Every little piece of me. You'll see. Everything is alright.

But sometimes it's not all alright, and now it's not for Nina and Fabian.

Third Person Point Of View

The Anubis house was unusually silent, except one soul was alone on the second floor. The house was silent was silent on account that it was 11:45 am on a Tuesday.

Nina Martin sat in her and Amber Millington's bedroom. She sat silently and recalled the events of 3 weeks ago.

Nina and Fabian had sneaked into the attic once again. Even though they began to date two months ago- making it May 2011- nothing had become awkward between their searching in the attic.

"Look!" Fabian called over to Nina, who was on the other side of the small room, in a British accent

"What?" Nina said in an American accent, walking over to what Fabian was looking at.

In his hands he held was a worn out, almost yellow, piece of blank copy paper. Nina was already able to read it at first sight and it said:

My last moments, Victor had conquered my last moments of sanity. I know by the end of tonight I will not remember a thing, but I write this as a reminder that Victor is a horrid man. He has injected me with an unknown substance, but I soon found the shot that injected me with. All it said was: to forget. Just please; if you find this please stop him. The source to his weakness is the Black Crow, the stuffed black crow. Inside the eye of the crow is a key, a gold key. It unlocks a jewelry box. Inside that box is a note the note says numbers, and a map. Follow the star on the map, and you will find a safe. The number on the note is the combination. Inside the safe is the answer. The safe is silver, and is in a room with 12 other safes. I drew a red star on the bottom of the correct one. Please, may someone find this letter. (Sarah)

"It was Sarah!" Nina asked her boyfriend

"My lord" Fabian said looking up at her.

"You are so smart, for finding this" Nina congratulated Fabian, and he said thank you with a kiss.

Nina wrapped her arms around Fabian neck and he grabbed her hips. Since they were already on their knees, when the fell on the ground in a compromising position it didn't hurt too much.

"I love you" Fabian said between breathes

"I love you too" Nina said as she continued with her boyfriend.

Now that she thinks about it, it may not have been too good of an idea to do that, then and there.

She looked at the clock, it had been 3 minutes. She stood up and walks to her vanity and looked down. And there her future was held. One written character and seven letters.

Nina Martin's Point Of View

My heart dropped. How will I tell Fabian? How will I tell my parents? His parents? The others in Anubis? The school?

I won't be allowed to stay at a boarding school in a different country with this! Oh gracious! My life is over.

I just have to stop thinking and go back to class, It should be lunch period now so maybe I could see Fabian. No way in Sweden am I going to tell him today, I still need to figure things out.

I take the test and I picked up my secret box, the one where I keep all the attic clues and my diary, and I stick the test inside and put it under my bed. I hope I can keep this secret for awhile.

I walked back to the main campus and meet up with the Fabian and the rest of them.

Fabian Ritter's Point Of View

I waited for Nina; I hadn't seen her last period. I was curious as to where she was, but I quickly let it go when I saw her walking over to our lunch table.

She sat next to me silently, it was strange. "What's wrong?" I whisper to her

"Nothing" She simply states in her American accent.

I just decided to leave it alone, she seemed upset- but at the same time she seemed she needed to be left alone.

We ate our lunches; well we were until Alfie stuck his banana in his ear- that was when we all lost our appetite.

Were served sixth and seventh period and went back to the Anubis house.

Nina went straight up to her room, it was odd. So, I followed her.

When I got to her room, all I heard were sobs. My heart broke a little bit each time I heard her gulp and cry more

I couldn't take it anymore, but I couldn't stand to look at her in whatever state she could be in so I walked downstairs and sat in the common room.

I needed to know what was so upsetting, but I had an underlying theory that it was all my fault.

Amber Millington's Point Of View

I passed Fabian on my way upstairs, he seemed disturbed, but I quickly forgot about it and made my way into my room.

When I entered I found a sobbing Nina on her bed, and I quickly ran to her side, maybe this is why Fabian was upset, maybe they broke up..?

"Nina, what's wrong? Why are you crying?" I ask the American

She sat up on her bed and wiped her eyes as she said "nothing"

She got off her bed and pulled out her bed, and grabbed her diary. She began to write, I tried to sneak a peek, but she wrote in cursive, and since I usually write in print I cannot read cursive upside down.

When she set her diary under her bed I asked her "Alright, tell me what's wrong?"

"I can't tell you" Nina said quietly sobbing.

I hugged her and said "alright, alright. It's fine"

I wish she could tell me what was wrong, but she will when the time comes. At least I hope she will.

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