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No one could have predicted how good Adeline Nirvana was at hijacking speeders and ships, picking locks, and stealing things in general. Ahsoka Tano had watched in amazement as the young woman picked the lock with a hairpin, pulled out of the folds of her robes, and connected the wires of the ship (conveniently parked outside the palace, obviously a visiting dignitary had brought it), flying away with ease. Now their only task was to get to Obi-Wan's hut, to let the Jedi Master and Sadira Nirvana recuperate from their ordeal.

This proved to be easy enough and they arrived within an hour. Kalen and Adeline managed to get Obi-Wan into the house and Ahsoka carried Sadira. Obi-Wan got the bed and Sadira got the couch.

Kalen declared he would sleep on the floor and did so immediately. Ahsoka was muttering something about boys being stupid, and Addie was healing Obi-Wan. Finally, he grabbed hold of her arm.

"Addie, go see your sister."


"No, don't argue. Go see her; I'll be all right."

Adeline looked at him and sat down, "Look, Kenobi, you mean a lot to me, don't just send me away, not after you nearly died." She touched his cheek, "I love you."

He looked into her eyes, "I love you too."

She smiled. "Look, Kenobi, will you go to sleep, or do I have to knock you out?"

He groaned. "There's no persuading you to kiss me?"

Adeline laughed. "No. Get better fast, and I will think about it. Go to sleep!"

He obediently closed his eyes, probably eager to heal. She laughed softly, kissing him on the forehead. "Goodnight, Obi-Wan. That's all the kissing you get tonight, okay?" She got up and gently, with Kalen's help, lifted him up and carried the sleeping Jedi Master to his room. She went back to tend to Sadira after that, leaving Obi-Wan to think on their relationship.

"How did I get into this?" He wondered. "Well, Obi-Wan, let's see, she kissed you, and you defied Satine's memory and kissed her back! What were you thinking?" He warred against his mind, trying to remember exactly what had happened. "Satine was disloyal to you, so why do you even bother thinking about her? But, you loved her. She was amazing, and the Satine I know wouldn't do that...Obi-Wan, you have a girlfriend. Be happy! But, Satine was never like that, ever. I love her, and... Blast, Obi-Wan! You shouldn't get into this now! Do as Adeline asked, and go to sleep!" His eyes closed again, and his conflicting emotions disappeared as he drifted off.

Adeline was gently washing Sadira's grimy face with cold water when her sister's eyes gently opened. "A-Addie?"

Adeline gently took her sister's head in her lap, pulling her sage-green hair out of her face. "What do you need, Sadira?" She asked gently.

Sadira looked up at her older sister. "W-will I ever...f-fall in l-love like y-you did, A-Addie?"

The elder of the two Angels smiled. "If that's what you want in your future, Sadira, then you have to work hard for it. You'll make it, I can tell!"

Sadira tried to giggle but ended up coughing. "Y-you always make me f-feel better, A-Addie. I wanted to t-tell you...I'm s-sorry for r-running away. M-memories can't be r-ran from. Y-you have to f-face them."

Adeline smiled. "Sadira," She murmured, "I think it's time for you to have this. It was Mama's." She handed the little girl a silver necklace with a small gold key on it. The key had the name "Zillah" carved into it, and Sadira gasped.

"A-Addie, it's b-beautiful! W-why are you g-giving it to m-me?"

Adeline smiled. "Mama said to give it to you when you were old enough. I think you are."

Sadira smiled. "T-thank you, A-Addie!"

The younger Angel fell asleep, as she was naturally exhausted. Adeline smiled and Kalen glanced around.

"So, where do we sleep?"

"The floor, unless you would prefer to go outside and sleep on the sand." Adeline told him, rolling her eyes.

Kalen grumbled, but grabbed a blanket and a pillow and was asleep before Adeline could count to ten. Ahsoka rolled her eyes.

"He's so annoying." She said, eyeing the older Jedi.

"Yeah, but he saved Obi's life." Adeline pointed out, remembering how he had offered to help after the bar fight.

"Well, he's still really annoying."

"Don't let him hear that, it'll just encourage him."

"That is unfortunately true."

"Come on, Ahsoka, let's rest while we can."

"What's that supposed to mean? It's over, isn't it? We rescued Sadira; we escaped and Maleficent fled for his life one hand shorter."

"Yes, we did. But I can't shake the feeling it's not the last we'll be seeing of him."

Ahsoka sighed. "Somehow, I know you're right. C'mon, let's give the invalids some rest." She walked into Obi-Wan's kitchen, opening the cooling unit and making a face. "What kind of awful stuff does he eat?" She asked incredulously, looking at the assortment of vegetables inside.

Adeline laughed. "On Dathomir, that's all we ever got to eat, Ahsoka. Count yourself lucky that you had SOME variety." The young Angel hopped up onto the counter and brushed dust out of her hair.

Ahsoka sighed. "Aunt Adeline?" She asked. "I just... don't know what to do with my life. It's all so... confusing. There's no clear path."

Adeline turned towards the Togruta girl. "Ahsoka, the path may be muddled, but it's there. You'll find your way, I promise."

Ahsoka looked at the Nubian Angel. "Really? Are you sure?"

Adeline nodded. "I promise on the Force, Ahsoka. You see, I can look into the future, for a limited distance. I can see you."

Ahsoka's eyes popped. "Really?" She asked again.

Adeline nodded. "I can see you, many years from now, if I concentrate." She got a distant look on her face, one that spoke of mystery. "I can see... you. You look young still, and you are holding a little girl. She's probably... two? Three? I'm not sure. She's laughing, and so are you." Her eyes came back into focus again and she laughed. "See?"

Ahsoka wrapped her arms around the young Angel, surprising her into silence. "I love you, Aunt Adeline!"

Addie smiled, "I don't know how, Ahsoka, but we'll figure out some way to make it though the Empire."

Ahsoka smiled, "We'll be fine, I'm sure."

Adeline nodded, "We should probably get some rest while the peace lasts, because when they all wake up, something tells me we'll have to take care of them, even the one that isn't hurt." She glared toward Kalen in an amused way.

"I agree." Ahsoka smiled, grabbing a blanket and a pillow and lying down on the floor, "Goodnight, Aunt Adeline."

"Goodnight Ahsoka." Adeline answered.


A week later, they were all standing at Docking Bay 227, in Mos Eisley, waving goodbye to Ahsoka and her new ship, the Sweet Revenge. Adeline had shown proficiency for finding large amounts of buried treasure with the Force, and they had used her abilities to their advantage.

Kalen had left the day before, having found himself a refuge on Dantooine. Ahsoka had said, "Good riddance!" But Adeline had realized that maybe her feelings towards him weren't all negative.

Ahsoka was headed off, as she had told Adeline and Obi-Wan, "To Yavin IV, perhaps Alderaan. I'm not really sure yet. Maybe I'll even try to find my family on Shili, now that there's not code anymore." The young Togruta had looked pointedly at Obi-Wan and Adeline when she said the part about the code, making Obi-Wan bristle and Adeline laugh.

Sadira and Obi-Wan would recover, in time, Adeline was sure. For now, she and Sadira were staying in the Jedi Master's little cottage on the edge of the Dune Sea, with specific rules, of course. Adeline and Obi-Wan had come up with their own little code, including the rule, 'One must knock before one goes through ANY doors. No exceptions!'

Sadira had laughed at that one, saying, "Yeah. You just don't want me to catch you making out." She had been chased three times around the cottage by Adeline for that one, only making her point even more clear.

Obi-Wan had decided that the fake names they had used would be better than real ones, so they had decided to stay 'Ben Kenobi, Zillah Kenobi, and Sarayah Rashid, Zillah's little sister.' That had seemed to work, and so, whether it was against their will or towards it, they had become their own little family. At peace... for now.


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