my way to the back of the room. And then I saw it. The photos from Twinkle Towne. Still up after all these years. I looked at the one of Troy and I. We were so happy so in love, now we didn't even speak.

I got to Taylor and chad's house and they were on the porch watching maddie play with Sam their dog. I got my luggage out and walked towards the house.

"so enjoy your tour" Chad asked me.

"I did, I saw Mrs. Darbus and she's still the same" I said setting my luggage down.

"I bet, I think she would teach until they make her stop" Chad said laughing

"most likely" I said sitting on a patio chair.

"what's wrong Gabs?" Taylor asked me

"I saw some old pictures of Troy and I" I said looking at maddie chase Sam around

"Chad can you give me and Gabriella a moment?" Taylor asked more like demanded

"sure" Chad said getting up and jogging to the yard to play with his daughter.

"it's obvious you still love Troy gab" Taylor said moving into the chair Chad had just left.

"Taylor it doesnt matter, he wanted things to end, if he didn't we would be married by now" I said running my fingers through my hair.

"I see what this is about, you feel weird because everyone is married with kids" Taylor said putting her hand on mine.

"I doubt Sharpay and Zeke have kids" I said trying to picture her pregnant.

"I don't know married for five years anything can happen" Taylor said, I could tell she was picturing it too.

"I'm surprised they even got married" I said thinking back to all the times Zeke had been rejected

"it took the girl time" Taylor said laughing.

"hey enough depressing gabby, so tell me anything new since I last saw you" I asked hoping a change from the subject of my love life.

"nothing major" Taylor replied smiling

"oh yeah like that smile is convincing" I said studying her face to get an indication of what she was hiding from me.

"well Chad and I are having another baby" Taylor smiled as she looked at Chad who was watching our whole conversation.

"hey danforth thanks for impregnating my best friend again" I yelled, which caused Chad to run on the porch.

"sorry Gabs we thought it was time for Maddie to get a brother" Chad said, I could tell what he was hoping for.

"well I'm happy for the both of you" I said standing. "now I get to spoil two kids, hey Maddie are you gonna help me unpack" I yelled, immediately getting the energy filled five year old at my side.

"yeah" Maddie said poking my suitcase, I knew she was waiting for her gift.

"let's go then" I said grabbing her hand and the handle of my suitcase. I walked inside to the guest room upstairs the whole time Maddie following behind me humming. We got to the guest room and I set my suitcase on the bed, I opened it, finding the wrapped box right on top.

"you still wanna be a doctor right Mads?" I asked handing the box to her

"yeah" she replied ripping the wrapping paper to find her gift. "a doctor kit, thanks Gabriella" she said hugging me and hopping off to show her mom. I laughed and yelled 'you're welcome as I started to unpack, my mind replying my talk with Taylor. And then I thought back to my time with Troy.