This came from a discussion on GW regarding Living Wills, and what Sam might say to Jack when the time came to carry out the Directive. I had a thought about that and was "dared" to write a drabble about it, and this is the drabble.

Goodbye My Love

Twenty five years of marriage, filled with love and laughter and, as in most marriages, a certain amount of conflict. The conflict rarely lasted long. She never could stay angry with him for any length of time; he usually disarmed her with a quip or stupid comment that made her giggle. She was pretty sure after all this time that he did it deliberately for the express purpose of causing her to giggle.

She listened to the sound of the respirator. Mechanical sounds from a machine that was breathing for the man on the bed next to where she sat. Her eyes never left his beloved face.

For the most part, she was silent. But occasionally, a memory would come to her, and she would comment aloud on it, as though he could actually hear her. Sometimes something funny; something tender; something filled with sadness or sorrow.

"Do you remember when you told me you would always be here for me? Will you still be here for me when you are gone?" A slight smile crossed her face, then, as a silly thought caused a giggle to escape. "You better still be here for me Mister, or I'll find a way to haunt you!"

A slight noise at the door caused Sam to turn her head. The nurse and doctor had entered the room. Sam knew it was time. She dreaded the moment, but she had promised Jack she would do this, and she wasn't about to break her word to him, no matter how much pain she felt.

The doctor and nurse carried out their necessary tasks, but Sam paid little attention to them. Her eyes stayed locked on the beloved face a few feet away from her.

The doctor came to her side and gently placed a hand on her shoulder. The nurse nodded, indicating the time had come. Sam stood and shakily took the few steps to the bed. Her left hand stretched forward and clasped Jack's left hand in hers. Leaning down, she pressed her lips lightly against his, then rested her cheek against his, and whispered, "I love you, Jack, … always," and as tears gathered in her eyes, she reached out and gently pushed the respirator switch to 'off'.