(Hey, Guys, I am back. Kaname was being stubborn today, So I had to force him to answer this round of questions, It took a lot of help from my Cousin, Senri *Cackles Evilly* and lot of telekinesis. Also I been so addicted to this dating sim game on this website by Nummyz (Bomee) And I been dating this guy called Fantom and he is super hot.)Night Class Boys: *Veen* (Not that you boys are super , Let's go)(HERE'S KANAME KURAN!)


*evil laugh*
(I feel the same way, LIABB)
I love this. :3
(Me too, Torturing Kuran is Fun) *Whimpers*
1. What chapter did I say that? O.e
(You said it one of your Ask Kiryuu-kun, a couple of chapters before my question)
2. ...Wanna go to Italy with me?
He-(Polite, Kuran) No thank-you (XD)
3. What about Mexico? ;3
4. France?
5. England?
6. My room? :3
O.O, Night Class, RUN! (o.o*)
7. Zero's room? ;D
8. I know you want to!
Thank-you but I DENY the offer
9. Oh... Okay, pull your pants and boxers down! I must know!
(Kaname, You gotta do what the girls ask you to do) Fine!, *Pulls Pants and Boxers down*
10. Choose one! Anal or Oral SEX! ...~whisper:To Zero~. :3
(I seriously do not know what you mean, so I make Kaname say...) Screw you
Good Riddance (Kaname!)
PS. Yes, I do, don't I? Xd


Hello~ well...um... I would rather ask a girl... but do female vampires... you know, go through that "process" like human girls do? (aka period) And if they do, does anything happen among the other vampires? Sorry, this question has been nagging me ever since my cousin got obsessed with vampires!

(Senri, Kaname, Leave now!) What does she mean, you mean... (YESH!, NOW GO!)(Sorry about that, but I can answer your question, since I am a Half-Blood. Yes, Vampire Girls do go through Periods and Puberty. Now since Periods coincide with Blood, you think the boys would go crazy, right?. Well They do not and they are like mortal girls like you, they go through this process)


Hi hi! I was just wondering, hmm... do you remember who your first partner was? I mean you must've had a wife or partner to create the Kuran family...

o.o (Kaname...) Oh yes, I remember now. Her name was Kari, She belonged to the Izuyoi Family. She was a lot like Yuuki and she looked like Yuuki(And I happen to belong to the Izuyoi family and no, Kaname is only my second-cousin)


1)If Yuuki loved someone else, what would you do? And if you do let her go, is it possible that one day you'll find someone else?
(*Snigger* She must mean *Whisper* Zero* Whisper*) If she choose to be with someone else, I would let her go, like that. If they made her happy, then I would let her go. (O.o, Not even I expected that kind of statement)
2)If you came into my world, and somehow woke up in... let's say my house(not in a creepy kidnapper way), what would you do?
(Firstly, How the Hell would you end up there?) O.o. I just try to find out way, like through the front or back door.
3)How about if I ended up in your world?
Then if you wouldn't bother me, then I wouldn't mind. (Actually I would like that, So I wouldn't have deal with my annoying Second Cousin *Shove*)
4)Do you believe in other worlds? Sorry I have a thing for stuff like this b/c of Tsubasa...
(I like Tsubasa) Actually, I kind of do believe in Other Worlds. (I know what ya talking about because, there a Doctor Who Fan right here. *Whisper* Meh)
5)NOT TO BE PERVERTED, I JUST WANT TO KNOW HOW YOU WOULD REALLY ACT: What would your reaction be if you saw a nice looking female pureblood in her undergarments? How about if it was Yuuki? Me? (haha, I actually look sort of similar to Yuuki, but people tell me I'm more of a pretty but creepy porcelain doll! :D )

(Now that would something I like to see, Well since this way off my hands but I like Senri to answer this question as well.) Senri: o.o* (*Cackles Evilly. BTW, Cackle is a type of laughing)
Well... I answer I'll answer you first. I would just glance at you and then walk away. (Senri?) Senri: Well, Why I come across You in the first place. (Answer it!) Senri: 0.0*. Okay, I would just ask you why you are here in the first place and leave. (What about Yuuki) Well Actually I would stay with her, since she is my wife. Senri: Well, I would just leave Cross and Kaname-sama to do whatever, or some, "Business" *Smirk* (*Smirk* Now the Random Female?) Well, I would just shout at her and leave. Senri: Glance at her for a second and shut the door.
Thank you for your time, oh and I like you! You have the traits and physical features of my ideal husband... / I can't believe just typed that...

Thank-you... I think (o.o* Typical)


Hello Kaname-san! Can I call you that? :O
1)Anyways I'll be honest: I absolutely detest any form of Yaoi(no offense to yaoi fans, it's just me), so how do you feel when fans make fanfics of you and... particular male characters?
I feel disgusted, I mean, I would not picture myself with any other boy. (Zero?) No, Not even that filthy Made-Vampire. (Boys and Girls, That what you called a Human turned into a Vampire, A Made-Vampire)
I just wanted to say I like you. A lot. But I don't like you in a fangirl way, it's hard to explain. But you are everything that I would want for my ideal future husband(and brother at the least, I always wanted one, but he died through miscarriage...), so I just wanted to say Yuuki is a lucky girl. And I wish that you'll be more happy in the future...

Why thank-you alot and to be kind, I'll do this (...) *Kisses your forehead* (Awww)

Sailor Sirius

Omgosh this is sooo FUN XP
(That's why I created this in the first place)
Hi again, you incesty bastard .
Oh Crap! (...)
1. Why did that stab in the heart not kill you?
Because Vampire Flesh can heal if the weapon is not a implanting weapon (aka. That why people say Stakes kill Vampires, Cause they Implant and Vampires flesh can't heal around a implanted weapon)
2. Actually I wanted you alive again so I could torture you MORE :)
Great... (Also, Don't kill him, We still have work for him *Smirk*)
3. You're just a bastard who does not have any manners.
I was nice to that last girl! (He was actually)
4. *smears your face right into a big fat MUDcake* MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
That is just not fun (I love Chocolate Mudcakes, They are delicious)
5. I dare you to go and tell EVERYONE that you're gay and you secretly LOVEEE Zero.
You can't force me too (Actually the contract stat-)
6. Too bad, I've already done it xP
O.O NO! (- Never mind)
7. And I really didn't have to do it coz we all know it's the truth and you're gonna do it anyway.
No I wouldn't.
8. Wanna go to London on this cheesy trip I organised for you and Zero?
HELL NO! (TYP-PA-CIL or Typical)
9. It even has a bigggg king sized bed for you two to enjoy xD (soo sorry Zero i am torturing you here...)
(Don't worry about Zero) No.
10. My room? xP
11. LOL you totally did not see that coming did you? xP
12. I would rather die than have you coming into my room!
13. *opens the door to Zero's room* NOW go in shoo shoo!
14. Hahaha you didn't know that Rido was in that room right? Mwahaha now you can perform more incest xP
Okay, I will stop torturing Kaname for now coz I've got to go. Bye! *evil laugh*

(Senri, get back in here)

Oh well

Senri gonna handle Kaname

So I am still free

Send me some more questions

You know you want to

Oh well, See ya Soon