So, this is my first story on this account. ^^

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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Kuroshitsuji characters. The only person I own in this is Alexandria.

Character Profile:

Name: Alexandria Saite

Race: half demon, half shinigami.

Appearance: Appears to be about 17, eyes are ice blue, hair is about to her middle back and is chocolate brown, and her contract seal is on her back left shoulder. She wears a black dress with red lace on the ends, stops just about her knees and has off the shoulder sleeves that end at her wrists, the middle looks somewhat like a corset. Her hair is usually up in a side pony tail with her bangs hanging to the side of her face.

Alex (POV)

I was walking around the new town that I had come to love. London.

Of course there was always something amiss in the large dark town. But that's why it felt like home. Even when I lived in Hell, I never felt like I belonged there. So, I left and came here.

My mother and father were dead, because of their stupid decision to be the first shinigami and demon couple to bare a child. That was a big mistake on their part.

They were killed the instant I was brought into the world.

I was placed in a small basket on a random door step of a very young couple. Mr. and Mrs. Saite raised me like one of their own, since Mrs. Sate wasn't able to bare children.

I could say I was raised to be a good little girl, but then I'd be lying.

The couple taught me how to fight for my life. By the time I was 15, they had told me it was my time to go back to Hell and learn what I needed.

I had never gone against the word of my so called parents. So, I went willingly.

Two long years later, I Finally escaped Hell once and for all. It really was a hellhole, no pun intended. This is where my story really starts.

Sorry this chapter is so short. ^^'

The next chapter will be longer.

So, maybe a little skit will help fill this?

Alex: So, is this whole story just about my life? O_o

Me: Haha, no it will eventually turn into a love story.

Alex: O_O …ehh? With who?

Me: Eh…hehe you'll find out soon enough.

Undertaker: -walks in- Why hello there~

Alex: it just me or –gulp- does he look hot?

Me: That is not just you, trust me. O_O

Undertaker: hehe, is there something wrong?~