The girl didn't slow down at the sound of her name. In fact, she walked faster. She had nothing to say to this boy. Nothing at all.

"Thalia, please slow down! I have to tell you something!"

Thalia broke into a run, blinking back tears. If Nico wanted to chase her, then he would, but hopefully, he'd leave her alone. Six years with the Hunters had made her even more physically fit than she had been before, and that was saying something.

"Thalia! I can keep up with you, you know!"

She stopped and turned around. Nico was only a few steps behind her. He slowed to a stop, panting.

"Thalia, I'm really sorry! I swear I didn't mean anything I said!"

The dark haired girl wiped her eyes and shouted in an unnaturally high voice, "Than you shouldn't have said it!" Thalia swore loudly. "Gods, what is wrong with you? I mean, I give up everything, I help you and Grover track down a half-blood, I leave the Hunt expecting Artemis to be understanding when she's not, and so you start insulting me and my mother and everything I stand for! I swear, I-" This was followed by Thalia shouting a long line of words that really shouldn't be repeated. Nico winced.

"I know, Thalia, I'm sorry! I swear to the gods, I didn't mean it!"

"Oh, yeah, I totally believe you if you keep repeating yourself!"

Nico kneaded the ground with his foot for a few minutes. Once or twice he'd look up and start to say something, but he seemed to have thought better of it. Thalia took a deep, shaky breath.

"Whatever. I'm going back."

She walked around him, but he grabbed her shoulder.


Thalia stared at him. He moved closer to her.

"Thalia, you don't have to forgive me, but… I hope this helps."

Nico pressed his lips against Thalia's. She was so surprised, she couldn't react. When he pulled away, he didn't make eye contact. He just turned to walk away.

Thalia finally found her voice.

"Wow," she said, "if you always apologized like that, maybe Percy wouldn't still be mad about you breaking his CD player."

A/N: The end was kinda funny, wasn't it? No? Okay…