(Wow, I got that many reviews already)(Anyways, You guys asked for, KANAME KURAN!)(I will be in Brackets, Kaname Bold)

is kaname a virgin?
Ugh... Maybe (He is a Virgin, He hasn't done it with Yuki Yet *Wink*
what kind of music does he listen to?
I like Classical
is he an uke or seme?
I can't say
did it pleasure kaname to have zero drink from him?
No, Not all from the Filthy Thing (*Stuns Kaname* TskTsk)



1. Stay the hell away from me ( aghh that bastard always looking at me)
Your the One who stalks me, Kiryuu-Kun
2. See you in hell ^^ *with Bloody Rose in hand*
I'll make sure I'll drag you with me
3. Stay away from Yuki! u.u
Leave her alone you Bastard.
Ichiru-kun: he's jealous of her

Zero: I'm not

Ichiru-kun: Tell the true you love Kaname-sempai

Zero: Waaaa that's not true *blushing*

Cross-san: Kawaii Zero-chan is blushing

Zero: Shut up Cross

Cross-san: Nee Kaname-kun believe me when I say that Zero is in love with you

*Zero appears with his gun poiting at Cross*

Yuki: Hello Onii-sama etto are you in love with Zero? *blushes and giggles*

Aidou: Kaname-sama Kaname-sama you can't be in love with the level E *cries and holds Kaname not leting go*

Ruka: AIDOU! Stop touching Kaname-sama!

Takuma: This is funny

Rima and Shiki: How boring

Zero: You heard me vampire stay the hell away from me!

*he was blushing*

Ichiru: But nii-chan yesterday you were dreaming with Kaname-sempai



Have you ever read any fanfics of you and Yuuki together?
Yes, I like it.
What do you think of Aidou?
He is good for bitch-slapping (That's not Nice, Kuran)
What do you think of Aidouxyuuki? That's really disgusting, that Guy better stay away from her




Just Playing. But I do hate your guts. *smiles innocently*

Questions, right!

1. If you were locked inside a room with Zero, NAKED, what would you do. *wink wink*
I would kis- I mean Kick that Bastard's Ass for Touching Yuuki
2. Kiss Zero. :3
Hell no (Kaname, Be Cool)
3. I always did despise you. :D
So, I hate you too (Lol Liabb, You said you like Kaname and Yuuki Together)
4. But KanamexZero is too aodrable to ignore!
*Kills all of the authors*
5. I dare you to grope Zero in front of everyone. The Night class, the fangirling girls, EVERYONE. :D
No-o, I will not (Ugh, Just do it, It says in the contract) o.o
6. Buy me Chocolate?
Fine *Buys Chocolate and Gives you it* Happy now!
7. ...I've noticed that I have only asked you about 2 questions. xD
So, I don't care
8. ...

9. Kiss Beyond Birthday from Death Note. x3
Why, I don't who that is.
10. VladxKristoff, VladxHenry, VladxJoss, DorianxVlad, OtisxVikas, KristroffxSprat, or VladxSprat? xD I bet youd on't know what I'm talking about, huh? xD Just choose one. :3

Good Ridence (*Slaps Kaname* She the one who inspired me to do this. Shiki, Can you come here for a minute, Cousin) o.o...

Well I hope you guys got your juice of Kaname-Kuran

Ugh, Now I have to reply to force him to reply after this.

Shout-out to LIABB, Nice to have her Questions

See ya Soon