Die Verlorene Vögel

(The Lost Birds)

Chapter One;; Will You Tolerate This?

Part I

An Original Fanfiction

By X-Scree Scree-X

To start it off, the beginning starts off in German, but don't worry, it's not all like that. If the main character goes off cursing in German, or something like that, I'll put the translation at the very end, okay? Ahh, and some pronunciations to begin with? My characters name is Dailen Wren Teichman. (Middle name is actually Zaunkönig which is "wren" in German... but I'm sticking with Wren.) Her first name, although pronounced die-len in German, is pronounced day-len. And her last name is Teichman, pronounced tike-man (and, as I found out, it's Teichert in German). So Dailen Wren Teichman = Dailen Zaunknöig Teichert.

Es war das Jahr ... Nun, das ist eine gute Frage. Ich war nicht wirklich sicher, was das Jahr war. Sie schienen alle zu verschmelzen zusammen ... Es war hart, das ist alles was ich sagen konnte ...

What? You don't speak German? Fine, what I was saying...

The year was... well, that's a good question. I wasn't really sure what the year was. They all seemed to meld together... It was hard, that's all I could say...

You see, my father and I were both from Germany. In fact, my family was pretty renowned throughout Germany. We were the Teichman's, or Teichert's, a large, upper class family from Berlin, Germany. Like in England with Prince John and King Richard, my whole family was split into two. The split in my family began back during my grandfathers generation; he was the eldest of his siblings, which consisted of him (Nikolaus the Fifth), three sisters (Bertha, Ivonne and Hanne), a little brother (Wolfram) and then another little sister (Emmaline). He and his brother always bickered and fought; especially over their fathers wealth. As eldest, it was rightfully his, but Wolfram would have none of it. So eventually, both brothers married and had children, including my father. My father was the third son of eight children from my grandfather Nikolaus, so his position in the feud was minimal, and we almost never got involved.

But recently, murders had been happening on my grandfathers side of the family. Sons were being hunted down and slain, including any heirs they had. Which would have included me, even though I was female. I was the only child my father had, and because of that, both he and I were in danger. Most of our family went into hiding, and my mother suggested we do the same. While she left Berlin to go stay with some relatives near Switzerland, my father and I fled to England, which was the worst, and last, mistake my father ever made.

Wars were being held all over, not just in the Holy Land. Injustice swept over the country side while Prince John took over. No one was safe, including my father and I. In leaving Germany, our status fell. We were but beggar people now. We took little money in fear of others stealing or becoming suspicious, so we worked for our living. We lived just outside of Nottingham, in Locksley; a small, quaint town that I found quite intriguing.

As I had said, we worked. But of course, being the poor people we were now, we couldn't afford our own home. So instead, my father met the carpenter of Locksley; a man that went by the name of Dan Scarlet. He had a wife, Jane, and his two sons, Will and Luke. Out of the kindness of his heart, he took us in; while my father worked with him, Will and Luke, I helped Jane around the house.

Time, I had started to notice, was taking it's toll on Locksley. Sir Guy of Gisbourne, the "owner" of the Locksley manor, worked with the Sheriff of Nottingham very closely. Food was becoming scarce, and no matter how much my father helped the Scarlet's, we could barely put food on the table. And... that's how Jane died. Although we were all devastated, Will took it the hardest. Even in my short time with the Scarlet's, I noticed how close Will and his mother were. And now that she was gone..? Will lost the only reason to speak to any of us.

And as if it wasn't enough loosing Jane? They cut Dan's hand off. And for what? Will and Luke were hunting, and in came Gisbourne's men to punish them. When I had heard what happened... I was infuriated. How far had this country come when a man couldn't even hunt to put food on the table for his family? Dan wouldn't allow Gisborne to take his sons hands', so instead he gave up his. A carpenter gave up his hand... it was almost as though he had given his life away, letting them do that to him. And then... and then... because they hadn't caused us enough harm... they took my father. His crime? He stood up to Gisbourne. That ruthless... heartless man began beating a poor old women in the middle of the street, nearly in front of our house, so my father ran out to help her. I wanted to help him, to run after him when I saw Gisbourne turn around, but Will and Dan held me back as that greasy man ran his sword through my father.

We burned him that night, as I held my tears in for my father. I wanted him to see that I could be brave, even when I knew that without him I was never going home. Never going back to my mother. Without my father, I was just another orphan out on the streets. I meant nothing to my other family back home in Germany now.

So I lived my dull and steady life with Will, Dan and Luke. We all knew the bitter taste of remorse, regret and loss, so we all knew what the other felt like as we starved each night. We knew somewhere, somehow there was going to be help. We had little knowledge that is would come in the form of a former lord and a... pig.

I sat in the house one warm day, my knees pulled up to my chest with my arms wrapped around them, lost in my thoughts. I sat in the chair that Jane always sat in, or at least used to. It was calming, and always made me a little better, no matter how bitter the day was.

And while I sat there, thinking and day dreaming, Luke and Will were gathering wood from the table.

"Are you just going to sit there all day?"

I looked up from my thoughts and raised a brow at Luke.

"If I want to, yes." I answered him cockily, releasing my arms from around my knees and standing up.

Luke rolled his eyes as he grabbed a couple of pieces of wood.

"We take her in almost three years ago, and she sits around all day? What kind of deal is this Will?" Luke asked his brother, looking over his shoulder.

Crossing my arms over my blue shirt, I gave Will and Luke an angry look. The saying "If looks could kill" probably fit the description of my face perfectly.

The taller brother smirked half-heartily, shaking his head to himself as he too picked up a couple pieces of wood.

Resisting the urge to sit back down, I grabbed a few pieces, striding over to the door with Will and Luke.

As Luke opened the door, I saw a few figures outside. I almost became rigid with fright as Luke turned around, and I couldn't hardly blame him. What if Gisbourne decided to cause more dismay?

"It's alright boys. Dailen. This is master Robin." I heard Dan's voice say.

I quickly dropped the wood on the table and went gingerly outside behind Will.

Robin... did Dan say Robin? I had heard a few stories of the Lord before Gisborne, all of which were good of course. Apparently this Robin of Locksley was a good man.

Seeing as Will decided to block the doorway, I pushed my way through to see Luke with his bow, Dan and two other men, neither of which looked like a Lord. If I could pick the one I thought to be Robin though, I would have chosen the one closest to us. The other one looked a bit... poorer in a way. And, of course, the bow and quiver of arrows gave him away. Most all of the stories involved Robin and his amazing talent of shooting arrows miles at a time.

"Why has yours got those curves in it?" Luke asked Robin after he had grabbed an arrow off the table outside the door.

"Well this is a Saracen bow." Robin stated, holding the bow in front of him, "It is re-curved. The bows straighten when you draw."

As Robin explain the bow, he showed it to us, pulling the string back to show how the curces worked, and in that moment, I truly wished that I could have a bow like that. It beautiful, and definitely looked like quite a weapon.

"Makes in small, but powerful." Robin finished, looking at Luke as he held the bow in front of them.

Glancing over Luke's shoulder, Robin spotted me. I flashed a quick smile, earning a curious look from Robin as he looked away from me to Dan.

"I don't remember you and Jane having a daughter." Robin inquired.

I felt the atmosphere around the house fall at the mention of Jane; I even felt my own spirits drop.

Dan frowned, looking absolutely heart broken.

"She's not ours... she's a girl who's father was taken from her. He worked for me, so I kept her to help around the house now that Jane's gone." Dan's voiced cracked when he mentioned Jane, and I felt Will shift uneasily at my side.

"No..." Robin said, looking over a Much before he brought his face back around to look at Dan.

Dan sniffed, nodding his head at Robin. "Two years. Told us she was eating, didn't think she was. Couldn't see her boys starve. Or Dailen-" I winced here. It almost sounded as if it was my fault she was dead... "-The whole village has suffered... not just us."

I swallowed uneasily, glancing down at the ground as Dan spoke. Maybe it would have been better just to go into hiding with mother...

Robin mumbled something more to Dan, but I lost it to the sound of horses. As soon as I spotted the horses, I felt Will brush by me as he went to Luke, taking the bow away from him, almost violently, before he pulled the both of us a little bit closer to the house.

Gisbourne, on his demonic black horse, rode up with quite a few men, maybe ten at the least. Once all of them had pulled up and gotten off their horses, they went up and into other people's homes, pulling them out like rag dolls without a moments hesitation. We walked forward hesitantly, keeping close together as to not be grabbed by the soldiers.

Gisbourne began speaking, something about flour-... Ten sacks of flour? My stomach dropped as I recalled helping a boy, Benedict I think, steal some flour with Will and Luke.

And that's when they pulled him out, struggling in one soldiers grasp while another carried out a couple of the sacks of flour. They only had two, and once they reached Gisbourne, the soilder, clad in armour and all, threw the sacks to the ground and told Gisbourne that there were no more.

"Who helped him?" Gisbourne asked, his steely eyes searching through the small crowd of people, "Step forward now and I may show lenience."

I withheld a snort at Gisbourne as that lie came through his teeth so easily. Lenience? So instead of hanging us in front of all of Locksley, you'll put a sack over our heads to hide our faces from our friends and family?

And so Guy went on about how he would find the accomplices and how they'd be punished before Robin stepped forward.

"Wait." Robin began his tread through the crowd as they split like the Red Sea, allowing Robin passage to Guy, "Guy of Gisbourne-"

"Sir Guy of Gisbourne to you. And bow before your master." A soldier cut in, allowing me a roll of the eyes.

With that, Robin bent over, mumbling a "Sir Guy or Gisbourne" in the act before he stood straight up again. "My name is Robin. Earl of Huntington and Lord of his Manor. Your services here are no longer acquired."

I smirked triumphantly at the look on Guy's face as Robin's companion stepped forward and draped a pelt over his shoulders as the rest of us bowed before him. That left Gisbourne speechless, it did. And with that, Gisbourne released Benedict and rode off with his soldiers, steam practically floating out of his ears and nostrils.

Once back in the house, I couldn't help but smile and laugh at the fact that we now had Robin, who was indeed ten times more magnificent then Gisbourne any day.

"Now don't be doing that Dailen. What if one of Gisbourne's men heard you?" Dan scolded as he and his sons walked into the house behind me.

"What will they arrest me for, hmm? Laughing? Being merry?" I chuckled, flopping back into Jane's seat, "We have Robin now! Can't you at least try to smile? Every thing's going to get better now!"

"Better? How do you suppose it's going to get better with the Sheriff still in Nottingham, King Richard still at war and Prince John is in his place?" Will asked, a serious look in his eyes and on his face.

"Well I didn't say everythingwas better now did I?" I argued, crossing my arms, "I just meant it's gotten a bit better. Robin may not be the King, and he may not even be the man to save us, but at least he's done something, aye? That's better than the lot of us has done. Gisbourne's men could have Benedict and the three of us right now couldn't he?-"

"What?" Dan hissed, turning around with so much speed I thought he'd loose his blanace and fall into the empty fire place.

"We needed flour." Will mumbled to his father after a sharp look to me.

"But that doesn't mean you have to steal!" Dan snapped, looking at the three of us.

"Yes it does!" I argued back, "How was I to make bread last night without flour? Or did you just want to go hungry? Do you want to watch the three of us starve?"

As I spoke, I stood up, walking quickly over to Dan as I made my point, bunching my hands in the front of my skirt as I tried to keep my voice down.

Dan raised his right hand quickly, and I almost thought he was going to hit me. Nonetheless, I didn't flinch but stood there staring at him, a harsh look on my face.

Dan took a deep, shaky breath, putting his hand atop my blond hair.

"I just don't want you getting hurt. Any of you. Not like what Gisbourne did to your father." Dan replied softly before he left the room to finish his work outside.

"You've got to be more careful with what you say, Day." Will mumbled, pulling a wooden seat out from the small kitchen table before he sat in it, "What man is going to want a woman that argues back?"

I shot a glare over at Will, once again sitting back in Jane's chair.

"And what woman wants a man that won't let her speak her mind?" I hissed back, leaning back in the chair.

And so the day carried on; while Will, Luke and Dan worked with wood, I worked in the house. I swept the dust and dirk out the door whenever the men carried it in, I washed and then hung the clothes out to dry, I found what little food we had and made what I could with it... I did things I had never done before back in Germany. I was lucky to have had Jane around the house; she taught me how to wash and cook, and for that I was always grateful.

Just before I could make dinner, which would have been vegetables, if you could even call them that, in chicken broth (the same meal we had had for weeks), a servant came knocking. He told Dan that everyone in Locksley was to come to Locksley Manor for dinner, thanks to Master Robin.

I was absolutely overjoyed. We were going to eat real food; and I didn't have to cook it!

So Dan, Will and Luke finished up their day's work and we walked over to Locksley Manor.

The moment we walked in that door, my mouth began to water; pork, chicken, pies, fruits... all kinds of food that I hadn't been able to eat for years! It was amazing that everyone from Locksley could even fit in that manor- well, almost everyone. Benedict was no where to be seen, and at first I was a bit curious as to why, but I soon waved it off that he had better things to do (Although what it might be baffled me. What could have been better than a feast?).

"Day, you're going to get sick eating all that food!"

I covered my mouth as I laughed at Luke so I wouldn't spew pork all over the table and the rest of my food.

"But I need as much as I can get!" I chuckled after I had swallowed, "I'm just so hungry-"

The front door slammed open, and the once merry atmosphere disappeared, and was instead replaced with terror. At the door stood Gisbourne and one of his soldiers holding Benedict. The two parties (us villagers and Gisbourne's men) stared at each other for a moment before Benedict raised both his chained hands, pointing straight at me.

"Those three."

Will stood up quickly, sending his chair flying back into the wall as he clenched his fists at his side. Absolute loathing filled his eyes as Benedict gave us away.

"Arrest them but leave the others." Gisbourne stated, pulling Benedict back toward his horse, allowing three soldiers through the doorway.

"Will... don't put up a fight. Just go. Keep Luke and Dailen safe. Robin will come for you." Dan whispered quickly to Will, his good hand on his son's shoulder as the soldiers got ever closer.

And for once, because I didn't want to disappoint Dan, or get Luke and Will hurt, I let the guard grab my upper arm and pull me out the door behind the brothers.

I felt humiliated as my wrists were tied up with a rope and absolutely furious when Luke, Will and I were forced to walk behind the soldiers and their horses, being pulled along by the men and their steeds. 'At least... at least the horses weren't running.' I reassured myself.

So that's how we made it to Nottingham; walking behind some horses, stumbling every once in a while. And if we tripped and fell, the horses just dragged us along before we got back to our feet. This was despicable. And what about Robin? He was the Lord of Locksley Manor now; wasn't it his say for us?

As we entered the gates, I looked up from my feet awe. I'd never been in Nottingham before. Sure I heard some descriptions from my father who'd come with Dan every once in a while, but it was a completely different experience seeing it for myself. The stone work was beautiful, and just the quaintness of the people inside the walls was amazing.

But my awe soon turned to shock as we rode through yet another gate toward the Sheriff's castle. Once the horses had been stopped and roped in the courtyard, the men untied the four of us and dragged us into the castle and then down to the prisons. In all, the castle was just a maze of confusion (at least from what I had seen from it). Even if the three of us managed to get out of our cell, which was very unlikely int he first place, we'd probably just get lost trying to find a way out.

After going up and down who knows how many small flights of stairs in the dungeons, one of the guards opened a cell door and put the four of us in it before locking the metal behind us.

Once we were left alone, Will whipped around to glare at Benedict, his eyes fierce.

"You sold us out." He mumbled darkly, looking Benedict straight in the eye, "How could you do that after we helped you?"

Benedict truly looked terrified, and from the look in Will's eyes, I couldn't blame him.

"They... they were going to hurt my family. W-What choice did I have?" Benedict argued back, though his voice was softer and less assertive than Will's.

"And fighting's not going to break us out of prison now is it?" I asked them, pushing between the two of them to sit against the stone wall behind us, my head leaning against the bars of the other metal wall.

"You heard what Dan said... Robin will come for us." I told them as they too sat down; Benedict by the door while Will and Luke sat against the bars opposite of the ones I was leaning against.

"Who's this Robin fellow?"

I practically jumped out of my skin when a voice appeared out of no where on the other side of the bars. Scooting away from the metal, I stared at the figure on the other side.

He looked like a grown man; short brown hair, a stubbly beard and mustache, clear blue eyes and a big nose.

"Don't do that!" I growled at him, my eyebrows knitting on my forehead.

"Do what?" He asked as though he'd done nothing wrong, a clearly idiotic look on his face.

"Come out of no where like that..." I told him, crossing my arms in front of me, "And Robin is a friend of ours. He's going to help us out of here."

"...You think he'd help me too?" After a long pause, the man spoke, a serious look on his face for an all too crazy idea.

"I don't know now do I? Now if you don't mind, you," It was the best alternative I had seeing as I didn't know his name, "I plan on waiting in peace."

"Right pushy you are..." He mumbled as he too moved away from the bars.

Rolling my eyes, I leaned my head against the cold gray stone behind me, closing my eyes as I fell into the fitful, light sleep.

"Jailer? Jailer that's me! Jailer, aren't you listening? I'm from Locksley! Jailer! I'm from Locksley!"

His calling woke me up from my small rest, and before I knew it, the guards were in our cell, gathering us up. As I stood up, someones hand shot through the bars and grabbed my wrist.

"You're with him? Well why didn't you say so?" He whispered to me as we stood there, jerking his head to where Robin must have been.

I tilted my head away from him giving him a disgusted look through the bars.

"You're not from Locksley." I hissed at him.

"Yeah? Well the guards don't know that do they?"

The four of us were pulled from our cell, ushered down the dungeon and then pushed into a room where Robin sat waiting with his companion who's name I still didn't know.

We lined up in front of Robin, all of us looking eagerly at him.

"Give your names." The jailer stated

"Will and Luke Scarlet." Will mumbled for the two of them.

"And Dailen..." I said quietly afterward.

"What is your crime?" Robin asked Will.

"Living in the wrong place at the wrong time. Living under an evil sheriff. Where do our taxes go? To Nottingham. To the Sheriff, to his birds-"

Will was slapped across the face by one of the guards, and I winced, looking away from him and back to Robin pleadingly.

"Name." The jailer said, looking at Benedict this time.

"Benedict. Son of Richard Giddeons." Benedict said, his voice strained.

"What is your crime?" Robin again asked.

"Stealing flour." Benedict admitted, not taking his eyes off of Robin.

"Are you guilty?" Robin asked, his stare frightening as he kept his eyes on him.

Benedict, of course, couldn't hold his gaze anymore, so instead he bowed his head.

"What is your punished?"

"...I don't know." Benedict admitted. And it was true; none of us knew how we'd be punished.

"Hanging? No surely not."

Robins friend had spoken, and all four of us looked up immediately at Robin and then the jailer.

"Hanging?" Both Benedict and I exclaimed at the same time.


"No please don't!" Benedict plead as the four of us were yanked back toward the door.

"Dad told us you'd save us!" Luke scream as he tried to resist, only to be pulled back by Will.

"Robin-!" I tried to exclaim, but was cut off by the guards closed the door behind us.

I swallowed the lump in my throat as we headed back to our cell. My breath came in little gasps as my thoughts ran. Hanging? For stealing flour?

On our way down the hall, we passed the man in the cell next to us, also being taken to where Robin was.

"What's happened-?" He tried to ask, but the guard just pulled him passed me before we were put back in our prison cell. Once inside, I went back to the corner I had been sitting in and sat down on the hard cold stone. I brought my knees up to my chest, my dark blue skirt falling around my boots as I held myself, my heart racing. Hanging... Hanging?

I took a deep breath as I tried to calm myself down. All I needed to do was breathe. Robin... he was going to get us out. Somehow. I knew it.

But at the same time, as I tried to calm down and tell myself that it was going to be alright, I knew it wouldn't. Who was there to save Jane? Or my father? I was... but I didn't do anything did I? Just like Robin wasn't going to be able to help us...

I glanced up at the sound of foot steps to see the man stumble into our cell, yelling at the guard, something about being from Rochdale.

I couldn't help but chuckle as he came over and sat a few feet away from me.

"That's what you get, lying like that. Now you get to hang with us." I mumbled into my knees, my fingers fiddling with my skirt.

"Hanging? What the hell did the lot of you do?" The man said, looking at the four of us as though we'd gone mad.

"We stole flour." I told him, straightening up and letting my legs out again.

His eyebrows fell to the top of his eyes as he looked back at me.


I nodded my head to him before I looked straight ahead and leaned my head back, letting his voice drown out my worries as I tried to stay calm.

"Now why would they be hanging four kids for stealing some flour?" He wondered aloud, most likely still trying to speak with me.

"I don't know, alright? All I know is that the Sheriff and Gisbourne are out to kill everyone. And it's your own fault for... doing whatever you did to get you here." I grumbled, my voice lowering toward the last part.

"Yeah? Well sorry if I decided not to starve out in the woods." He said sourly, also leaning his head back.

"Who are you anyway?" I heard Will ask from where he and Luke sat.

"Allan A Dale." He stated in almost a cocky manner, "An' who are you?"

"I'm Will, this is my brother Luke, and that's Dailen." He said, he stone hard face just as still.

"You don't look related." Allan stated, looking back and forth between them and myself.

"Were not." I said coldly, staring up at the ceiling.

Allan finally took the hint and stopped talking, so the rest of the night I slept restlessly; falling asleep only to jolt awake to the feeling of falling or something wrapping around my throat.

So that's the end of part one... I hope you all like it. I do plan on doing all three seasons if I last that long... So yup.

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