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Marked by Him Chapter 4

Last time

But her wolf side stopped her as the only trouble was that someone was already there...


"You" She said, as her eyes found Ron looking at her, but there was to many different things wrong about how he looked; his eyes were dark, hi slips were extremely pale and his hair seemed more blood red than ginger.

"What are you doing here?" She asked trying to keep her voice calm, as she knew that Greyback was after her and her wolf side was getting more and more annoyed and scared. He didn't answer merely looked at her with a blank expression.

The room had let her enter with someone within, this bit of information sacred Hermione so much that she didn't notice Ron move from across the room to inches in front of her.

"Ron! What's wrong with you why are you acting like this." said Hermione, stepping back. "What has taken over you, this isn't you! This isn't the work of a curse!"

Ron grinned at her, not a funny grin but a pure evil grin. " Well done, my dear"

The words spoken to her were taunting but also, some kinda of sexual tone added in, which made her wolf side, perk up a bit.

= The words, he speaks and urge, is strong =

- What's with you?!-

= Nature is calling me, I want to be taken =

- Wait. What! -

"Something the matter?" said the Ron, in front of me.

"No, there isn't anything wrong" said Hermione, but her voice sounded more nervous. Suddenly Ron was gone, then a hand curled it's way around wrist, but much stronger than Ron's hands. It was Greyback. She could smell the plants, earth and faint smell of blood.

"No!" Shouted Hermione, trying to move away from him, but he pulled her closer towards his body. Pressed up to his body. She made small noise almost like a moan.

- Why did you make me moan! -

= Because it's fun, you will like what will get done to you =

- I'm sorry what did you just say! I won't have anything get done to me! -

= Suit yourself =

- Have you betrayed me? -

= No, just getting things started =