Setting: A small Irken ship, resting on Earth's moon.

Tak's POV

I stared down at the screen and scrolled through pages and pages of text, both Irken and English. Come on, I thought. I had to find it. I had to.

About four years ago, I had tracked a fellow Irken named Zim to planet Earth and tried to destroy it. Zim believed this was his job, and, with the help of a robot and two human children, they stopped me. Later, I was forced to abandon my small spacecraft via escape pod, and when the ship crashed somewhere on Earth, I returned to Irk with the help of some rouge Vortians, who held no grudge against the Irken armada.

After some mocking from various acquaintances and a few creepy dreams, I realized that I was ashamed. Ashamed that I had tried to destroy the planet of a boy who had believed I was his friend, for one, but also ashamed that I was part of a race that would send one of their own on a false mission for their own amusement. I wanted no part of that. In fact, the reason I was here was that I wanted to tell Zim the truth.

The computer made a small beeping noise. My heart pounded. I closed the window I had been looking at and opened another one. There was a diagram on the window. Next to it was a dotted line and some more text. I stared at it and forgot to blink until my eyes began to water. I shut down the computer.

"Mimi!" I shouted. Beside me, a small SIR unit sat up and gave me her undivided attention. "Mimi, I've found it! I know where they are!" I laughed and hugged Mimi, who made a small noise that signaled that she understood. I seized the ship's controls and sped toward the planet. My memory was so advanced that I didn't need to give the directions a second glance. The ship broke through Earth's atmosphere and I steered a bit to the left. I closed my eyes and counted. One… Two… THREE!

I hit the break and pressed a button. I landed smoothly, as I knew I would. I pressed a button on the bracelet I wore. I saw my reflection in the computer screen flicker from an Irken to a young human girl. I opened the cockpit of the ship and Mimi and I jumped onto the ground.

I looked up at the stars. I had forgotten just how beautiful Earth's night sky was. Staring up at the constellations that night, there were so many things that I didn't know. I didn't know how much I had hurt a friend. I didn't know I would fall in love. I didn't know how drastically my life would be changed. And I had no idea that only about a mile away, a dark-haired teenager was dreaming about my return.