Can't believe I've finally finished this story!

6 Months Later

Michael passed by the window of his office that looked out into the main office, pausing at the sight that greeted him. It was near empty - a fact that wasn't surprising since it was late evening - apart from Jackie and Robbie, with Robbie leaning over her desk.

He watched them as Robbie whispered something into her ear and she laughed, tilting her head back so that she could look at him. Her hand reaching up to stroke over his face, a move that screamed intimacy as they continued to laugh and talk. It was then she got to her feet, and Robbie grabbed her jacket, helping her into it before his hand slipped to her lower back and they left the office together.

Michael gave a sigh as he watched them, shaking his head although still a smile played about his lips. He'd never thought they'd last, not in a million years, thought that Robbie would cheat or Jackie would grow exasperated with him, but they'd proved him and indeed all their critics wrong.

The door swung backwards and forwards aimlessly for a few seconds after their departure, and Michael watched it, eyes narrowing. Jackie had of course forgiven him after a few days of a very ice cold shoulder and their friendship was back to the way it always was, kind of. The main difference was that instead of constantly confiding in him, he had a sneaking suspicion that she spoke to Robbie first. Which was the way it should be of course, but that didn't mean he didn't miss their previous closeness.

He turned away from the window, heading back to his desk, his forehead creasing as his eyes were straining in the dim light. After a few minutes he threw the folder of paper to one side and let out a deep sigh. He was annoyed with himself and watching Jackie and Robbie together just left him more irritated because he wanted what they had and he'd thrown away what could have been a chance of that. Unlike Jackie, Heather still seemed slightly put out by his behaviour that night. Sighing, he pushed his head into his hands, and decided that he was just going to go home for the day.

"Move in with me."

Jackie's hand paused as it hovered over the handle to the car door, she looked up Robbie, her mouth gaping in surprise. "Was that a question or a statement?" she finally asked.

He looked thoughtful for a second, a grin tugging at his lips. "A question," he replied.

"It was very sudden."

Robbie shrugged. "Been thinking about it for a while."

"And you thought the car park was the perfect time and place?" she asked, amused.

"Good a place as any."

Jackie gave a small snort as she rolled her eyes. "That's so unromantic."

"Or maybe it's romantic because it's impulsive," he countered back, grinning.

She laughed, her eyes bright. "Get in the car."

"That's not an answer," he replied, feigning hurt as he quickly locked the car using his keys.

Pulling ineffectively at the handle, Jackie glared up at him, growling, "Robbie it's bloody freezing, open the goddamn car door!"

"It's rude to not answer," he teased, although his eyes were nervous.

"The answer's yes, of course it is!" she snapped, although her eyes were warm. "Now for crying out loud open the door!"

He clicked the keys once more and let her inside, a wide grin almost splitting his face in half.

One Month Later

"Remind me again why I agreed to a housewarming?" Jackie asked, as she watched some more white wine slop out of a glass and onto the floor, on the other side of the room.

Robbie gave a small chuckle, wrapping one arm around her waist. "Because our colleagues and so called friends bullied us into it."

She leaned her head against his shoulder. "Looks like Michael and Heather are finally moving forward." She inclined her head in the direction of where the pair were standing, the last awkwardness of the last few months having melted away.

"So this celebration has had one good lasting effect then?"

"Looks like it."

Robbie lifted his glass, and kissing the corner of her mouth, murmured softly, "To us."

Jackie's smile widened and her eyes met his as she clinked her glass with his, whispering back, "To us."