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"Hey Hinata are you really that hungry?" I heard Kiba say as he joined me by my side "because you're like almost running over there?"

"A bit" not really "it's just that I want to see Temari, I didn't see her this morning remember?" plus I wanted to see Gaara and maybe Sasuke?

"Alright then but take your time, you'll see her soon" he said slowing down and so did I. and once again where would I be without Kiba, he made realize that I was too eager and his presence just naturally calms me down.

So we made ourselves over to the gates, in a more paced walk, waiting to answer the questions flowing through my head.

On the way over there I found that Temari was already there waiting along with Kankuro. And Gaara was also there, looking over to the sky.

"Hey Hinata, Kiba, Naruto!" I heard Temari yell out to us.

As soon as she said that we made our way to give her the biggest hug yet. I never thought that I would miss her so much.

"Hey you guys ready to head out to lunch?" she asked.

We all agreed with a nod and headed out the gates but the more we left the campus to get to the parking area the more I looked around hoping to spot the crimson headed Gaara. With each passing step I felt that my mind getting filled with the one person I told myself that I would forget.

"Hey Temari, where's Gaara?" I finally couldn't hold it even in.

I saw her turn around as if she actually heard me say what I had just said, and then she gave me a smirk knowing that I was looking for Gaara.

"He's out in the parking lot he is going to drive us into town along with my car and kankuro's" she answered with that same smirk running across her face.

I felt myself getting a grin on my face on the fact that Gaara was actually coming along but after today maybe we would be friends like when we were young. I think that the smile on my face was a bit big for I felt Kiba nudging on my side "well isn't someone happy that a certain red head is coming along with us" he said as he lowered his head to whisper it straight into my ear. I quickly turned red at the closeness of Kiba and the fact that he mentioned Gaara.

"Well yeah I mean we used to be really close so I'm glad that we could get back to that" looking down hoping that it would hide my scarlet cheeks.

"Uh-huh well whatever you say Hinata" he said standing straight once again.

Once we made it to the parking lots I spotted Gaara, and quickly yelled out at him. Well a bit louder than I should have for Naruto, Ino, Kankuro, and the others were a bit shocked but Temari and Kiba had that smirk on their faces even bigger than ever.

Gaara was waiting for us in his black camera, obviously new darn the Sabaku heir, looking up at the sky even after I called out to him. Once I reached Gaara I hit him on his arm hoping that will finally get his head out of the clouds.

"Ouch" he said pretending that it actually hurt him then smiled at me. Wait a smile? He's actually smiling.

"Ok you guys so how are we going to divide up?" I heard Kankuro say.

"Well…" Temari started "there's us three, Hinata, Kiba, Naruto, Ino, and I think Sasuke said he'll meet us there so I'll take Ino and Hinata and Kankuro can take Naruto and Kiba and if you want Gaara can go with you unless Gaara wants to take his own ride" Temari said making her way to her red convertible.

"I think I'll take my own ride" he said getting in.

"Alrighty then it's settled" she said waiting for us to get in and drive off.

We made it to a small dinner on the outskirts of town that just invited you in with the pleasant atmosphere and the aroma of food, which made me hungrier than I thought I was. Once out I saw that Gaara had made it here before us and was making his way towards us stopping and going right by my side.

"If it wasn't for me being mean to you I wouldn't be here?" he said with a slight chuckle.

"Well I'm glad that you did, this way I get to see you more often" I smiled at him.

"Well if you remembered anything from when we were kids you would know that I hate being with large groups of people" he said crossing his arms trying to look all high and mighty.

"well I do but this isn't a large group just a small group of friends, our friends, and that I'm not that easily intimidated by that look" crossing my arms and going on my tippy toes hoping that I'll be more at eye level with him but unfortunately I was wrong I was barely at nose to eye contact with him. But unfortunately I lost my footing and was on the point of falling backwards. But I felt Gaara's hands snake around my waist and my hands clasp onto his shirt. With force I pulled myself to him and came crashed my cheek onto his chest. I stood there for a while scared on the thought I nearly fell and the fact that I felt so protected in Gaara's warm and strong arms. I looked up to see that he was looking at me and then I felt his hands tighten around my waist and felt my hands clench harder to his shirt. The bloold under gaara's arms burned with the electricity that flooded through my blood. Wait, in his arms!

"You ok?" he said with eyes full of care and kindness. But coming back to reality I instantly shoved myself out of his arms hoping that no one saw what had just occurred between me and Gaara. But as I looked around Ino had her mouth hung open and Temari was shocked as well. Thankfully Kiba wasn't around or I'd never hear the end of this.

"Thanks Gaara" I said looking down shielding my face from him with my violet bangs.

At that I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked up to his beautiful desert blue eyes. He was still so close that I felt the heat of his skin radiate off his body onto mine. The hand that was on my shoulder slowly ran down my arm and stopped at my elbow only to hold it. The path that his hand took left my arm still tingling from his touch along with the boiling blood that his touch left me.

"You sure you're ok? You're really red" he said while tilting to get a better look at me.

"Yeah it's just the fact that I feel really embarrassed" well that's just part of it.

I slowly walked back to Temari and Ino hoping that they wouldn't mention anything to Kiba or anyone else, even me.

I stood looking down at the floor not wanting to look up to see Gaara or anyone else at this point. I finally looked up when I heard a car park and the one voice I wanted to hear really badly at this moment.

"Hinata, why so down?" I heard Kiba say as he joined me by my side.

"Nothing just really glad you showed up" I said looking to him giving a smile actually feeling calm.

He gave me a smile back and quickly came back from behind me and pushed me back to the crowd. As I finally cheered up I saw that Sasuke was there too. Since when did he get here? He was looking towards Gaara and he was staring at me. I felt my cheeks go red on the fact that he was still looking at me.

"Hey you alright Hinata" I heard Sasuke said as he approached me and took hold of my forearms.

I nodded feeling Gaara's stare intensify, at this point if his eyes had lasers it would have gone right through me by now.

After a while we all went inside to the diner and sat at a huge table which sat all eight of us. I sat at the edge with Kiba next to me and Temari right in front of me. At the other edge was Gaara looking uninterested in being here as before with his brother right in front of him. Sasuke was directly in front of Naruto and Ino on the opposite side as Kiba.

We started talking about our first day of classes and the teachers that we got. By the look of it, most of my teachers were pretty difficult but made the class really enjoyable so hopefully I would like the class. The only one that they said I would problems with would be with kakashi due to his rigorous teaching but they said that I'm material isn't that hard so I was glad of that.

We all ordered what we wanted and messed around with Kiba saying that if any waitress was hitting on him today, but unfortunately our waitress changed shifts with a waiter but yet we continued to mess around with that. The whole time I noticed that Sasuke hasn't changed and wondered why he and I weren't close friends as kids. As a little girl I thought he was unapproachable but in reality it's just his appearance that makes it seem that why because he is really fun and easy to talk to. But the one thing is that Gaara didn't seem to be enjoying himself he was always looking around and not wanting to talk to anyone or if not he would talk to Kankuro when he wasn't busy talking to us.

After a while we were finished and soon we left. We were already leaving when…

"You whore!" I heard a girl say. I honestly disregarded it until I felt something tug at my arm and yank me back. "Why are you walking away from me?"

I looked to see who it was and was faced to face with green orbs, the eyes of the one girl that I couldn't stand at all, Sakura. And by the way her eyes were as menacing as that of a demon she was really mad at me.

"What did I do?" I said with a somewhat fear in voice.

"You know exactly what you did." This time she was yanking onto my shirt.

"No I don't" I said trying to show how scared I was. But her grip loosened as she was being pulled away by Sasuke and Gaara as well while Kiba was shielding me from the pink haired menace.

"Don't you know that I'm his girlfriend!" he said pointing, kind of, to Sasuke as Gaara let go.

"What I didn't know"

"So you'd figured that he was single and you'd start flirting with him?"

"No I was just trying to be his friend"

"Yeah right!" at that she grabbed Sasuke's face and forced a kiss onto his lips but he quickly pulled away. "see he's mine!" she broke out of Sasuke's grasp and came over to me with one hand ready to make close contact with my face. "I'll make sure you won't forget that" as she closed the small distance between her and me.