AN: SO I WROTE A SONG FOR KURT TO SING ON GLEE, GUYS. AND I DECIDED IT WAS WORTHY OF A FANFIC. (Warning: This is a really truly awful fic. Expect a more serious Kurt/Sam fic sometime in the near future. When I feel inspired. I WANT TO WRITE AN AU/HISTORICAL FICTION PIECE OKAY. I realize this sounds weird… Tell me your thoughts.) It's been a while since I wrote a Glee fic, so enjoy. (Oh, and the spacing is a bit messed up. That's computers for ya. :P)

Kurt Hummel sighed. It wasn't a dramatic sigh of disapproval like one may expect from Kurt, rather a genuine sigh of loneliness. He enjoyed his life at Dalton (especially when it came to his favorite extracurricular: Intimate Moments With Blaine, which only Dalton offered) but he'd finally hit a roadblock in his relationship with a certain attractive (and very dapper) young man (who happened to be the main subject of his favorite extracurricular). Despite the (seemingly) mutual attraction, Kurt couldn't help but worry that Blaine really didn't want things to go any farther, and passing comments about "not really thinking about dating at the moment" worried him. Again, Kurt Hummel sighed.

He wondered if things would have gone better back at McKinley. He really couldn't help it, knowing that obviously Dalton seemed to be the better choice with their zero tolerance policies, but the lack of individualism (and the fact that he still lacked any sort of real relationship) was a bit upsetting. Kurt constantly told himself that he was simply being mildly nostalgic, in fact, and things never could be better at McKinley, though thoughts of… A certain blonde… Frequently lingered in his mind. (A firm "dammit, what about Blaine?" usually chased these almost-fantasies away momentarily, but keeping Sam out of his head was remotely impossible lately.) He knew that his (former) crush and Quinn were probably still dating, but it really didn't make sense to him. Then again, most straight men didn't. Still, something about Sam… He'd been so sure… Dammit!

But what about Blaine? That didn't seem to be going anywhere.

Kurt would never admit it, but in the deepest of his deep fantasies, he triumphantly returned to McKinley and Sam professed his love for him. They then sang a rousing duet. (And flew away in a flying car. Happy endings ala Grease? Unrealistic, but this was one case that Kurt could totally get behind them.)

Another sigh. "Stranded at Dalton…" Kurt thought aloud, letting his mind wander into song…

"Stranded at Dalton

Branded a fool

What will they say Monday at school?"

He found himself perched delicately on the couch, allowing himself to indulge in picturing himself and Sam at an era-appropriate drive in, enjoying the latest RKO had to offer in B-movies.

"Samdy, can't you see I'm in misery

We made a start now we're apart

There's nothing left for me

Love has flown, all alone

I sit and wonder why-yi-yi-yi

Why, I left you oh Samdy

Oh Samdy baby someday when high school is done
Somehow, someway, our two worlds will be one
In heaven, forever and ever we will be
Oh please say you'll stay oh Samdy

He turned to the imaginary boy sitting next to him, reciting from perfect memorization, "Samdy my darling you hurt me real bad. You know it's true but baby you gotta believe me when I say I'm helpless without you…

"Love has flown all alone
I sit, I wonder why-yi-yi-yi
Why, I left you oh Samdy
Samdy, Samdy, why-yi-yi-yi-yi
Oh Samdy…"