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Chapter 5: Ancient Memories

Spyro remained silent for some time making sure to remember what he was just told for future use. No one spoke as Draco was reliving his past while the Chronicler stared at the image of the white dragon standing over the dead black dragon.

Spyro broke the silence asking, "How can we prepare for the Banished?"

"No mortal as much of a chance against the Banished in a battle," the Chronicler answered, "So it will fall upon us."

"Is there nothing that the warriors in my world can do?" Spyro questioned.

The Chronicler solemnly stated, "Stay clear of him and stay true to their faith in the Divine One and they will have done more than we hoped they were capable of."

Spyro did not like the answer but knew it would keep most of them safe.

"I take it that Cynder cannot help against him either?" asked Spyro.

"She would be able to hold her own in a fight," the Chronicler replied, "But that is not what concerns us."

"What do you mean?" Spyro inquired.

"Remember what I told you," the Chronicler stated, "The Banished is an intelligent and cunning being. If Cynder were to fight with you I can certainly imagine that he would be able to twist her mind and turn her against you."

Spyro's blood ran cold as he heard this and fear was evident on his face as he pictured Cynder being reduced to the service of another evil force.

"I cannot allow that to happen again," Spyro thought, "It was bad enough when Malefor controlled her and if she was corrupted again…I…I would not be able to fight her much less harm her in any way. It would only make things more difficult."

"I understand that the two of you have faced many dangers together over the years," the Chronicler stated, "But for her sake she should not accompany you when you face him."

"Your reaction is natural young one," Draco commented, "You can be turned likewise into a tool for his use against those you love but you will find that it will take a great deal of time and effort on my brother's part."

"So I will have to kill him myself?" Spyro asked.

"If the Divine One may send Draco to deal with him if he sees its required but if not then yes it will fall to you and you alone," the Chronicler replied.

Draco informed Spyro, "You have heard a brief retelling of what happened but you will require what I know and so I will show you what I feel you need."

Draco placed both hands against the edge of the pool and closed his eyes. His face furrowed as he searched through untold years of memories and thoughts. After several minutes the pool glowed with a pure white light.

"If you would step into the pool," Draco said, "We may begin."

Spyro looked to the Chronicler who nodded. Spyro took a few steps into the pool until we was standing in the center. The liquid came only up to his knees. After a few seconds he began to slowly sink into the liquid.

"Remain calm," the Chronicler stated as he saw Spyro's face displayed the sense of panic, "Keep your mind clear."

Spyro slowly calmed himself down and continued to sink into the liquid. His nervousness only returned when the liquid rose above his head. He looked around for a way out but was unable to move and soon his vision blurred and eventually faded as he lost consciousness.

Spyro awoke and immediately wished he had not done so. His eyes burned from the blinding white light that filled his vision. Spyro heard numerous voices talking in commanding but gentle tones.

To him it sounded like someone was delivering news from a far off land. In fact it sounded like goods news from the joy that was heard in the conversation. Spyro's vision returned enough so that he could see blurred shapes and stood up but felt disoriented.

After a few more exchanges in the conversation Spyro had regained his eyesight and began taking in all that was around him. Spyro found himself standing near the center of a large room with pearly colored walls that seemed to illuminate the lighting for the room. The room was circular with numerous alcoves each with pool just like the one in the Temple of the Twilight Realm.

In front of each of these pools stood a human bodied figure all of which did nothing but stare into the pool with incredible focus, undisturbed by the events around them. All of them wore white robes similar to Draco's with gold trimmings and details embroidered into the white fabric. The color of their hair ranged from snow white to silvery grey.

Spyro noticed one of the many beings turn towards him and advanced. Spyro was surprised to see that it was Draco. Spyro approached Draco to greet him but the celestial walked straight through Spyro as if he was nothing more than smoke in the air. Spyro watched Draco as he approached the center of the room and bowed to the figure before him.

This being was dressed in identical clothing as all the others in the room, had dark, silvery hair which was long, reaching half way down his back, and his eyes were the color of storm clouds.

The center figure bowed in return and asked, "What news do you have brother?"

"I believe a cleansing is required on one of the worlds in my plane," Draco answered.

"A cleansing?" he stated, "Who is trying to influence the people?"

Draco responded with the name that bore no meaning to Spyro but it did cause a slight change in the central figures' expression.

"While she can do some damage I do not think a cleansing is required," he stated.

"I would disagree," Draco retorted, "You give her too little credit for the damage she has done."

"She has done nothing that we were not able to undo with conventional methods," the figure replied, "You forget that I am in charge and I was not given this post if I did not qualify for it. You are going to have to trust me in this brother."

Spyro's vision darkened but he retained his consciousness and a moment later his vision returned finding himself in a room that was lit only by a small orb of light. The orb hovered a few feet above a desk with a series of large books and scrolls. Sitting at the desk was Draco who searched through the scrolls and books, occasionally scratching something down on a black scroll.

Spyro approached the desk curious of what Draco was looking through. Spyro watched as Draco read over each page at incredible speeds taking notes at an equal rate.

Unable to keep up with Draco, Spyro turned to the scroll that Draco was taking notes on. He started from the top and read his way down. After few lines Spyro realized that the notes that Draco was taking was a list of actions that the Ancestors took against their fallen kin. Spyro noticed that while several requests for cleansing in his plane were asked for but not a single one has taken place. Next to each one of these typically was any of the following three reasons in parenthesis: not enough evidence to act on, waiting for an experienced Ancestor to conduct, or corrupted being abandoned world.

Spyro continued to watch as Draco wrote down more instances where a cleansing was not conducted until Draco stood up and filed away the books and scrolls. Spyro looked towards the bottom of the scroll and read the last line,

Ancestor of the Watch's comments – This plane of existence has endured several small attempts of corruption on its people. None of which have succeed thanks to the faithful nature of its souls. Although several more minor attempts have taken place recently there is no need for concern or action to be taken. Any success by corrupters in this plane has been quickly destroyed by its own people.

Draco finished, grabbed the scroll off the desk, and stormed out of the chamber. Spyro's vision faded again. A few moments later he found himself in a primitive city built out of stone and wood. All around him the inhabitants went about with their daily lives.

Spyro was curious of what the inhabitants exactly were. Humanoid in shape, with long fur covering the body, a long slender tail, clawed hands, and canine shaped heads. Spyro noted how they were similar to the Avalarians to a degree.

Growls and howling filled the air suddenly as the inhabitants looked to the sky. A bright light filled the sky, surpassing that of the sun itself. The source of the light fell to the earth a short distant from the city with a thundering noise.

For a handful of minutes not a soul moved, their attention fixed on the direction of the impact. A figure dressed in white came into view and one of the inhabitants approached the white figure, exchanged greetings before running toward the center of the city.

People began to gather on the edge of the city and whisper to one another in fear. Spyro approached the figure and discovered that it was Draco as he thought. He was close enough to see that Draco had a worried expression on his face.

The people gathering around the edge of the city split allowing three elderly creatures through with several warriors that acted as their guards.

When they arrived in front of Draco the middle elder asked, "Welcome what is one of your position doing here?"

Draco replied, "I am here to inquire about a recent visitor."

"And who might that be?" asked another elder.

"A being much like myself but fallen and dark," Draco said, "She visited this place less than a year ago."

One of the elders spoke up asking, "I believe you are referring to the terrible Banshee? She did visit as you said."

"What did she do here?" Draco asked.

"As far as we can tell she destroyed several small farming villages and left shortly after," an elder replied.

"Did you find anything unusual or any survivors?" Draco questioned.

"The only survivors were those that fled into the fields when the attack started," another elder answered.

"Interesting," Draco said more to himself than out loud. Draco pondered this over for but a moment before he asked, "Can you tell me where these survivors are?"

"What for?" asked an elder.

"I want to see if they know why she was here and what she did," Draco replied.

"I am sorry but you cannot," an elder stated, "They need rest from their ordeal."

"I can easily cure them of anything that is troubling them," Draco stated, "This is urgent and I need answers."

"I am sorry but you cannot see them?" the first elder insisted.

Draco stopped and stared at him, eyes piercing through the elder's soul, seeing what he was hiding. The elder shied away from Draco's gaze and finally when Draco came back to the moment the look on his face froze the blood in Spyro's veins.

"I thought so," Draco stated as his anger built up.

Draco's fury came into reality when gold energy emanated from his form. Draco's body was covered over a layer of fluctuating energy that slowly built up and began to form a sphere around him.

"Kill him!" the elders shouted.

"Whoever brings him before us dead will earn the Banished's favor," the first elder added.

The group joined the guards that rushed towards Draco. The people who were curious onlookers had turned into crazed zealots.

Draco's form grew brighter and his voice rang out with power that transcended this realm, "You have turned your backs on the Divine One, the one who gave you life and all that exists. But you have strayed and fallen to the empty words of those corrupted beings and so you shall receive the same treatment we gave them."

The energy raced out from Draco and washed over those present, removing them completely from this plane of existence. The energy continued until the entire city was engulfed and finally the energy faded revealing nothing but the structures in the city. All the inhabitants were wiped clear as was their heresy.

"Join your corrupters in their eternal damnation," Draco stated.

Draco's form shifted into that of pure light and left the place. Spyro looked back on the empty city and soon enough his vision faded into black.

Spyro waited for his vision to return and was a bit troubled when it did not. He waited for a few moments hoping that he would be able to see what event was next when an explosion of bright light flooded his vision.

Spyro turned away from the light until he felt his vision had adjusted. He turned back to witness another light. The light was not as intense as the previous one and he could make out two figures, one in all white and the other in all black.

"Come now brother," came a voice, "You know that this is a waste of your time."

"A waste of time?" another voice sounded, "Our duty is to stop the evil that you have embraced, if anything you have wasted your time twisting your pact with Lucifer. You are supposed to weed out the worst of the worst and those lost beyond redemption, instead you have created more of these."

"Draco, you see so little," replied the first voice, "This path is inevitable for us. Lucifer was the first to open his eyes and follow his own path. We all will take this path in the end, in fact you already have started with this attack of yours."

"I am doing my duty to the Divine One, opposing those who have fallen," Draco replied, "Your path is not the same of Lucifer's and yours shall only lead you to ruin and damnation."

Draco swung his right arm and a wave of gold light launched itself at the black figure. The black figure flung his arms out and what looked like red fire met the gold energy causing another explosion of light.

The light faded away and the black figure spoke, "Your Divine One is blind. I took my path hundreds of years ago and the 'almighty' has done nothing to stop me from spying on all the realms we influence."

"He knows of your actions and the reason for allowing you to stay will reveal itself in time," Draco replied.

"You are just as blind," the figure stated as his arms danced in a series of sharp movements before red fire erupted from his hands towards Draco.

Draco responded with a wave of his arms across his form bring a golden barrier in front of him to meet the flames which flowed over the barrier. The jet of red flames continued for a full minute before it ended.

The last of the flames died out the barrier faded and Draco lashed out with both arms and golden light flowed from his hands. The beams became fluid like whips as they traveled towards the black figure.

The figure evaded the whips and Draco swung them again only to meet empty space. Draco continued to unleash a frenzy of attacks with the whips but the figure evaded them all.

Draco ceased his attack letting the whips fade away before speaking, "Looks like you have improved your agility."

"I have but it would not have mattered," the figure replied, "You know that your last attack would have done little harm to me."

"The strikes themselves yes but if you were in the grips on one of my whips I could have ended you," Draco stated, "Would you like me to demonstrate?"

"You would end me in the physical sense and you know that," the figure laughed, "I will eventually return to the material planes."

"But it would buy us time to undo what you have done," Draco responded.

"Undo what I did," the figure taunted, "I can easily reapply my…influence."

Draco glared at the figure and answered only with a beam of light. The beam approached the figure who simply faded into the darkness.

"You disappoint me Draco," he stated, "I expected much more from my own brother."

Draco remained motionless but began to glow with white light which intensified as time passed. After a few seconds the light formed a sphere around Draco.

"You expected more did you?" Draco mocked, "By the Divine One's will and the power he has gifted me with I hereby take away your name."

Spyro listened careful for the name but heard nothing while seeing Draco speak the name.

"You will no longer be known by your holy name and instead you are branded as the Banished. As your name states you are forever banished from the Divine One's realm and all realms he watches and protects," Draco proclaimed.

"You have no power over me Draco," the Banished shouted from the darkness, "Your words are empty."

"I shall prove their power," Draco smiled.

The light grew, expanding immensely and quickly. The light threw back the darkness and when it reached the Banished's location curses could clearly be heard as he was ripped from the material plane.

The light faded away and Draco was alone in the darkness, "I will be ready for you next time."

Spyro woke up to find himself surrounded by stone walls that were tainted blue. Spyro slowly got to his feet and say he was back in the Temple of Twilight.

"Welcome back Spyro," the Chronicler greeted.

"You have seen what I deemed necessary for you to know," Draco plainly stated, "Now…do you know how to defeat the Banished?"

Spyro was slow to answer, reviewing what he had seen, "You were unable to destroy him entirely and you are much stronger than myself. So I would say that I must try to reason with him and try to help redeem him."

"That is the way that we Ancestors are supposed to act but in this case it is worthless and will only be a waste of time," Draco corrected, "Let us try this again."

Spyro stepped back into the pool and sank, once more reliving the memories.