well this is the first chapter of the series I decided to write and well hopefully I am able to finish the whole thing but idk. I'll try to post to chapters every one or two weeks. Well the series is about Hinata (since she's my favorite) every now and then I'll include a side chapter about other characters to explain their stories. Umm don't want to give who she'll end up with so I hope you like and continue reading it. And for those that reviewed my previous story ( it was you along) thank you help me make the storyline a bit easier and try to see who'll she end up with… so now back to the first chapter of … By Your Side

Chapter One- New Beginnings

"Where's my laptop, I know it's here...I hope...I know it has to be somewhere here", I said checking under my bed." Found it! Hey what else is under here?"

As I stuck my hand underneath my bed I found an old box. I wonder how long this has been under here. As I opened the box a felt a smile grow on my face. It was my old yearbook and photo album of when I was in sixth grade in elementary school. As I opened the pages I was greeted by my best friend Kiba's writing that was wishing me the best of luck in middle school. I grabbed a pillow from the top of my bed and began taking a stroll down memory lane. I began finding my class picture from my last year of elementary.

As I looked through the pictures everyone had the biggest smiles across their faces. We always used to be so happy back then, before when everything seemed so simple. Now a days, things don't seem that way like for instance the first picture that I see in my photo album proves to me that things are so much harder than they once were. The picture I saw was of Sakura and Ino. Sakura and Ino have been friends since third grade and it looked like they were going to stay that way but the moment they laid eyes on Sasuke that friendship was forever ruined.

The next photo was of Kiba and me, back when we barely started school. Kiba and me have been friends since kinder garden, and have been to this day. When we graduated elementary school I was worried that I would leave all my friends behind when I went to boarding school farther than everyone else but to my relief Kiba went to the same one. I never really asked him why he did that but was really glad that he did. So now that we graduated that we headed off to high school tomorrow which was also a boarding school to be assigned rooms and introduce ourselves to our roommates

Every one that I went to elementary with was supposed to attend the same one so I was glad that I would see old faces.

As I looked at the next pictures were of me, Kiba, Sakura, and Ino all of which were best of friends back in the day but not anymore, well except for me and Kiba.

"This must be the funniest picture I have of all three," I said giggling.

The picture was of Lee and Tenten trying to make Neji smile. Tenten was at his right and Lee on his left and both were sticking their index finger in his mouth making it into a smile, but he had an evil glare in his eyes.

Soon I realized that I have very few pictures of Gaara, Shino, Kankuro, Temari, and Sai. Although I do need more pictures of Shikimaru because in almost everyone his in he is sleeping. Temari was one of my closest friends besides Kiba, to this day I still receive phone calls from her even if we went to different middle school/ boarding schools. Gaara on the other hand was my best friend as well but for some reason towards the end of elementary he seemed to stop talking to me or avoided me. So I think I don't know what to think now that I'll have to see him again.

"Hey Hinata you want to take a shower first or should I?" called out Kiba

"'ll take one first cause you take forever? Just let me get my stuff ready, Kay?"

"Fine then just let me get my stuff"

Then I heard Kiba's footsteps slowly fade away. He's been here for about two weeks since I live pretty far from him he decided to visit me and stay till we start school. Honestly what would I do without him?

While I gathered my stuff to take a bath I looked through a few more pictures and stopped when I saw the pictures of Naruto, showing his signature smile and with his thumbs up in the back of my head I could still hear his catch phrase "believe it!" He was such a knucklehead but he was funny he always knew how to make you laugh but he did mess up sometimes giggling while I remembered some of them.

The next picture was of Sasuke with his Uchiha smirk that looked more like a smile trying to be forced than a smirk. Sasuke and I never really had a close relationship like Kiba but he was my friend which I would talk to.

After that picture I packed my laptop and grabbed my PJ's, underwear, slippers, and a toothbrush and went to take a shower

"Finally, I'm all done I feel so clean" I said as I was drying my hair.

I knew we should have left yesterday because now we have to wake up earlier because it is an hours get there but w, but there was one good thing about this that we had more time to pack because I needed the time

"Hey Kiba it's your turn to take a shower!" I said as neared his room.

Kiba suddenly came out of his room with his PJ's in hand ready to take a bath. I looked at him and suddenly I saw that Kiba wasn't wearing a shirt only baggy gray sweat pants. He has been my friend for over years but never saw him without his shirt. His chest was perfectly sculpted and toned and well I couldn't help but turn bright red. The more I glimpsed at his body I felt my face get redder and then turned my face to floor hoping he didn't see my face

"Hinata are you alright?" Kiba asked not knowing what he did wrong or that he wasn't wearing a shirt.

"P... Put on a ...a...sh... Shirt" it wasn't until that I spoke that I noticed that I was stuttering.

I heard his footsteps coming closer and feeling my face go redder and redder. Soon he was right in front of me I could feel his warmth radiate off of his body.

"What?" he said placing one of his hands on my shoulders.

At that my head shot up and then…

"Waaaahhh! Put on a shirt please" I pushed myself away from him and lost my balance and fell to the floor. I laid there for a while still in shock of what I had saw when I felt Kiba lifting me off the floor and gently removing my hands off my face.

"Hey I'm really sorry, I didn't notice" he said with an apologetic look on his face. "Better?" he said addressing the fact that he was wearing a shirt.

"Yes" I whispered

"I swear Hinata after being friends for most of our lives and also that I've been here for like two weeks you think you can handle seeing me shirtless, but I guess not?" he said with a grin on his face.

"You're my best friend and I don't think best friends do that"

"Whatever Hinata, you know you liked seeing me shirtless, don't dent it?" he said laughing right after.

"No I didn't! Not everyone is attracted to you" I said punching him in the chest

"Sure you didn't" this time cracking up at my weak attempt at punching him.

"you're so full of yourself at time, just go to sleep, because tomorrow we have to leave" pushing him back into his room and failed cause he easily stopped me

"Hey Hinata, I still have to take a bath" he said taking my hands off of him

"Well whose stopping you" placing my hands on my hips.

"You are shorty," he said lowering his face to be at eye level with me

I was around 5'4'' and Kiba around 5'10" so there was a major height difference between me and him.

"I'm no short you're just tall 'Kay." I said as I walked away "goodnight! "

As I got closer to my room I saw that I had two new messages on my computer. The first one was from Temari

Hey Hinata! Can u believe that tomorrow we finally get to see one another after being apart for so many years of separation? As of now I call u as my roomie! LOL hopefully we do end up as roomies Kankuro says hi and well Gaara he just sends a nod he looked so annoyed when I mentioned that I was sending you a message but still whatever happened between you two. I swear we have so much to catch up on and see u tomorrow

3 Temari

Then the next message sent me into a complete shock on which it was by

It was none other than Sasuke.

Hello feels like a long time since I wrote to you but since tomorrow I get to see you, maybe, I feel that I should say that even if we still haven't seen each other in long time I'm still your friend. And hopefully we can be like when we were kids. Well I guess I'll see you tomorrow. Bye


It felt weird to have him message me since I haven't spoken to him in long time but glad he did. Because I didn't want to lose another friend because of silence, like I had lost Gaara. Hopefully I do get to see him. Well as I got into bed I slept that tomorrow will hold many surprises for me and drifted into sleep thinking about my new life at boarding school.