Title: Different Ways of Keeping Warm
Universe: Digimon Frontier
Theme/Topic: Kōji knows just how to keep everyone warm.
Rating: PG-15
Character/Pairing/s: Takuji
Warnings/Spoilers: Yaoi~
Word Count: 537
Summary: He leaned closer to the other boy... "You know," Kōji whispered huskily in Takuya's ear, "I could warm you up rather nicely, if you like." Takuji, set as if they were mid-teens in age (ep17).
Disclaimer: If Digimon were mine, I would have already funded research into the possibility of there actually being a Digital World. As such, I do not own Digimon nor any of the characters therein.

Kōji was really glad for his "different" fashion sense at that moment.

Mid-Summer it may have been back home in Japan, but the direction they were heading right now was pretty much the opposite of that.

They were sailing along happily until they were suddenly surrounded on all sides by small icebergs and the others were all shivering. He, of course, had been wearing a light but warm jacket throughout their entire Digital escapade and was perfectly fine.

"We've gone from Southern Islands all the way to the North..." said Takuya, rubbing his arms.

"It's c-cold!" agreed Izumi, holding her own arms to her chest.

Kōji noted that Takuya, Junpei and Tomoki were holding up much better than Izumi, who was looking like she could freeze any second.

He wished that he could warm up Takuya, but what he had in mind would probably arouse more than a little suspicion among their comrades.

He took off his jacket and held it back for Izumi to take.


"Wear this."

Izumi looked stunned, "Eh? Really?"

Kōji just nodded as Takuya gave him a funny look.

"Grazie! Thank you!" was the happy reply as she slipped on the jacket and revelled in its warmth. A light blush peppered her cheeks, though Kōji couldn't see it; he was facing resolutely forward.

Could it be that he liked her? Or that he was simply being nice? The petty part of her thought that it would be funny to watch him and Junpei duke it out over her, as well as supremely flattering.

Kōji glanced at Takuya to see him staring fixedly in the opposite direction of him. Obviously he'd inflamed the jealous being that lived inside of the other boy and he was likely to be ignored for quite a while if he didn't fix his mistake.

He leaned closer to the other boy, past the "you're in my space" bubble and into the "something is happening here" bubble.

Izumi raised her eyebrows but continued watching the Kōji vs. Junpei duel that was taking place in her head.

"You know," Kōji whispered huskily against Takuya's ear, a grin on his face and a blush on the other's, "I think I could warm you up rather nicely too, if you like."

Takuya felt his face on fire, and he was very surprised he didn't burst into flames then and there.

"K-Kōji! Public place!" he said, a little bit louder than necessary. Both boys flinched.

Izumi's bubble popped.

"Takuya, Kōji, is there something you'd like to tell us?" she asked sweetly – that sickly kind of sweet when you know you've done something wrong.


"LAAAAAND!" yelled Bokomon, effectively being the bell that saved them as they suddenly started ice-surfing.

"Are we at Akiba Market yet?" asked Takuya, trying to wish away the blush that was still heating his face. Kōji had been right – he was definitely good at warming him up.

Izumi frowned. Her romance senses were tingling and she wanted in on the secret. She kept her mouth shut, though; Junpei and Tomoki, as well as the Digimon, were still oblivious, and she wasn't sure she should throw the two lover-boys into the spotlight like that.

Maybe just out of spite, though...