"Never fear, Simba is queer!")

...Mufasa, the true king. He had returned to the Pridelands after the hyenas failed to trade him for a pound of grapes and now Terry Francona, manager of the Boston Red Sox was pissed. How dare Captain Planet try to kiss Juliet? That was Batman's woman.

"Bun nun nun nun nun nun! Batman! Du n dun dun!" Batman sang, dancing around in a hot pink tutu.

"You never pay any attention to me, Batty," Juliet sobbed, squeezing the magic pineapple that had magically appeared in her hand. "Stupid pineapple! I asked for a grapefruit!"

BAM! Wil E. Coyote hit a brick wall. His attempts to catch Tweety had once again been foiled by Abraham Lincoln and his really retarded sidekick, Tom Cruise, and the nun gave the red power ranger a cranberry for the bus.
Now the red ranger, whom we will call Curtis, was excited. He was going to ride a great big turkey sandwi-bus. A great big bus. Curtis walked very far to the mystical land of lollipops, where blow pop suckers reign supreme, and searched for a bus stop. "Awww! C'mon! I just want a li'l bite!"

Sara, the Three Musketeers Bar, was chasing Fred, the fried chicken leg.
"Merry Christmas!" Santa yelled as Rudolph pooped on the world. "Merry Christmas to all and to all a good-" SPLAT!

"Ha! Ha! Kiwi Royale, motha f*cka!" Swiftpaw laughed.
The easter bunny hopped along Laffy Taffy Lane delivering ice cream sandwiches to the bad little boys and girls while Chris Hoffman toasted an Ipod.

"I am the Burger King!" Jonathan Papelbon, relief pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, giggled as he scored a touchdown for the L.A. Lakers . The American Flag, which was painted on the side of a building, prepared to cross Detriot Ave. He was going to The Phoenix. "Isa gonnsa getsa mesa asa Mochasa" the flag waved.

He went into The Phoenix and ran into, lo and behold, Clarice Gibbs.

"Snargle. Snargle. Durka." Clarice said, doing the chicken dance

The girl with the crutches walked by as Jesse sat outside talking to his friends and a red Ford Focus turned into Burger King. An old lady began beating Ryan on the head with her wheelchair.
"Kiwi royale, motha f*cka!"

The old lady was hit in the leg with a kiwi and died. Wee ooh! Wee ooh!

The giant green ambulance of giant green ambulance doom was racing to the rescue, but the light wouldn't change. Oh no! Chipotle was on fire! Snoopy lay on his dog house,watching the clouds roll by,as he waited for Bulletpaw to deliver his Banana Split from Banana Split World.

There was an old lady who lived in a shoe. She loved eating Big Macs from Taco Bell. Every morning at 9 PM she would ride her bike to the small town of cotton candy.

The Big Macs there were amazing. Covered in cat hair, they were the best ever made.
Carl went to the bank so he could withdraw trash from his Caribou Coffee account. The clock struck six and the Chinese terrorists blew up the rapid station. A girl dressed like a hoe stood outside a store and, big surprise, it wasn't Jackie Dobbs!
"Bark!" Danielle Gibbs woofed as she chased a plastic sword, which had been thrown down Franklin Boulevard, by Shadow. Anais was turning into a lesbian.

"Mustang! Yippee kai yay!" Robbie Higdon roared. "I have a Mustang!"

The black Honda Civic he was driving broke down and Kenny crashed into a big pickle. Steph grabbed the tree and began humping it as Adam headed to the mall to buy Aeropostale clothes.

When Adam got to the mall it was closed and so, severely pissed, he left, tears streaming down his toenails.

"Kiwi Royale, motha f*cka!"

Poor Mike was pelted with kiwis as Mickey Mouse sang the blues to a kiwi. Alice pranced around Wonderland and the dish ran away with the spoon