Title:Marked by him

Pairings: Hermione Granger and Fenrir Greyback

Prologue: Hermione is staying at the burrow during the summer after their fight at the Ministry, Hermion and the others are bored so they playing hide and seek. But all get a bit of a surprize.

I Do Not Own Harry Potter/characters or places, Belongs to Madam Rowling! the best of the best!

Hermione stretched herself, as she had been lying on the fresh green grass it was a warm summers evening. She and Ginny were under a tree in the outside, were the metre long grass swaying in the low breeze. It was very peaceful, well then it was broken by a shout from the sky, Harry and Ron both landed on there brooms somehow in a sporty way that made Hermione and Ginny both giggle.

Then controlling themselves, and whispered to each other.

"Why do they have to do that?" said Ginny, who was watching Harry's every move.

Hermione smiled, as she was watching Ron and qiuckly turned to look at Ginny, how had done the same, because both boys had look at girls under the tree.

After sometime later, Harry and Ron came back around, from the back of the house.

"Has the meeting finished yet?" said Harry, sitting next to Ginny. Then Ron sat infront of all of them only to face Hermione, who was cross-legged on the ground, reading 'Hogwarts,A History'

"No" said Hermione, at last looking up from her book "It's been three and a half hours already, plus I'm starting to get a bit hungry"

"Same" said Ron, who was watching Hermione, looking at eyes,hair, eyebrows and on.

Harry began to laugh "Ron, You were hungry when we were flying for god sake"

"True" said Ron nodding "But you know what I'm like"

"Where's Fred and George?" said Ginny, looking at the kitchen window as if she could see them.

"They are here, but in there room or something as its a sunday the shop is closed, mind you we haven't been there yet" said Ron, as if he knew everything.

Hermione gave a short laugh.

Ginny started to talk but was drowned by a shout within the house, the four looked at each other and back towards the kitchen door,waiting and then...


Which made Hermione and Ginny both jump.

"Please mum" said voice inside the kitchen, a second later Fred and George were being pushed out of the building by magic, what came from 's wand.

Both Harry and Ron began to rock backwards and forwards with laughter.

"Damn you!" said Fred, pretending to dust himself.

"We are of age!" said George.

"Not this again boys, this is a top secret one so" said , pointing her wand at the boys "Stay out here!"

"WE ARE NOT ANIMALS!" said Fred.

"You two act like animals anyway so there!" she said in a high voice, and slaming the kitchen door shut behind her.

"Fine, if we are animals we'll do what animals do!" George called after his mother.

Fred was tuting. The twins turned to face their audience, which Harry,Ron,Hermione and Ginny.

"Good or what?" said Fred, grining down at his brother and sister, and Hermione an Harry.

"Very good" said the three apart from Hermione; who frowned.

"whats up Hermione" said Harry.

"Don't feel that good, at the moment" replied Hermione, pulling her knee's to her chest.

"Is it-" Ron was stopped, by Ginny who have just kicked him "OUCH! um nothing"

Fred and george sat on both sides of Ron.

The minutes dragged by and soon after the sun had gone down, and they were sitting in a purple and blue darkness.

Hermione made a her small blue flame in her jar appear, to keep the in the light.

"Right" said George, looking towards the kitchen window what was dark "Thats a bit strange the light in the kitchen light or fire is not on?"

"Yeah" said Harry getting to his feet "That is strange"

"Should check it out" said Fred; who was getting to his feet, followed by Ron.

Hermione and Ginny stayed under the tree, while the boys made their way towards the house, and got to the door. Then opened the door an said

"No the meeting is not finished, dinner will be soon and could get rid of the gnomes please, because they're tapping on the walls again" she smiled, and closed the door.

"How sweet" said Fred and George together.

"Come on then, gnomes!" said Ron, rubbing his hands while looking around the garden, as if he saw one running.

"I'll sit out with Hermione" said Ginny, moving over to Hermione and putting a arm around her.

Half-hour later

Hermione and the rest were all laughing their heads off, as the twins were performing a show, which also meant seeing who could get the highest.

"WOOO! go go go" said Hermione and Ginny together, cheering the twins on.

"Oh my god, that must of been fifthy feet!" shouted Hermione, over people laughing.

Fred was holding a odd shaped plant, to the gnomes face wht made they floppy as if they were on drugs or drunk.

After the gnomes, they cleared the garden put torches up in wide circle say they could see the metre long grass better, and a bit of beyond.

"Finished!" declaired George, cleaning the mud off his hands.

"What can we do now?" asked Ginny.

They sat in silence thinking.

"Why not playing Hide and Seek?" Ginny continued, as if there was not silence.

The boys murrmed to themselves then agreed "Okay, Me and Fred, Harry and Ron, and you girls...that alright?" said George, looking at their made like he wanted to change it, but he bit back.

Harry and Hermione looked to the kitchen door "Maybe we should" said Harry taking the words out of Hermione's mouth.

"As long as stay within 100 metres of the Burrow, and keep are wands out at all times" said Fred, pulling his.

They others followed, as fred and george agreed on counting so Harry and Ron went one way , as did Hermione and Ginny.

"This is not good" Hermione said looking over her shoulder.

"Im sorry, It was me who came out with it" replied Ginny.

They continued to walk on but a strange feeling came across from both girls.

"Ginny, are you getting the same?" said Hermione, looking out the corner of her eye.

"feeling" said Ginny.

"yeah, because i think we are being watched" Hermione said, looking around and walking backwards. Ginny looked at her an nodded.

Ten metres away

A man was crouched in the long grass so he wouldn't be spotted, the darkness spread across face what had a smirk. He was watching the girls with interest only because he could smell blood, which he guessed that one of them were on there period, what would be much easier. He was hunting his prey the girl with brown hair, as she was on her period, the other not that other girl. The brown haired girls blood was pleasurable with her scent and blood, rage and power shot through his body, desire and purpose came in his mind, he needed that blood and her. The Man waved his wand in acre so no one could what was about to happen, and he moved closer.

Hermione was sure that something was following them, but before she could think more into the matter, there was a huge BANG!

They both turn in the direction and an saw light and flames, Ginny sprinted forwards and Hermione was alone.

She looked this way and that still nothing. The had been an attack, on the very time when the golden trio had been only out of the protection for minutes.

Then as she looked to where Ginny had diappeared, she felt a presense behind her and she went ridgid, her wand from her hand had vanished.

Strong arms had grabbed her by the upper arm, to make her still. She could tell it was a man as the way he breathed, and sniffed her neck and gave it a long lick once he ripped her clothes away from her shoulder. She whimpered.

"You taste and smell amazing" said the deep voice of Fenrir Greyback, and without warning he bit deep into her flesh, as she screamed.

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