Just a short one shot.

Laurel was happy with David but she still missed Tamani.
After a lot of decision she would write a letter to him and give it to Shar to give it to him.

I know that you probobly don't want to talk to me after what happened, Our fight.
I still wish I could talk to you and tell you I miss you.
Not that I'm not happy with David or anything but I still miss you.
Laurel didn't know what to write next until emotions took over...

Who am I kidding Tamani I love you.
You know me better than anyone else could.
You know me more than David could ever try.
I love you a lot Tamani and I am hoping you get this letter so you know how much it's true
Love You forever
The next day she gave the letter to Shar who said he would give it to him.

A week later Laurel went back again to see Shar waiting with a smile and handed her letter back, "He didn't want it?" Laurel asked trying not to cry, she had broken up with David after figuring out that she loved Tamani.
"He said to look on the other side" Shar said
Laurel took out the letter and saw her writing and then she turned it over to see another message.

I always want to talk to you I dont know why you even thought that, I don't care about our fight.
I miss you to Laurel I always have and always will.
I love you I always have and always will, It took you long enough to realise you love me but I don't care I love you Laurel.
Your the only one for me.
Love you forever to
Laurel had tears running down her cheeks, she looked up at Shar who she realised wasn't standing there now. Laurel met the bright green eyes of Tamani and smiled as he wrapped his arms around her and she hugged him back.
"I love you Laurel" He said into her hair.
"I love you to Tamani" Laurel smiled and brought her head up to kiss him.
And thats how it was mean't to be.