Thank you to everyone who has stuck around with this story. I apologize for the many weeks of inactivity since school kind of got bitchy and threw paper after paper at me but this is chapter 2 so I hope you enjoy and to be honest I have no idea when chapter 3 will be up, depends on how crappy school gets.

Chapter 2: A Council of Desperation

Shadedulath was trying to pass the time by looking at the massive map that filled one wall of the study. The map showed the land that surround Dragoth and according to this map this land was a realm of kindness towards civilizations. The lands were filled with good hunting grounds and had no predators able to endanger dragons, humans, moles, or Avalarians. Gentle lakes dotted the surrounding land and the mountains themselves looked to be kind enough to provide relatively safe passes. If needed, the Shadows of Katsumoto and the other races could all rebuild here.

Shadedulath examined the map for a few more minutes before turning back to his men, all of whom were silent and had downcast looks on their faces. Shadedulath felt the same as they did but tried to hide it to encourage the men. Obviously it was not working.

The doors to the study opened and Spyro and Cynder walked in dressed in formal dragon robes, which matched their scales.

As they entered the men turned and bowed to them all muttering, "Lord of Time, Lady of Time."

Spyro smiled as he saw who his guests were. He had not seen his friends for a few months now and was happy to see them here.

"Welcome my friends," Spyro announced, "It is good to see all of you once more."

"It is good to see you as well Spyro," Shadedulath replied, "But we come with dire news that requires your knowledge."

Spyro's face transformed into one of concern as he asked, "What is happening?"

Shadedulath recounted the event that took place only a few hours earlier. All the while Spyro and Cynder grew more concerned and disturbed.

"A dragon was sent by the Ancestors to cleanse the land," Spyro said aloud, "The lands have recovered well from the wars. There is very little that remains of Malefor and Marthaeter's deeds."

Cynder joined in the conversation saying, "It doesn't make sense. Why would the Ancestors do this when it would take so many lives in the process?"

"I do not know," Shadedulath replied, "We are unsure exactly how to respond to this action."

"How so?" Spyro asked.

Walker stepped forward and stated, "I myself feel that we should strike at the dragon to prevent the destruction it told us of."

Hotakata quickly entered the conversation with, "I see that striking a messenger or possibly an Ancestor itself would doom us all. If we accept that the land we know will be recreated and we find refuge somewhere for the time being we might be allowed to return when this passes. The last thing we should do is attack the dragon."

Spyro ran the scenarios through his head and contemplated the results before speaking, "Either situation is undesirable for us all but I do not see either of your ideas going…well. I have an idea that might convince the dragon otherwise."

"Thank you Lord of Time," Shadedulath said as he bowed, "We are in your debt once more."

Spyro and Cynder returned the gesture as a sign of respect to their friends.

"You may stay the night here if you will," Spyro offered, "I must look into a number of things before I speak with this dragon."

"We will accept the offer," Shadedulath replied, "Thank you."

The moonlight shown into the great library bringing light to the areas of the hall where no torch lamps were lit. Spyro was at a large table that acted as a dividing point between the library and the space which the pool of visions occupied.

One this table was numerous books, all of which were in ancient leather coverings. He searched through them seeking an ancient prophecy which he read many years ago. At first he believed that this prophecy was irrelevant due to the deaths of Malefor and Marthaeter but now this prophecy held the key to what would happen next.

It was not until shortly after the sun rose the next morning that
Spyro found what he was looking for.

Darkness will not exist for many years but this tranquility shall not last

The lands will be cleansed by an Ancestor to redeem the evils that took place

An approaching evil should be felled low by the holy fire but it will not

Late it will arrive and cleansing fire will be a memory of the old

The Great Betrayer shall corrupt the minds and hearts of the weak

The Eternal War shall continue on the sacred soil corrupting it once more

The strong shall stand resolve in their faith

An Ancestor shall stand with them and oppose the Betrayer

Great strife lies between them and can be resolved only through death

Spyro had not notice that Cynder was standing next to him when he finished until he felt her nuzzle his neck.

"By the Ancestors," Spyro said in a surprised tone, "When did you get here?"

"Only a moment ago," Cynder replied, "You didn't come to bed last night."

"I was up searching for this," Spyro replied.

Cynder read through it and once she was finished she turned to Spyro and embraced him. He could tell that she was worried that another war was going to take place which carried the very likely event of him dying.

"Cynder," Spyro cooed as he wrapped his wings around her keeping her close, "You won't lose me."

He could hear her crying and he knew that this was weighing heavily on her.

"How can you say that?" Cynder replied, "I lost you so many times before and you almost died the last time. I can't stand to lose you again Spyro. You mean too much to me."

"What can I say?" Spyro thought, "I can't guarantee that I won't die."

Silence hung in the air between the two for a short time all the while making things uncomfortable for Spyro.

He finally spoke saying, "I can't promise that things are going to be completely okay. We have to trust that the Ancestors and the Divine One will not allow this to happen."

This calmed down Cynder a bit as her sobs slowly vanished but she held Spyro close as if this action would keep him from all harm and danger.