-In which, Sakura and Konoha 11 have already foreseen Sasuke's return and this is their reactions to when he does come back…

Yay! This is my 29th fanfic and my 13th oneshot! Yay! It's based loosely on one of the stories from Azumanga Daioh. Enjoy!

NOTE: Dialogue is only between Team 7.

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❤❀~He's Going to Jail~❀❤

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"Hey, Sakura-chan! Everyone! Look who's back!"

"Eh? Sasuke-kun? You . . . you actually came back?"


"Gee, don't you think that was a bit stupid? I mean, you're an international criminal and even sided with Akatsuki. Aren't you scared you'll get thrown in jail or executed?"

"Hey, don't worry, Sakura-chan! I'll make sure the Teme's not going to jail."

Sakura just awkwardly smiled before turning to the rest of Konoha 11. "Get those words of consolidation ready!"

And everyone just nodded.

"EH? Don't anyone of you believe in the Teme?"

"Dobe, they just don't believe in you."

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Done! So . . . what ya think?