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The Angel Returns

Adeline, dressed in a tunic, boots that came to her knees, and a white cloak, stood against the Tatooine wind. She carried two weapons: a lightsaber- a new one since Maleficent managed to get away with her last one- and a curved dagger. Her eyes were scanning the barren wasteland, wondering why the Sith would come here. There was no where to hide unless you braved the desert and it's storms. From what she remembered about that day in the catacombs under a destroyed Sith Temple on the plains of the dark planet Zigoola, he had run away like a coward. So why would he risk his death to a sandstorm?

She shook her head, full well knowing she may never know why. She had been tracking the Sith for weeks, and still hadn't even caught sight of him. She was beginning to doubt she would see her younger sister again.

"No! I must not think like that! I will see her again!" Adeline thought, determination seeping back into her.

She took off down a slope of sand-covered rocks, not knowing exactly where she was going but hoping the Force would guide her. She ran through the sand for about an hour. The winds were getting stronger, and her instincts screamed of a sandstorm. The only problem was, she was miles from any town, out on her own- on foot- and no one knew she was here.

"Blast!" Adeline cursed.

The winds were getting stronger. She saw some rocks ahead and hoped to find shelter there. Adeline took off toward them and didn't see the small rock half buried in sand until she tripped over it. She landed on solid rock- just her luck. She was stuck in a desert and she would fall onto the one large rock that she had found after four days. She felt her shoulder, her ankle, her chest, and her knee erupt into pain.

She couldn't quite get up, not without harming her shoulder even worse. So she lay there a while, wondering how to get out of this. Suddenly, she felt arms around her, pulling her to her feet.

She looked to her rescuer to find herself looking into very familiar blue eyes.

"Obi-Wan?" She asked, trying hard to fight off the pain.

"Adeline!" He pulled her into a hug, and Adeline thought that it was very ironic that he would hug her at the very moment she could not enjoy it.

"Obi-Wan? I am really sorry to have to break it to you, but I think that I broke my knee and a few ribs. Can you help me?"

Obi-Wan, by way of an answer, gently lifted the Angel into his arms, carrying her gently into one of Tatooine's famous sandstorms.

"Where are we going?" She asked him over the noise of the wind and sand.

"My home; in the Jundland Wastes. We don't have far to go," He said. "For now, just rest. Force knows what you've been through."

Adeline, despite her fiery temper, found her eyes closing. "Blast! Force suggestions are not supposed to work on Jedi Knights!" She muttered.

Obi-Wan laughed, rather bitterly. "There are no Jedi Knights left, Adeline." He said gravely. "But that's a myth anyway. Healers have to use them all the time."

She didn't fight it, letting her eyes close. Despite the pain in her ankle, shoulder, chest, knee, and the whirling sandstorm, and the hot climate, she found herself to be at peace, falling asleep in Obi-Wan Kenobi's arms. Adeline slept, while Obi-Wan carried her through the most dangerous part of Tatooine, heading for his small, mud-brick cottage on the edge of the Dune Sea.

He threw open the door and entered. He carried the sleeping Angel into the main room and lay her down on the sofa. She only stirred slightly as he sighed.

He turned and went to get the medical supplies. There was blood on her shoulder and on her knee. He carefully removed her boots to take a look at her ankle. It wasn't too bad, sprained but no worse. Her knee wasn't broken either, but torn up well enough. Her shoulder wound was a bad cut, but nothing that wouldn't heal in a few days. She had made up for all of it with her ribs. Four of her ribs were broken.

He started to mend her, cleaning her knee and shoulder and disinfecting them. He then started to use what talent for force healing he had to heal her broken ribs. He got through one and practically collapsed. So he knelt by the sofa and healed a second before facing the fact that he couldn't do this, at least not at once.

Obi-Wan stood; scooped her up in his arms and carried her into the single bedroom in the house. He laid her on the bed gently then got a blanket and retired to the couch.


When Obi-Wan woke at some point the next morning, he threw back the blanket and walked to the bedroom, finding Adeline fast asleep. Renewed, he quietly went back to work mending her broken ribs. He didn't have much of a problem and healed the remaining two ribs easily.

Then he rose and went to make breakfast. He heard her stir sometime later and brought plenty of food in.

"Obi-Wan-" She started to protest.

"No, Adeline, you need to eat. You forced me to, and this is payback."

Adeline groaned, "I liked you better when you were the one that was hurt."

Obi-Wan laughed at that, "Well, I'm not hurt and you are. This is also my house, so follow my rules and eat please."

She nodded at started eating; then looked at him strangely, "There's a blanket on the sofa."

"So?" Obi-Wan asked.

"Did you- you gave up your bed? Obi-Wan, no, I can sleep on the couch, really. You don't need to-"

"Adeline, please, do me one favor."


"Be quiet." He said, before walking away.

Adeline growled. "Incorrigible." She muttered. Nonetheless, she still obeyed him and ate, finally falling back to sleep again.


Later in the day, when Adeline woke up, she was full of questions. The Nubian Angel had learned of Order 66, which had happened only a few weeks ago, but didn't know any specifics. When Obi-Wan came into her room, she was sitting up in bed, curiously examining a holo that sat on the bedside table. She turned to look at him. "Obi-Wan, what's this?"

He blushed bright red. "Well, it's a holo of... Satine."

"Satine?" Adeline asked. "Who's she?"

Obi-Wan blushed again. "Well, It's complicated..."

"Oh, come on. You look uncomfortable, and probably haven't told anyone this in years. It will take a load off your mind."



"Oh, all right. Well, Satine was my... my secret girlfriend."

Adeline stared at him, "Secret girlfriend?"

"Of a sort," Obi-Wan looked really red now, "Yeah."

"What happened?" She asked him, staring at the holo, the young woman in the picture smiling back.

"Well, she... she cheated on me, Addie. I haven't spoken to her since."

Adeline looked at him. "Oh."

"Yeah," Obi-Wan said, a little embarrassed.

Addie looked up at him, "So, you just sit around here? Why not go do something in the galaxy? Rescue a princess, blow up a space station, something! That'd make you feel better!"

"Adeline, do you forget that I am a Jedi Master, a person hunted by the law of the Empire?" Obi-Wan said, looking amused.

The Angel laughed. "Screw the Empire! Adventure is out there!" In her excitement, Adeline stood up on the bed. Still unsteady on her feet, she fell off onto her front. "Ow." She said in a muffled voice. Obi-Wan laughed.

"Come on, Adeline." He said, helping her up. The Angel held her side and laughed.

"Haven't had that much fun in years, Obi-Wan. Also, I think my ribs re-fractured, which is why laughing hurts so much!"

He sighed. "You are incorrigible. Come on, I'll fix your ribs." He led her into the other room, where she sat down on the couch.

"What really happened during Order 66, Obi-Wan?" She asked him.

He went ash-white. "I don't want to talk about it."

She sighed. "Obi-Wan, why? You haven't told anyone what happened. It would make you feel better."

He was quick to come up with an excuse. "Last time you said that, you got too worked up and re-fractured your ribs, Adeline. I won't tell you."

"Obi-Wan...I know your tickle spot. If you don't tell me, I will ruthlessly tickle you until you do. C'mon, you really should! We're friends, but what kind of friends are we if we can't tell each other anything?"

He sighed, beaten. "All right. This is the last time I'm telling you anything, though."

Adeline pumped her fist in the air. "Yeah! Deal."

He sighed again, muttering, "I can't believe I'm doing this," And began to tell his story.

"Well, I was on Utapau, chasing General Grievous, and, to make a long story short, and...my troops fired on me."

She looked horrified. "Not Rex?"

He patted her on the back. "No, not Rex."

She sighed. "Good. Sadira and I liked Rex."

He continued. "Well, so I got away, and headed back to Coruscant, to the Temple, where I found that many younglings had been killed, and not by the clones' blasters, either. By a lightsaber. Master Yoda warned me not to look at the security holos, but I did anyway. It was Anakin, Adeline. He killed the younglings, he turned to the Dark Side of the Force." Obi-Wan looked heartbroken.

Adeline sat next to him and wrapped her arms around him comfortingly, "Then what?"

"I went after him." Obi-Wan's eyes were far away, "I fought him on Mustafar, Addie. I...I..."

"What, Obi-Wan?"

"I left him to die. I cut off his arms and legs when he jumped at me and left him to die in the lava." There were bitter tears on Obi-Wan's cheeks now.

She hugged him. "Oh, Obi-Wan. I had no idea!"

He sighed. "Well, it's even worse than that."

She looked concerned. "You don't have to tell me any more, Obi-Wan. This has taken enough energy from you already, and you have to be careful! There are Imperials all over Tatooine!"

He sighed. "Addie, you were right. It does make me feel better to tell someone, anyway. Please let me finish."

She hugged him again. "All right, Obi-Wan, but don't exhaust yourself."

He began again. "Well, remember Senator Amidala?"

She paled. "What happened to her? Did her marriage to Anakin..."

His head jerked up, a visibly shocked expression on his face. "How in the Force did you know?"

She sighed. "Ever wonder why she wore such heavy Senate robes at the end of summer?"

He considered. "You have a point... how did you figure out they were married?"

Adeline smiled mischievously. "She told me," The Nubian Angel admitted. "She was my friend, and had almost no one else to talk to while Ahsoka was in the Healers' Wing. I went over to her apartment every day, almost."

Obi-Wan sighed. "How you manage to make people talk when I could have never even figured out their secret is beyond me." He muttered.

She laughed. "Become an Angel, and you'd learn," Adeline said. "C'mon, off to bed with you. No protests, either. I will bring you dinner. You're tired enough as it is, anyway."

He allowed her to march him off to bed with not too many protests, realizing that she was right.

"Wait, you never told me why you're here," He said.

She sighed heavily. "That's a story for another day, Obi-Wan. Goodnight!" She shut the door behind her as she left, causing Obi-Wan to notice how much whatever was bothering her was weighing on her mind.

"I'll ask her tomorrow," He decided, closing his eyes at last.