-In which, Shikamaru can't decide and Choji gives advice

Okay, another chapter for fun since I can't decide which pair I like better: ShikaIno or ShikaTema.

And also, I'm guessing you all can tell that this fanfic isn't a oneshot anymore. It's more like a drabble thing of many different onshots or something like that. (Sorry, my termology isn't that good.)

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❤❀~Choji's Wisdom~❀❤

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"Well, there's only one thing to do, Shikamaru."

"What's that?"

"Dump them both and come with me to the new BBQ resturant down the street. My treat."

[Insert glares]

"Okay, fine. We can order take out. Then we stare at the clouds."

"Oh, you're no help at all!"

✿°. ·∴终わる∴· . °✿

°∴✿° ·°✿∴° .·°∴°·. °∴✿°· °✿∴°

So . . . you guys like it? And also, just so I have a feeling of who's on which side, are you a ShikaIno fan or ShikaTema fan?