I live in a world where reality doesn't exist.

Where common sense is used only for humor and things don't have to be perfect.

Where there is no cruelty or racism.

I live in a world where there are children of the Greek gods and kids can fly.

I live in world where I can put my wishes into words.

Where I can be who I am and not be judged.

Where I can spill all the things my parents don't, and never will, understand.

Where some of my best friends are people I've never met.

I live in a world that doesn't judge and doesn't make me feel bad.

Where I can know that there are people like me in the world.

Where I can know I'm not alone.

I live a world where books come to life.

I live in the magical place of Fan Fiction, my escape from reality and life in general.

Where I can be me and not be judged, where I can vent and have people actually understand what I'm going through, better than people who have known me my entire 14 years.

I will never understand why the world is so cruel and demanding. I have so many questions, yet only a few can be answered. I guess that's another one of the qualities of this hellhole we call "life"